Full List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Luxembourg

Immigration lawyers in Luxembourg help immigrants against deportation issues and defend them in the immigration court. It is essential to have an immigration lawyer in Luxembourg because no matter how simple the issue is, immigration lawyers in Luxembourg will still complicate things for you as a foreigner. This is the reason you must have an immigration lawyer to resolve these issues.

Importance of immigration lawyer in Luxembourg

  • They help to interpret immigration laws
  • Immigration laws are evolving
  • Immigration lawyers fasten immigration issues.
  • Provide advice to people before moving to Luxembourg.

These immigration lawyers understand the laid out principles surrounding immigration. They bring their expertise to achieve a smooth workforce between clients. There are various problems foreigners can face in Luxembourg such as visas, work permits, study permits, and other related issues. Some of these immigration lawyers in Luxembourg know how to solve issues regarding immigration. These lawyers could help you obtain a resident status such as temporary or permanent residency status.

Who Needs Immigration Lawyers in Luxembourg?

The following foreigners need immigration in Luxembourg:

• Entrepreneurs & self-employed
• Regular and qualified workers
• High net worth individuals who want to get citizenship by investment
• Student & researcher

Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer in Luxembourg

When you have known the reason for getting an immigration lawyer in Luxembourg, you need to research to know either the immigration lawyer is competent or not. The following are ways to choose the right immigration lawyer:

1. Make Research on the Internet

The internet is a great tool where multiple kinds of research can be done at the same time, to find a website that comprises various immigration lawyers in Luxembourg. If there is any website like this, a list of immigration lawyers will be shown alongside the immigration lawyer’s year of expertise.

2. Contact State Office:

This office will provide the useful information you need to know regarding the immigration lawyer and many others. There is other important information that will be exposed to you during these findings such as educational history, work experience, number of clients, and ratings from clients, etc.

3. Ask Around:

This is another way to go about this immigration problem in finding a lawyer. If you are lucky enough to live close to the immigration lawyer in Luxembourg. The people you are going to ask within your environment will go a long way to help you hire an immigration lawyer with credibility, and also prevent you from hiring the wrong one.

List of Immigration Lawyer and Law Firms in Luxembourg

1. M&S Law Sàrl, Located at 205, route d’Arlon Luxembourg L-1150, Luxembourg. Contact via +352 28 80 18

2. Maples Group, Located at 6D route de Trèves Senningerberg MaplesFS Luxembourg S.A. Luxembourg L-2633, Luxembourg. Contact via +352 26 68 62 1

3. Dentons, Located at 33, rue du Puits Romain Bertrange L-8070, Luxembourg. Contact via +352 46 83 83

4. CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP, Located at Rue Goethe 3 Luxembourg L-1637, Luxembourg. Contact via +35 (2) 262 7531

5. Trials, Located at 3B, boulevard du Prince Henri Luxembourg 1724, Luxembourg. Contact via + 352 22 74 301

6. CMS DeBacker Leclere Walry, Located at 70, Route d’Esch Luxembourg L-1470, Luxembourg. Contact via +352 2627531

Other Interesting Contents

Questions to Ask Immigration Lawyer in Luxembourg

The following are the question to ask:

• What is your work experience to deal with my immigration problems?
• How much of work is being committed to my immigration law issues?
• What are the other kinds of immigration problem you handle?
• What is your medium of communication – text messages, email, and phone calls?
• How fast do you pick phone calls?
• How much do you charge for my kind of immigration?
• What is the kind of bills you charge your clients?
• What is the duration of the kind of my immigration problem, if there are no positive developments?


All these questions are important to ask immigration lawyers in Luxembourg for you to know your stance either you are going to make use of the lawyer or not. At times, immigrants become curious about traveling abroad without asking the immigration lawyers the right questions.

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