2024/2025 University of Manitoba Courses & Acceptance Rate

The University of Manitoba happens to be the first Western university in Canada. It is a school that has gained recognition for carrying out research-intensive projects in numerous fields. The school has over 100 degrees for students wanting to study here. The University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate is compulsory to have before they can consider eligible for admission.

Researchers in the institution involves in different conventional academic work whereby they exchange knowledge, enthusiasm, and experience for more exploration. The Canadian government offers students with finance to fund their education. Also, the university collaborates with other Commonwealth universities. The school can boast of over 30,000 students, 190,000 alumni, and 8,700 faculty members.

What are the courses offered at the University of Manitoba?

They have diverse courses – 93 master’s degree programs and 47 doctoral programs. At the undergraduate level, they have over 60 courses for you to choose ranging from Pharmacy, Engineering, and Law. On the other hand, international students can opt for courses like art, agriculture, pharmacy, nursing, rehabilitation sciences, etc.

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Undergraduate Admission for University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate

If you are lucky to study in the school as an international student, you need to possess specific requirements for their admission when you are applying on their online portal. The tuition fee for international students is 120 CAD, while indigenous students will pay 100 CAD. These are the admission requirements:

  • A high school grade or result with at least 70% in three senior-level courses and a minimum score of 60% in the English language.
  • Compulsory completion of a specific subject in your high school
  • Some level of proficiency in the English language
  • Valid Visa

Graduate Admission for University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate

For their graduate courses, they have 95 Master’s courses such as Genetic Counseling, History and Law, Chemistry, Geography, Animal Science, etc. You need to apply on their online portal to be a registered graduate student in the school. The application fee is 100 CAD and let’s see the admission requirements:

  • Official academic transcripts
  • Resume
  • Statement of purpose
  • Birth certificate (photocopy)
  • Visa or passport, etc.

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Scholarship or Financial Aids for Students at the University of Manitoba

The school has scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students:

  1. Scholarship for Undergraduate: International Undergraduate Student Entrance Scholarship

The scholarship was created to help students graduating from high school study at the University of Manitoba. You need to have the following criteria to get the scholarship:

  • An international student with a valid permit
  • Paying tuition fees for international students
  • Possess a minimum high school score of 85%
  1. Scholarship for Graduate:

The school has different graduate scholarships for students:

  • Graduate Fellowships at the University of Manitoba (UMGF)

The worth of this scholarship is CAD 14,000 for graduate students and CAD 18,000 for students offering doctoral degree programs. The good thing about the scholarship it will last for 1 year. It is advisable to consult either your department or faculty to get additional information regarding the UM Graduate Fellowship.

  • Fellowship named after G. Clarence Elliott:

It is another scholarship award and was named to pay tribute to Ex-Winnipeg Vice President and Treasurer of Great-West Life Assurance Company. The scholarship is valued at CAD 10,000.

  • Graduate Scholarships by Vanier Canada:

The scholarship award helps Canadian institutions in admitting high skilled graduate applicants. The Graduate scholarship by Vanier Canada is worth CAD 50,000 a year for three consecutive years.

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What is the Admission Process for the University of Manitoba?

Getting admission into the University of Manitoba has a process you have to follow. International students will have to register on their online portal with their data. As a result, it will help you to track and review your applications online. You can follow these steps for your registration:

  • Create your account on the school website
  • Insert your personal information
  • Register the degree program you want to study
  • Fill in your background info
  • Choose the course
  • Provide the right answers to the admission requirement questions
  • Full you’re educational background with the requirements

What is the University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate?

The university is aware many students are finding means to get admitted into the university. Presently, they have over 29,000 students in the school. As a result of their mild admission requirements, many students are applying for admission to the University of Manitoba. This has nothing to do with their quality of education.

International and indigenous students’ tuition fee is different from each other because the formal will pay higher compared to the latter. The school is aware that many of its applicants are from Non-English speaking countries. Therefore, they advise them to register for English language courses to have some level of proficiency in it. If you are an international student, the University of Manitoba’s acceptance rate is 62%.

The University of Manitoba Acceptance Rate for Engineering

In the institution, the Engineering department has brought many innovations that have made things easier for lecturers and students in the university like energy, airplanes, perfumes, etc. Some of these engineering degrees offered in the school are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Biosystems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, etc. The acceptance rate for engineers is similar to the overall acceptance rate which is 53%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it difficult to secure admission into the University of Manitoba?
  2. It is competitive to get admission into the university because the acceptance rate for both undergraduate and graduate programs is between 50 – 52%. Also, the school uses a holistic approach when assessing students’ documents.
  3. Can international students study at the University of Manitoba?
  4. It ranks between 351 to 400 in the world university ranking system. It is an ideal choice for any international student wanting to experience life in Canada. The province offers international students lots of benefits and at the same time obtain a world-class education.
  5. Does the school offer financial assistance to international students?
  6. The university has numerous funding opportunities available both in bursaries and scholarships for international students. Therefore, you can apply for any of the following scholarships like International Graduate Student Scholarship, International Graduate Entrance Scholarship, etc.

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