How to Obtain Portugal citizenship by investment

Portugal is famous for its diverse rich culture, Mediterranean climate, secure and stable environment which is an ideal standard for raising families, conducting various businesses, and traveling. Over the years, Portugal's Golden visa has been one of the most prosperous residences by investment programs in Europe. In early 2020, the sum of €5 billion qualifies Portuguese investment Immigration as the most renowned worldwide, most applicants wonder if there's any possibility of Portugal citizenship by investment.

A Change in Portuguese residency law last year led to the early Portuguese resident's investors procuring Portuguese citizenship. There were some uncertainties in the past years pertaining to the Golden Visa residence permit, this uncertainty was attributed to the 5-years permanent residency demand for citizenship but it has already been confirmed as applicants can acquire Portuguese passports after achieving the 35-days stay requirement instead of 5 years.

Benefits of Portugal citizenship by Investment

1.    Investors do not have to relocate

In other European Citizenship by investment programs, there is a need for applicants to conserve their investment and also stay in the country for a greater part of the year; meanwhile, Portugal Passport Investment needs Investors to reside in the country for seven days in each year and thirty-five days in total.

2.    High profits for Investment

Portuguese economical strength signifies Investors can anticipate more profits for their investment compared to other countries. The increase in the tourism section has led to a leap in the interest of temporary and permanent rentals in the country such as Lisbon and Porto.

3.    Inexpensive Investment Options

Another component feature among others as an effective contribution to Portugal's Citizenship by investment is the Inexpensive Investment Options. Regardless of the excellent standard of living and steady economy, Portugal's real estate market is different and less expensive than other countries in Western Europe.

Portuguese Golden Visa begins with a price of €280,000 with a variety of options to choose from, you can decide to invest in Portuguese real estate or consider other accepted avenues like Portuguese Investment funds.

4.    Generous Tax Incentives

Investors of Portuguese Golden Visa are eligible for Portugal's Non-habitual Tax Regime (NHR). This gives a privilege to those in charge of Portugal's Passport 6benefit from generous tax reduction s or sometimes a complete exception of 10-years.

Requirements of Portugal citizenship by investment

To obtain Citizenship by Investment in Portugal, you must attain the residency conditions for the Golden Visa Program; this is seven days in each year or thirty-five days in 5-years. To apply for Portugal citizenship by investment, you must ensure, and here they are:

  • The candidate should be at least 18 years of age.
  • There is no record of criminal offenses by the candidate.
  • The travel documents for Portugal Citizenship by Investment should be made available.
  • The ability to meet the necessary fee of €250,000 which is required for investing in Portugal.
  • A Health Insurance to ascertain you have no disease, infection, or any contagious illnesses.

Processing Time for Portugal Citizenship by Investment

After five years with the Portuguese Investment Visa, you can obtain a Portuguese passport to apply for Citizenship. Investors must complete the Portuguese Language citizenship test; it can be settled anytime before the application.

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Portugal's citizenship by investment is one of the surest ways of becoming a Portuguese citizen. There are two basic things for you to have - the required money for investment (€250,000), and the documents. There will be no way you will not be granted access to becoming a citizen in Portugal

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