Study and Work in Australia: Everything You Need to Know

Before you can study and work in Australia, you need to be able to think either you can combine work with study at the same time. It is not something you have to wake up and say to yourself you can handle the pressure that will come from your work and study. Having a job as a student in Australia provides extra money for students to find their day-to-day expenses in their daily lives. Since you are in a foreign country, you need to have clear information that will act as a guideline in your giving job.

There is no need for any argument that research is not necessary, because it is one of the vital tools for international students seeking jobs. One of the things that should be in your mind is finding a job to match your study schedule. If you know certain things, study, and work in Australia will be simple. There are different ways to find work in Australia, and we are going to see them in this article. At this point, is there any benefit to study and work in Australia?

Benefits of Study and Working in Australia

Australia is a conducive country that most international students are ready to pursue either undergraduate or postgraduate studies. There are several advantages one could get to study and work in Australia, and here they are:

1.    Good Working Hours:

A foreign student who wants to study and work in Canada can enjoy up to 40 hours every two weeks, and this makes it easy for them to strike a balance between their work and school. This is one of the important things since it is not ideal for foreign students to get so overwhelmed in their work, and on the other hand, leaving their studies to suffer.

2.    Maximum Workplace Protection:

Studying and working in Australia gives room to enjoy other benefits like Australian citizens. In Australia, there are set rules and regulations to secure the rights of workers. Therefore, every international working in Australia will also be given these preferential treatments through their study permit. Some of these rules and regulations are protected against unfair dismissal from work, a healthy work environment, the right to go on leave, and many others.

3.    Minimum Wage:

In every country, there is a minimum wage that has been fixed by lawmakers given to every civil servant. The minimum wage in Canada is not the same as the minimum wage of Australia. If you are lucky to work in any Australian government parastatal, you will be paid the minimum wage as a reward for your service or labor.

4.    Strong Support:

This is one of the benefits to study and work in Australia as an international student. The Australian government is ready to come to your aid if you need support. Even working in private companies, there is still assistance available to guide you.

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Finding Work in Australia

International students seeking jobs need to use different means to get a part-time job in Australia. Most international students are fond of keeping quiet when looking for a job to pay their expenses. You can use different means to search for work because it is not ideal to place your egg inside one basket. Some jobs can be gotten through information from your friends, and this is regarded as words of mouth.

Furthermore, you can build professional connections with people in your field. The reason for doing this is to get firsthand information on any job opportunity. This is the era of technology, and there are lots of job advertisements on the internet, you can find the ones that are in line with your career. Even professional companies in charge of recruitments shouldn’t be left out in your quest to study and work in Australia.

Types of Job for International Students in Australia

There are numerous works available for foreign students. The country is known to have ample work opportunities. There are different jobs such as volunteering, internships, part-time, and full-time jobs. Let’s get to know these part-time industries for international students:

1.    Hospitality:

This is a sector that allows the student to study and work in Australia. Australia attracts lots of tourists coming from different parts of the world to come to see things for themselves. Tourists will like to visit places like café, restaurants, lounges, clubs, etc., to have more fun. If you could find any of these places you can submit your resume or CV to the human relations officer.

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2.    Retails:

Buying and selling is still the oldest form of business. Different business outlets are looking for people to employ in their shops. This kind of work might be especially for those in the marketing fields or industry, you can use this job to build your portfolio such as supermarkets, departmental stores, clothing stores, etc.

3.    Tourism:

This is another job related to the hospitality industry. It is one of the jobs you can study and work in Australia at the same time. Apart from your salary, you could be lucky enough to get other side payments from customers who come in to patronize your company. Some of these companies are hotels, inns, motels, etc.

4.    Tutoring:

One of the best ways to earn money is by giving out knowledge to those who need it. The opportunity in this sector is broad because you can teach in any Australian institution or organize private lessons for children to impact knowledge. Some parents are ready to pay you for your services.

5.    Administrative Works:

You can be gainfully employed in any firm such as construction services, food processing, recreational services, telecommunication, and many others. These works come with flexible hours to allow any foreign students to have time for their studies while making extra income for themselves.



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To study and work in Australia as a foreign student, you need to obtain a Tax File Number (TFN). Therefore, if you have gotten the intention to work in Australia, it is mandatory to go to the Australian Taxation Office to obtain TFN. There is vital information the student will have to provide such as name, date of birth, current address. In some cases, an international student has to write out the date they arrived in Australia, proof of enrollment, and passport number.

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