Seoul University Rankings, Programs and Acceptance Rate

The Seoul University is an institution with over 27,000 in which international students are among as well. There are different international student exchange programs relating to the Seoul University acceptance rate with other partnering universities. It will surprise you that the school is one of the best Universities they attend in South Korea. This has led to lots of applicants every year trying to gain admission into it. Seoul university’s acceptance rate is low leading to a small percentage of students in different faculties.

The university commenced its operation in 1946 as a public higher education institution. The institution is one of the prominent Universities in South Korea and an exciting place for international students to study their dream course. In terms of world university ranking, the school is among the top 5% of the best institutions globally. All this is a result of the quality education they offer their students.

Benefits of Studying in Seoul

Here they are:

  1. Technology and Internet:

Korea has one of the best internet technology in the world. As a result of this, studying at Seoul university makes it possible for students to reserve and select their seats in the school library via a live online monitoring system. It is an ideal system that helps to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of students using the library.

  1. Diversity:

Some Korean universities use the English language as the major language in transferring knowledge to their students. Also, they help students in obtaining different scholarships and research funds. International students can mingle with other South Korean students to learn about their different cultures.

  1. Economy:

The capital city (Seoul) has a powerful economy that has led to massive employment rates amongst students in the University. Also, it has affected the living cost, feeding, tuition fee, and accommodation living in the city. If you have some fluency in the English language, you can organize English classes for other students in Seoul.

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Seoul National University Programs

Seoul university has 83 undergraduate degree programs, and graduate schools with over 99 different programs that cut across five fields of studies. According to statistics, it is approximated that over 28,000 students are offering different programs from Undergraduate to Doctoral level. The school has students who are alumni of the institution and are doing fine winning several awards.

For instance, Sang-Hyun Song who happens to be the President of the International Criminal Court graduated from Seoul National University obtained a distinguished SNU members Award in 2018. There are other notable personalities from the school who have won notable awards in other spheres of life.

The school has a great infrastructure with different exchange programs that makes it outstanding from other universities in the world. The university has lived up in the aspect of a healthy cosmopolitan spirit that is responsible for carrying different research across diverse fields of knowledge.

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Seoul National University Ranking

In 2015, Thomas Reuters ranked the school at 31 amongst the most innovative institutions in the world. In Asian university ranking, Seoul National University is ranking as the 4th best university in Asia. In the following year, Times Higher Education World University ranked the school at 9th position in the Asia continent.

Presently, the total number of students in the University has increased to 5,600 students. In a master’s degree program, there are over approximately 765 students, 196 students undergoing a bachelor’s degree program, and 289 students in doctoral programs, and many others. If you are an international student in the University you will find it easy to settle in South Korea because the school help students to settle easily. Seoul university has guidebooks in PDF to help students survive in the school.

Inside the Seoul University guidebook, there are different areas it covers such as Visa Certificate of Admission, Health Insurance, Vaccination, Registration Card, Currency Exchange, Health Care, Student ID Card, Insurance, Seoul National University Portal ID, Transportation, Campus facilities, Housing, etc.

How to Apply for Admission to Seoul National University

There are various factors responsible for students to be admitted into the University and they are:

  • Personal statement
  • Grade point average
  • Achievement records
  • Proficiency in Korean and other languages
  • Study plan
  • Letters of recommendation, etc.

Admission Process into Seoul National University

Besides having an idea of Seoul University acceptance rate, there are two major ways for applicants to gain admission into Seoul National University and they are:

  1. International Admissions I
  2. International Admissions II

International Admissions I:

Here, the applicant and his or her parents are not Korean citizens; the applicant could be a high school graduate or have gotten an education that is equivalent to a high school level of education.

International Admissions Ⅱ:

Here, the applicant can be a Korean citizen who has been naturalized as a Korean citizen or have foreign citizenship with his or her education outside Korea.

The best way to get additional information on the admission process into Seoul National University is to find a South Korean Consulate in your country of residence to guide you through the entire process of selecting the best course that will fit your dream.

Seoul National University Acceptance Rate

Seoul National University’s acceptance rate for Indigenous students is very low compared to other institutions. It is even possible it is lower than Stanford University, and it is a wise choice for international students to apply for admission into the University. South Korean universities are always searching for international students with good academic performance and also increase cultural diversity in their country.

If you have a good GPA score, skills, language test scores, you will be able to gain admission into the University. Many international students are pondering to get a Seoul National University acceptance rate score, but the truth is institution has no specified rate. Based on rough estimation, the acceptance rate for international students should be 35%, and if your score falls into this range, you should be accepted.

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The South Korean university has its main campus in the heart of Seoul. There is a medical campus and a campus regarded as a center for research and agricultural education. The tuition fee for both domestic and international students vary from one another depending on the course. In the institution, international students obtain financial support from various South Korean scholarships either from government or private organizations.

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