Kings Island Careers and Jobs Application: How to Apply

The state of Ohio is a popular tourist destination for its scenic scenery, adventurous nature, and incredible shopping. Its most well-known attraction, the amusement park Kings Island, is finally getting some recognition. The park has attracted many visitors over the years with its aggressive pricing and exciting rides. Now Kings Island wants to hire more staff members to help provide visitors with an even better experience.

History of Kings Island

Kings Island is a premier amusement park located in Ohio, just outside Cincinnati. It first opened to the public on April 29, 1972, and quickly became a popular tourist destination. The park features more than 100 attractions, including 14 roller coasters and three water parks. Kings Island also has a large amusement area with dozens of rides for children.

The park began as an idea of Sid Bassett, owner of Bassett’s Amusement Park in Springfield, Ohio. Bassett envisioned a larger amusement park that would compete with Cedar Point and other similar parks in the region. He contacted several developers about building the park, but each declined due to concerns about the financial viability of such a project.

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Benefits of working with Kings Island

As a park employee, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits that make working at Kings Island a great place to be. From healthcare and retirement savings options to vacation time and 401(k) contributions, Kings Island has something for everyone.

Here are just some of the many benefits you can expect as an employee of Kings Island:

Healthcare Coverage: As part of the park’s healthcare system, all employees are covered with either Kaiser Permanente or Blue Cross/Blue Shield. You can also add supplemental insurance through your employer.

Retirement Savings Options: With both a traditional pension plan and 401(k) plan available, Kings Island employees have plenty of ways to save for their future. Plus, you can make automatic contributions from your paycheck!

Vacation Time: Each year, Kings Island offers its employees 10 paid days off. That’s enough time for a week-long family vacation! Plus, if you take advantage of the company-sponsored volunteer program, you can earn even more vacation time.

Flexible Work Hours: If you’d like to work fewer hours or take time off in between shifts, that’s no problem at Kings Island – most positions offer some form of flexible work schedule.

Eligible Criteria to Work with Kings Island

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a valid driver’s license
  • You must have no criminal record
  • You must not have any pending disciplinary actions against you from your previous employer(s)
  • You must pass a background check

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Relevant Skills to Work with Kings Island

There are many skills you will need to work at Kings Island Park. Here are a few that may be useful:

  • Customer service skills
  • Coordination and organization skills
  • Parking management skills
  • Graphic design or web development skills
  • Math skills (to calculate distances, speeds, etc.)

Career Prospects in Kings Island

  • Rides Operator:

This position is responsible for operating amusement park rides like cars and coasters. They must be able to stay calm in high-stress situations and have excellent customer service skills.

  • Food Service Worker:

Food service workers are responsible for making sure guests have everything they need while they’re at the park. This includes serving food and drinks, as well as cleaning up after themselves.

  • Game Attendant:

A game attendant is responsible for ensuring guests have a great time while playing games like miniature golf and laser tag. They must be patient and attentive, and be able to handle numerous requests from guests at once.

  • Guest Services Representative:

Guest services representatives are responsible for providing all sorts of support to guests while they’re in the park. This could include helping them find their way around, answering any questions they may have, or sorting out any problems.

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Average Salaries for Kings Island Workers

Kings Island is one of the largest amusement parks in the United States and employs a large number of park workers. The average salary for a Kings Island park worker is $19,880 per year. This is slightly lower than the national average salary of $20,000 but higher than the average salary for amusement park workers ($16,000). The majority of Kings Island’s workers are employed as maintenance staff, ride operators, or food service employees.

Application Process into Kings Island

  1. First, visit the Kings Island website and click on the “Jobs” tab.
  2. On the Jobs page, you will find several different job postings that match your interests and qualifications. Click on the job that interests you the most and read the description. Then, take some time to answer a few questions about your skills and experience to demonstrate why you would be a good fit for this position.
  3. Next, create a resume based on what you have written in your online application profile. Make sure to include all of your relevant experience and education information so that Kings Island can review it carefully. Finally, upload your resume and answer a few questions about your work ethic in an interview request submission form.
  4. If you are selected for an interview, Kings Island will contact you directly to set up a time for a meeting. During the interview process, Kings Island will ask you questions about your skills and experience related to the position that you applied for as well as questions about how you would contribute to their team culture.

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Kings Island is the place to be! Not only do they have lots of fun rides, but they also offer great benefits and plenty of growth opportunities. If you’re interested in applying online or attending an interview, be sure to visit their website today!

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