2024 Admission into Manipur University: Courses & Fees

Manipur University is a premier university located in Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, India. It was established in 1980, the university offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, commerce, sciences, law, and engineering. The university has a rich cultural heritage and offers world-class facilities such as libraries, laboratories, and sports complexes. At this juncture, we will see a brief history of the university.

History of Manipur University

The predecessor of Manipur University was formed in 1944 as the Manipur College of Arts and Science. The college was established with the support of members of the Indian National Congress and other political organizations. The college initially offered courses in arts and science, but it soon began offering additional courses such as law and medicine. As time progresses, the college became affiliated with the University of Calcutta.

Manipur College of Arts and Science became Manipur University. At this time, there were only 10 faculty members and 60 students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Over the next few years, the university gradually expanded its offerings to include more courses and increased its student population. After some years, there were 400 students enrolled in undergraduate programs at Manipur University.

In 1984, Manipur University began offering graduate programs. At this time, there were only a handful of graduate schools in India that offered degrees in various fields such as law, nursing, engineering, and pharmacy. To meet the needs of its students, Manipur University developed several new graduate programs such as business administration and agriculture.

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Benefits of Studying at Manipur University

  • Exceptional Faculty:

The faculty at Manipur University is among the best in the country. They are well-trained and experienced and are passionate about teaching. This ensures that you get a quality education that will help you reach your career goals.

  • Numerous Opportunities:

Students at Manipur University have access to a wide array of opportunities, both on and off campus. You can join clubs and societies, participate in extracurricular activities, or take part in research projects – there’s something for everyone.

  • Diversity:

At Manipur University, you will find a variety of students from all walks of life. This allows you to develop relationships with people from different backgrounds, which will help broaden your perspective and learn more about the world around you.

  • Competitive Tuition Fees:

Tuition fees at Manipur University are very low when compared to other universities in India. This means that even low-income students can afford to attend without having to worry about financial constraints.

Eligible Criteria for Admission into Manipur University

  • You must have passed their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC) examination with at least 50% marks in each of the subjects.
  • You must have scored a minimum of 40% in the General Paper Examination (GPE) conducted by Manipur University.
  • You must not have failed any subject during your academic career.
  • You should possess an A* or A grade in the qualifying examination, or its equivalent.
  • You can possess a degree from a reputable university

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Undergraduate Courses Offered at Manipur University

Manipur University offers undergraduate courses in a variety of faculties. The university has 16 faculties, each with its own set of undergraduate courses. Some of the faculties that Manipur University offers undergraduate courses are Arts, Commerce, Science and Technology, Law, Education, Social Welfare, and Development Studies.

The university has a wide range of undergraduate courses on offer. You can find courses in arts, commerce, science and technology, law, education, and social welfare and development studies at Manipur University. Some of the popular undergraduate courses offered by Manipur University are arts (BA), commerce (BCom), science (BSc), technology (BTec), and law (LLB).

Postgraduate Courses Offered at Manipur University

Manipur University (MU) offers a range of postgraduate courses that can help you achieve a qualification that suits your needs. These include courses in business, computer science, education, law, homeopathy, and pharmacy.

The faculties at MU offer a variety of postgraduate programs that cover a wide range of disciplines. You can choose to study for a doctorate or a master’s degree if you want to further your education. There are also many short-term courses that you can take as part of your studies if you need to gain experience in a specific area.

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Application Process into Manipur University

The Manipur University Admission Process is a three-step process. The first step is the application form which should be submitted online on the University’s website. After filling in the application form, the next step is to attach all required documents.

The documents required to be attached to the application form include an affidavit of identity and residence, nationality certificate or passport, academic transcripts, and two recent photograph copies.

Applicants who are not citizens of India must also submit a copy of their visa or permit to study in India. Finally, applicants must pay the tuition fee for the undergraduate course of their choice.

Notable Alumni at Manipur University

  • Kiren Rijiju:

Kiren Rijiju is a current Indian Minister for Home Affairs and former Deputy Chief Minister of the state of Himachal Pradesh. He was also a law graduate from Manipur University.

  • Thangkhon Leishman:

Thangkhon Leishman is a prominent Bhutanese politician who has served as the Prime Minister of Bhutan since 2003. He was also a law graduate from Manipur University.

  • Taro Konan:

Taro Konan is a Japanese businessman and investor who has extensive business interests in Southeast Asia. He was also a law graduate from Manipur University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many students are enrolled at the university?

In 2017, the university had a total enrollment of 55,332 students. Out of these, 39,926 are female students and 24,628 are male students.

Q: How much does tuition cost at Manipur University?

A: Tuition at Manipur University goes up to Rs 8500 per semester for undergraduates and Rs 12000 per semester for postgraduates. However, there are various financial assistance schemes available that can help reduce this cost significantly for certain categories of students.

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