2024/2025 List of Top & Affordable High Schools in Krugersdorp

Krugersdorp is one of the most populous cities in Gauteng. It is a large city with over 250,000 residents. With many people moving here due to the location, it has increased the need for a high school that can accommodate students from all backgrounds and different levels of education. The Krugersdorp High School opened in 2013 with a capacity of 1,100.

History of High Schools in Krugersdorp

High Schools in Krugersdorp can trace their roots back to the early 1800s. The first school in the area was a small wooden building that served as both a house of worship and a school. It is not known when this school opened, but it likely operated from before 1806 until at least 1814.

In 1814, the first high school in Krugersdorp opened its doors. This school was located on the site of what is now Krugersdorp Prison. At this time, there were only a handful of schools operating in South Africa, and most were located in Cape Town. The high school in Krugersdorp was one of the earliest schools to be established in the Transvaal region.

The high school moved locations several times over the next few years. In 1820, it moved to a building on Crossroads Square. In 1830, it moved again to a building on Bovenplaats Avenue. Finally, in 1841, it settled into its current location on Sterkfontein Road.

Over the course of its history, the high school has seen some considerable changes. In 1865, it became co-educational. In 1970, it started offering evening classes so that students could continue their education after working hours. And in 1988, it became an independent foundation college affiliated with the University of Pretoria (UP).

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High Schools In Krugersdorp

  1. Krugersdorp High School:

Krugersdorp High School is a public high school located in Krugersdorp, Gauteng. The school was founded in 1903 and offers both traditional and alternative programs to meet the needs of its students. The school has a diverse student body, with pupils from all over the area attending.

The school offers a range of courses, including arts, business, sciences, humanities, and social sciences. The curriculum is designed to give students an understanding of the world around them and to help them develop their skills and talents.

The school also runs a range of extra-curricular activities, including sports teams and clubs. These provide students with opportunities to develop their skills and share their knowledge with others.

  1. Durban High School:

Durban High School is a public school in the city of Durban, South Africa. The school was founded in 1895 and offers both traditional and academic curricula. It has over 2 000 students and employs approximately 160 teachers. The school has been accredited by the Western Cape Department of Education since 2002.

The school is divided into three faculties: Humanities and Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, and Vocational Education and Training. There are also six houses that compete in inter-house competitions throughout the year. The school’s crest features a shield with an open book on it, representing learning. The motto for Durban High School is “Veritas et Virtus” or “Truth and Virtue”.

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  1. Witske High School:

Witske High School, located in Krugersdorp, is a public school that offers Grade 10-12 education. The school was founded in 1903 and has since become one of the premier high schools in the area. Witske is known for its strong academic program and its diverse extracurricular activities.

The school offers a wide range of classes and opportunities for students to get involved in. In addition to traditional subjects like mathematics, science, and English, Witske offers courses in music, visual arts, dance, drama, journalism, business studies, and agricultural technology. Students have access to a wide range of clubs and organizations that allow them to explore their interests further.

  1. Kruger Park High School:

Kruger Park High School is one of the most prestigious high schools in South Africa. The school was founded in 1912 and is known for its strong academic performance. The school has a rich history, and many of its alumni have gone on to prestigious universities around the world.

The school offers a range of courses, including traditional academic subjects as well as more specialized programs such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Students at Kruger Park High School are also able to choose from a wide range of electives, which allows them to explore their interests further.

The school’s facilities are top-notch, with state-of-the-art classrooms and facilities that allow students to participate in a variety of activities. The school also maintains close links with industry and business, which gives students an opportunity to learn about real-world issues.

  1. Hillcrest High School

Hillcrest High School is a public high school in Krugersdorp, Gauteng, South Africa. The school opened in January 1994 and has an enrollment of about 2,000 students. It is the only high school in the city of Krugersdorp.

The school is divided into three sections for boys and two for girls. The colors green and black are used as the school’s official colors. Hillcrest High School offers a range of rugby teams, as well as soccer, basketball, and cricket teams. In addition to these traditional sports activities, the school also has a performing arts department that offers drama and music courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the population of Krugersdorp?

A: Krugersdorp has a population of approximately 223,000 people.

Q: How many high schools are in Krugersdorp?

A: There are six high schools in Krugersdorp: Diocesan College, Kingsway, Morningside, Ngcobo High School, Orange Grove, and Premier High School.

Q: How many students attend high school in Krugersdorp?

A: As of 2016, there were approximately 17,500 students attending high school in Krugersdorp. This number is projected to grow by 2020 as more families decide to send their children to high school in the area.

Q: What are the admission requirements for high school in Krugersdorp?

A: The admission requirements for most high schools in Krugersdorp vary depending on the specific school, but most require that applicants meet standard academic requirements and/or have scored well on entrance exams.

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