How to Apply for Hungarian Permanent Residence Card

This article details every foreign national on how they can apply for Hungarian permanent residence card, process involved and eligibility.

Hungary is very peaceful nation known as a landlocked country in the central Europe. However, the cost of living in Hungary is low compared to most EU-nations alongside with cheap rents and accommodation.

Lifestyle in Hungary is fantastic with sightseeing opportunity like tourist attraction. Also, they’re known for exuberant night life with lot of great eateries. This nation also achieves one of the best medications with high quality care at a very low cost.

There are lot of benefits you get once you obtain the Hungarian permanent residence card, but before I highlight the benefits, let me quickly explain what the Hungarian permanent residence card is or what is does.

Hungarian Permanent residence card

The permanent residence card is what identifies you’re a permanent residency in Hungary. However, you’re free to live and work indefinitely and this status also unlock the door to obtaining Hungarian citizenship with lot of benefits attached.

Benefits of obtaining Permanent residency status

  1. This card gives you right to live and work anyway in Hungary without any time frame or limit
  2. You also get the opportunity to live and work in EU
  3. Once you’ve obtained the permanent residence card, you can be able to purchase landed properties
  4. You’ll be able to have access to their education system like a citizen and enjoy variety of great international schools to choose from
  5. You’ll also gain health benefits
  6. After a short period of time, you can then apply for Hungarian citizenship.

There are two types of permanent residence card issued to foreigners and they both come in with long residence status.

  1. National Permanent Settlement Permit

This type of permit is issues to foreigners excluding EU-citizens who’ve applied for permanent residency and have lawfully lived in Hungary for up to 3 years without even being absent for 90 days every year. However, the card gives you an unrestricted entry, longer stay and you get the opportunity to work and stay in other Schengen countries.

With this type of Hungarian permanent residence card, you’re offered right of residence for an indefinite period. However, the validity period for this card is 5 years, which after you need to renew.

  1. EC Permanent Residence Permit

This is another type of permanent residence card. It is issued to foreigners or non-EU persons that have lived in Hungary for minimum of 5 years. However, the validity period of this card is 5 years and can be renewed.

In the period of 5 years lived in Hungary, you must not become absent for 90 days every year. If this happens, makes you ineligible to obtain this card. However, the ECRP is revoked if applicant is absent in territory of Hungary or any member state of Europe union for a long period of 12 months.

Document requirements

  • Photocopy of passport
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • Certificate of marriage if applicable
  • Certificate of birth
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of residential address
  • Medical certificate and health insurance
  • Proof of rental housing or ownership
  • Business plan if applicable and also net worth

Once you’ve achieved the permanent residency status in Hungary, after a certain period of time, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship. However, the interesting part is the fact that Hungary accepts dual citizenship, so you don’t need to renounce your previous citizenship and you also become member of the Europe union.

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