Everything You Need to Know Before Moving To Portugal

Some desperate immigrants are eager in moving to Portugal without regarding the immigration policies that have been attached to it. Anyone who wants to migrate to Portugal must have the necessary documents available before the Portuguese embassy. There are lots of individuals whose desire has been to travel to Portugal. Therefore, it is advisable the right steps have to be followed to obtain a Portuguese visa and resident permit.

Portugal is a safe place to migrate to, if you’ve been considering moving to Portugal, you are being entitled to a secured environment. This is one of the reasons lots of parents are migrating with their family to reside in Portugal based on different purposes such as job, education, investment, and many others. The banking sector has been simplified to the barest minimum for immigrants to understand the right banking method to suit their needs.

Living in Portugal

We are going to see the living conditions in Portugal under these three categories, and here they are:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Education

1.    Accommodation:

The living pattern in Portugal varies when it has to do with accommodation, and this depends on the location. For instance, in Lisbon, the housing fee is expensive, and you need to rent an apartment within your budget. The increase in house rent is based on the fact Lisbon is the Capital of Portugal.

2.     Transportation:

In Portugal, most citizens prefer entering public transport instead of driving their cars. The cost of buying a car and maintaining it both at the same time is on a high side. This has made citizens enter public transport because they won’t have to spend more on public transport.

3.    Education:

The cost of education in Portugal is affordable; Portugal citizens enjoy free education at different school levels. In public schools, they charge a lesser fee to enable all Tom and Harry to afford the payment.

Procurement of Visa and Work Permit

European Union natives do not need a Visa to move to Portugal, but Citizens from other different Countries require Visa. Portuguese visa differs in kind, it depends on the reason behind such visit either for jobs, family reunion, weekend getaway, and others.

For the employment of highly skilled labor, you can request a European Union blue card it is also required of non-citizens of the European Union to obtain a residential permit after five years and a temporary residence permit as soon as they arrive.

A major procedure required when moving to Portugal is to acquire your work-permit and Visa for Employment, Visa is not compulsory for citizens of the European Union as well as Switzerland but nationals from other countries need to obtain a Visa to enter Portugal.

The Various types of Visa used for work which is needed for migrating to Portugal are:

  • Residence Visa for Employees
  • Independent work residence Visa
  • Entrepreneurs Residence Visa
  • Skilled workers, Professional Teachers residence Visa

Important Documents in Moving to Portugal

The following are necessary documents in moving to Portugal:

  • Portuguese visa application form
  • A valid passport which covers for three months or more depending on your stay
  • Two passport-sized photographs
  • A genuine travel insurance
  • Statement of financial account
  • Evidence of no criminal record
  • A medical report indicating freedom from illness or contagious diseases.

Different Types of Portuguese Visas

There are various types of visas for anyone who is planning of moving to Portugal, and they also have their various documents used for its application. These are the following Portuguese visas:

1.    Employment Visa:

This visa is specifically for employment purposes as the name implies, and it can also be called a job visa. The immigrants will have to provide:

  • A written and signed work contract from your employer
  • Evidence of job qualification
  • A statement by the Portuguese employment and Training institute

2.    Business Visa:

If you will be staying for a very short period, either for business purposes, independent work, seminars, or lectures, you can ask for a short-stay visa. Application for this Visa can be done with the aid of all necessary documents.

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3.    Family Visa:

A non-native who owns an authentic residence permit in Portugal can invite his/her family members over with the necessary documents and all requirements duly processed and followed, the essential documents needed are:

  • A residence permit proof
  • A genuine Visa to show you entered Portugal legally
  • Marriage certificate or birth certificate to show a family relationship
  • Identity cards of family members or spouse’s
  • Two passport size photographs
  • Resident’s ID card or passport
  • Evidence of accommodation

4.    Self Employment Visa

The two options for this Visa are:

  • Independent worker Residence Visa
  • Entrepreneurs Residence Visa

Self Employment visa as an Independent worker requires that you have these documents available:

  • Evidence of owning a business organization
  • Statement by proficient authority to show you’re a qualified individual in your business/work area

While application as an Entrepreneur demands that you have one or more of the following:

  • Evidence of Investments owned by you.
  • Financial stability with evidence and interest in investing in Portugal

Portuguese Permanent Residency Permit

Citizens of the European Union do not need a residence permit to live in Portugal, they can stay in Portugal without registration for three months but they should obtain a registration certificate that is needed to keep track of their population. Whereas, non-citizens of the European Union need a residence permit to genuinely live in the country.

For non-residents, a residence card will be issued to them. This residence card will become their ID card, and this should be carried along to avoid unnecessary embarrassment by the immigration officers. This Portuguese residency permit is being valued for a year.

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Requirements for Temporary Resident Permit

Application necessary for a residence permit are as follow:

  • Passport or other official travel documents
  • Two current similar colored photographs with a clear background
  • A proper residence Visa
  • Proof of owning suitable and sufficient accommodation
  • Accessible records by SEF to go through criminal records in Portugal
  • Attached documents with other relevant details for tax registration
  • Evidence to prove frequent support in communal services

NB: Documents written in foreign languages should also be translated and signed in Portuguese.

Other Important Contents


Portugal is a good country for one to migrate based on numerous factors such as climate, security, investment opportunities, and lots more. The information inside this article can also act as guidelines to keep immigrants on track in moving to Portugal.

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