2023 List of McDonald’s Interview Questions and Answers

If you consider working with McDonald’s, you should be ready for McDonald’s interview questions to get the job. If you have been searching for basic tips to increase your chances of employment in this company, you should applaud yourself because you are in the right place. It is a natural occurrence for interview questions to be logical and difficult. For this reason, we thought it wise to write this article to help you out.

McDonald’s Interview Questions

These are McDonald’s interview questions and how you can answer them:

  1. Why do you want to work with McDonald’s?

We have diverse fast-food restaurants that find employees to work with them. When you hear this question, assume there are outstanding qualities that make you want to join Mcdonald’s. It would help if you tried different means to convince the hiring manager that you understand McDonald’s business concept.

Sample Answer:

I have always had the passion or dream to work with McDonald’s because it has been one of the biggest companies operating for many years. Also, working in a fast-paced environment like McDonald’s will give me more experience in handling different challenges.

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  1. What hours can you work in Mcdonald’s?

The question is logical since many restaurants demand your intention and availability regarding a position. The answer you will provide will let the interviewer know you have a flexible time to work for them. Therefore, you will need to be honest with any answer provided to avoid future disappointment.

Sample Answer:

I always have morning classes from 8 am to 11 am, but I can work afternoon and night. Also, you can tell the recruiter the time you are free to work. For instance, if it is at night you are free, you can tell him you are available for night shifts.

  1. Do you want part-time or full-time engagement?

It is another important McDonald’s interview question, and you should let the interviewer know the type of engagement you want. If it is a full-time engagement, you can work in the morning. On the other hand, a night or evening shift will suit you if it is a part-time engagement. The response you give the hiring manager will determine your position in the company.

Sample Answer:

I have been searching for a part-time job since I am still a student. However, I can be flexible with my time to work for the company when my attention is being demanded.


I’m ready to dedicate my full potential to working for McDonald’s, and I am after a full-time engagement. Also, I can work during the weekends.

  1. How do you handle angry customers?

There are times customers will be angry. For this, you are expected to handle the case to avoid something complicated. You should keep it in the back of your mind that customers are always right, and it implies you shouldn’t argue with them. When dealing with angry customers, always maintain your cool.

Sample Answer:

I have handled a situation like this in the past. I tried my best to maintain cool and converse with the customer politely when it happened to me. I tried not to argue with him when he gave out his points to me. In the end, I apologized and decided to please him.

  1. What are the things that make good customer care service?

It is another relevant question in Mcdonald’s. As a result of the high number of restaurants, it is crucial to appreciate customers if you want to keep them for the longest of time. The recruiter will ask you this to know whether you have an idea about it. You will try to list out things that depict exceptional customer service.

Sample Answer:

I believe customer service refers to excellent communication with customers. Whereby interacting pleasantly by making customers feel respected. The essence of this is making them feel relaxed and welcomed.

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  1. What is your perfect definition of teamwork?

It is one of the McDonald’s interviews questions because you won’t be working alone. Working with others requires you to have a perfect idea of teamwork will be key to achieving a particular goal. Also, you can use your years of experience to explain teamwork in the hospitality industry.

Sample Answer:

I have worked with several organizations in the hospitality industry. One of the teams that have helped me is the ability to work with other staff. I have a high level of productivity when I work with other people because it improves my versatility in learning from different people.

  1. If you caught a colleague stealing, what would you do?

The essence of the question is to test your integrity whether you can act right in this scenario or you will keep quiet. You should try your best to convince the interviewer that they can bank on you. You could get the job if you can give the right response to this logical McDonald’s interview question.

Sample Answer:

I am someone who values integrity. If I see anyone stealing, I will note the person’s name or department before reporting the situation to the manager or supervisor for further action.

  1. What is the favorite dish you like on our menu list?

Your reply will show whether you are a big of McDonald’s. Also, it will let the interviewer know you are familiar with their menu list. Anyone you will pick, it is better to attach some reasons.

Sample Answer:

I love McDonald’s burgers because they taste very nice. Whenever I order them, they are always fresh and enticing. I love eating them with my favorite yogurt.

  1. What can you consider as your basic strength?

Suppose you have a few skills for the job you are applying for a McDonald’s. In that case, you can mention them using the job description to convince the hiring manager. When you can list out your skills, you use style to sell yourself to the company.

Sample Answer:

When it comes to communication, I am very good at it. I can hold a friendly conversation with customers that will make them happy. Also, you can say I can exercise lots of patience which enables me to deal with different kinds of customers.

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These McDonald’s interview questions are the commonest ones you will hear regardless of the vacant positions. It is advisable to gather some information about the company before the interview.

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