2024 List of Pharmacy Interview Questions and Answers

When you want to apply for a pharmacy job, you need to be familiar with pharmacy interview questions. The best thing is having different ideas on how to provide the right answers to any question during the interview. If you prepare well, you will be confident in the interview hall. There are different pharmacy positions such as float pharmacy, retail pharmacy, staff pharmacy, etc.

The interview stage is critical and requires you to be ready to face it squarely. In any company, we have numerous types of interview questions. It is best to give thoughtful responses to show your skills and make the hiring manager know you are familiar with the position.

Pharmacy Interview Questions

  1. What do you like about being a pharmacist?

Some things that influence your decision to become a pharmacist could be working with smart colleagues, high salaries, a conducive working environment, etc. During the pharmacy interview, you can mention any of these reasons. Also, you can show your interest by talking about things like medical equipment, healthcare, diseases, etc. Therefore, describing yourself as the right candidate for the vacant position that will bring maximum value to the pharmaceutical company.

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  1. What pharmacy courses do you like and the ones do you have a hard time with?

The answer you provide the interviewer will make him understand your work attitude to a pharmacist and your career. It is better to talk about practical courses (subjects). You can emphasize that the practical experiences you had were amazing. As a result, you have gathered knowledge in your field. On the other hand, you can talk about difficult courses for you. Also, it would be best to show the interviewer that you perform well to pass those hard courses to be fit for pharmacy school.

  1. What are the problems that could take place in a pharmaceutical company?

A pharmaceutical firm has many problems, such as angry customers, conflicts with coworkers, lack of medication, etc. It is preferable to show you can handle difficulties at the workplace.

Your answer should reflect that you can withstand them while performing your work with dignity. In this type of question, you give answers to additional questions. Any answer you provide should align with the hiring manager’s question.

  1. What are your key strengths and weaknesses?

It is not compulsory to have excellent management skills or leadership. They may have good computing skills to perform certain operations. Every job position has its criteria because what will be the right criteria for a particular pharmaceutical role may be different from the other. Any strength you mention should be one that will suit the job role like proper communication skills, ability to know others’ needs, marketing skills, decent eyes for details, etc. For the area of weakness, you can pick one that won’t match the job description or role, like coding skills, graphic design, business analysis, etc.

  1. Where will you like to be in five years?

Many pharmacists could be at their jobs for longer years, but you can have different plans from other pharmacists. It could be you would like to open your pharmacy in the next five years, migrate to different countries, or switch careers. No matter the plans you have in mind, you can try to convince the recruiter that you are willing to work with the company for the next five years.

Also, they can bank on you for many years to come. It is not compulsory to keep to your promises you told the interviewer because you can decide to change your mind and leave the next three years.

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  1. Give an instance you performed above and below what was expected from you?

Regardless of anything, pharmacy is seen as a business with lots of competition. It is crucial to have good customer care service to be outstanding from other pharmacists by meeting customers’ needs. Therefore, the kind of attitude you portray matters a lot, and it will help you go far in the industry.

You can site a situation when you perform exceptionally to your schoolmates, friends, or teachers. As a result, the hiring manager will see you as someone ready to offer their best. Also, it increases your chances of letting the employer know can go beyond your basic duties.

  1. How would you deal with a stupid and angry customer?

It is one of the pharmacy interview questions to test whether you have customer service skills or not. You will meet different types of customers as a pharmacist – sad people, angry people, simple people, etc.

The key is talking with these people amicably. It will let the interviewer know you are willing to try your best to make sure customers are satisfied with premium customer services. Also, you can handle the diversity that comes with the job.

  1. How can you handle any medication prescription error?

The interviewer wants to know how you will handle different problems, uphold ethical standards, and rectify mistakes at any given opportunity. The answers you give the recruiter should be specific and well-tailored to address problems such as medication mix up, correcting dosing instructions, and apologizing when you are wrong. As a result, you will sell yourself to the recruiter you are ready to take responsibility for your mistakes.

  1. How can you prescribe a complicated prescription to your patient?

It is one of the essential work of a pharmacist, is to let patients know the right dosage to give their patients and the side effects of overdose dosage. Your answer should show your communication skills and how you interact with patients.

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Pharmacy interview questions deserve proper answers to attract the interviewer’s attention. If you are free, you will be having a hard time during the interview; you can study this article to get an idea of how to answer pharmacy interview questions.

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