[Explained] What is the Cost of Living in Cyprus?

Many times, people think or may have thought about the cost of living in Cyprus. It is necessary to have the correct information before migrating to Cyprus. Sometimes, immigrants worry about how the climate condition. Therefore, paying little or no attention to the standard and cost of living. Suppose you’ve chosen Cyprus as a destination for immigration. In that case, we could agree that thorough research is necessary concerning the cost of living in Cyprus.

Cyprus, which is said to be the third-largest island in the Mediterranean, has an estimated population rate as of 2020, to be 1.2 million people, according to data revealed by the UN. Over the years, Cyprus has shown to possess no specific location. It spreads to the south coast of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt, and Greece.

It has been argued over time if Cyprus was Greece or Turkish. Still, the northern portion of Cyprus is under Turkish control, while the southern portion is an independent republic. Most of the cultural heritage was gotten from Greece, but not a part of Greece. For argument, one could agree that Cyprus is located in Turkey.

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Cost of living in Cyprus

Coming to the cost of living in Cyprus, firstly, it boils down to the person’s status either single or maritally. The cost of living in Cyprus is entirely somehow affordable compare to other European countries, and here they are:

  • Feeding
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Taxes
  • Utility Bills
  1. Feeding:

Feeding is one of the basic needs of anyone residing in any part of the world, and Cyprus is not left out. The cost of buying food in Cyprus is far better than those living in the United Kingdom. Buying foods, fruits, and vegetables come at a lower price. For instance, an individual who doesn’t like cooking can still afford to buy delicious foods at any restaurant.

Most of the restaurants in Cyprus have different delicacies that cut across various continents. It makes it easier for foreigners to blend well living in Cyprus. Cyprus residents can save some part of money since they don’t have to spend much on feeding. For instance, a couple with four children can survive in Cyprus. In addition to it, you can buy local wine, fresh herbs, and dairy at a lower price too.

  1. Transportation:

In Cyprus, the car is one standard transportation because 70% of the total population drive to their work or school using a vehicle. The only disadvantage is that there is no railway system in Cyprus. For residents without a car who want to board public transport, they will have to pay the sum of €36 monthly to sort their transport bills. It has been proven that the best means of transportation in this country is through car use.

A one-way ticket in Cyprus will be €1.50, and it is better than the United Kingdom when one has to pay €2.70. Boarding a taxi in Cyprus would cost €12.83, while in the UK the boarding cost will be €22.46. For individuals who will be driving with gasoline, they will spend approximately €1.25 compared to €1.35 living in the United Kingdom. These differences between Cyprus and UK show the former is cheaper, and it is one of the costs of living in Cyprus.

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  1. Accommodation:

Housing is another necessity one must possess in Cyprus, but it doesn’t cost much. It depends on the type of house you want to rent or purchase. Therefore, the higher the number of rooms, the higher the rent to pay. These houses come in various types, such as one-bedroom apartment, two bedrooms apartment, three-bedroom apartment, and many others.

Those who are interested in living in a metropolitan region will have to pay high rent compared to people living on the outskirts of any city. On the other hand, some people don’t like renting a house but prefer buying it. For instance, renting a one-bedroom in Nicosia in a month would go for £466.79.

In contrast, that same apartment in Limassol city will go for €733.16. There is no fixed price because it depends on the number of rooms, and also the area of the house, either it is inside or outside the city. It is another essential cost of living in Cyprus for anyone.

  1. Healthcare:

As a citizen or immigrant in this country, you will have the benefit to reap from the co-payment in their General Health System. In this country, the government will contribute some part of the health fee, while you will contribute too. There is no free healthcare in this country, but the healthcare fee is affordable. The essence of the healthcare co-payment system is to make things simple for people living in Cyprus.

However, you have the opportunity to this healthcare system as long you are in Cyprus. In addition to it, there is emergency-only healthcare for those who have obtained their European Health Insurance Card. On the other hand, having a Cyprus Social Insurance Service gives individuals room to become beneficiaries for the co-payment healthcare system.

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  1. Education:

Various universities are in Cyprus, and the largest of them all is the University of Nicosia. The University of Lancashire was the first British institution created in Cyprus. In terms of fees and institutions, the tuition fee for undergraduates begins at €7,708 per annum for UCLAN, while the largest university, the University of Nicosia goes for €8,270 per annum.

Furthermore, the cost of education for international students depends on the choice of study, and institution. For students who are offering medical courses, their school fees are very high compared to others in faculties like art, psychology, business, environmental sciences, and many others.

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The cost of living in Cyprus covers different things such as healthcare, education, feeding, transportation, accommodation, etc. These things are crucial for one to have a fantastic experience in Cyprus. Therefore, if you migrate to Canada without putting all this in place, you might want to blame yourself for the inconveniences you will experience when you get to Cyprus.

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