List of No-Nonsense and Good Excuses to Miss Work

In every job we all good excuses to miss work because some things are likely to come up beyond our control. In every organization, employers want their employees to comply with the attendance policy and give fast notification when they want to be absent from work. Some instances will require us to miss work without notifying our Boss. We will see some tips before seeing these good excuses to miss work.

Essential Tips for Talking to our Boss About Missing Work

There is a tactical way to tell your employer why you were absent from work. These are some tips that will help you and keep you remain at your job position:

  • Be honest with your Reasons:

When you give reasons for job absence to your employer, it will pay you well to tell nothing but the truth. Any information that is too personal, you can decide to leave them out. You have to open up to your employer about your problem, and if the company has a unit on handling problems, they might help you out.

  • Update your Boss if there is a need:

Some situations are likely to prevent you from being at your duty post. It is the reason some employees will tell their employers that they won’t be present, but they will try their best to see how they can be present. It is a way of giving your employer an idea; still, you have to tell them whether you will miss the entire workday or part of it. It is preferable to keep them informed in case of any eventuality.

  • Be Simple with your Reasons:

Too much of details can make your reasons complicated before your employer. The best thing is to issue out the information you feel will be necessary for your employer to know. The ones that are personal to you, you can omit them from your reasons.

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Tips to be in your Employer’s Good Record

  • Don’t call at the dying minute.
  • Don’t be scared to ask your employer when something is unclear to you.
  • Don’t fabricate lies as an excuse to miss work.
  • Give your employer simple information they need to know.
  • Have a basic plan for any day you will be missing

Good Excuses to Miss Work

These are good excuses to miss work, and they are:

  1. Personal illness:

Sickness is one of the reasons many people will be absent from their work. If you are not too strong, you should stay at home or visit a hospital to prevent an emergency. If you are a remote worker, you can ask your employer for one or two days off to treat yourself. You can inform your employer on time before taking days off, and every day you can tell them about your health condition.

  1. Family Crisis:

Some emergencies can happen in the family and make you absent from work. Family Crisis is one of the good excuses to miss work. It could be a member of the family who was hospitalized, or there were no caregivers to take care of your aging parent. These incidents canale you to stay away from work. When you want to tell your employer, you aren’t coming to work, your message should be simple.

  1. Bereaved of a Loved One:

In some organizations, they have bereavement leave for their employees. As a result, you can leave when you lose a family member. In some jobs, they don’t have this type of leave, but if you don’t come to work, your employer will understand, and it is one of the good excuses to miss work. Also, it would help if you told your employer about the burial arrangement and other activities related to the burial.

  1. Medical Appointment with a Doctor:

Regular checkup is necessary whether you have them with a dentist, optician, or general physician. You don’t have to be scared to inform your employer you won’t be available for work because you have a medical appointment. No way your employer won’t allow you to be absent from work except you are working with a narcissist.

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  1. Car Breakdown:

Car breakdown can make you absent from working activities. For instance, you are on your way to work, and you have a deflated tire which almost led to a fatal accident. You can call your employer to inform them you won’t be coming early to work by narrating the incident. If your employer prefers text messages to call, you can send him a message on WhatsApp or regular text messages.

  1. Public Transport Issue:

When you are going to work by public transportation, there is a probability that there will be a day you will miss or go late to work. If you happen to live in a metropolitan city with lots of traffic, you will experience traffic jams. It is best to notify your employer about the traffic issue or video the traffic jam and send for more justification in a situation like this.

  1. Home Accident:

An accident can occur in homes too. There are unforeseen circumstances that can happen in the apartment. For instance, your pipe can burst, leading to water outflow in your kitchen. When something like this occurs in your home, you can leave it that way and go to work instead; you will find a solution for it. It is one of the good excuses to miss work.

  1. Mental Health Problem:

Different things can lead to mental issues. It could be from family, financial, illness, etc. It is better to tell your employer that you need time to clear your head when encountering this issue. If you have been trying to cure an ongoing problem, you can meet your employer to discuss a mental disability leave.

  1. Pet Emergency:

If you have pets who need urgent medical care and you don’t want to hang your pets’ life in the balance, you can message your employer to tell them about your pet’s health. Another way is to ask in advance and tell your Boss that you will be taking your pet for a veterinary checkup.

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There are many good excuses to miss work if you have any you can tell your employer on time. Many employees find it hard to say that they won’t be available to work for their employers. The article has issued specific tips that will help you miss work without having issues with your Boss.

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