10 Essential Property Management Duties and Responsibilities

Are you considering becoming a property manager, but have no idea what the job entails? Well, you can take your time to read this article because you will have different responsibilities regarding property management. It is true they handle operations, administration, and maintenance of properties for landlords. At this juncture, you might like to ask this question “what is the role of a property manager?”

Generally, the property manager assists landlords or real estate investors to deal with everything regarding rental property. They specialize in making sure the house property is being operated according to the rules issued by the landlord, and it be could be finance or attractive condition of the building. Property management can take different forms and we will see them in this article.

Property Management Duties

  1. Finding Tenants for Landlords:

When a landlord has a property they want to lease out for tenants, they tell their property managers to find tenants for them. Also, they find the right tenants that will abide by the rules and regulations of the property. Since marketing is part of their job description, they advertise the property by placing compelling ads on different listing sites. As a result, they attract potential rentals and compel them to rent the property.

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  1. Screening of Tenants:

It is not every tenant that is trustworthy to rent an apartment because some might be involved in shady businesses or have temperament issues. The property manager helps the landlord to screen tenants that want to rent the property. They do this by trying to know the tenant’s history and background before considering them a potential tenant for the property. After screening lots of tenants, if they see anyone that is deemed fit they will give them the keys to the property.

  1. Handling Tenant’s Complaints:

In every property, there are high chances of tenants issuing complaints regarding the property. For instance, one of the tenants can be organizing frequent night parties in the compound and other neighbors won’t find it funny. As a result, they may decide to tell the property manager to handle the situation. Sometimes, property managers find means to handle emergency issues by applying safety precautions taken at the building.

  1. Arrangement of Tenant Turnover:

The property manager helps to coordinate tenant turnover. They help to arrange when tenants should move in and out of the property. When an old tenant wants to park out from the property, they check the property to ensure there are no damages and if there are, they will fix it for the incoming new tenants. In some scenarios, where tenants are becoming a nuisance, they act as lawyers to tell the tenant about landlord-tenant laws and find other ways to handle the situation.

  1. Adjusting, Collecting, and Setting of Rents:

Rent collection is the duty of every landlord. A property manager can handle lease management for the landlord. It is a specific task many landlords offer their property managers to do for them. It is the work of the property manager to define and structure methods for collecting rents from their tenants. Also, they place strict deadlines and penalties for any tenant who might make a late payment or not adhere to the initial agreement.

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  1. Maintenance of Property:

It is one of the property management duties of a property manager. They ensure the property remains in a good state and is conducive for tenants to live. Property maintenance involves enforcing occupancy rules and investigating and resolving tenants’ issues. They can find any vacant apartments, renovate, and maintain them or coordinate contractors to work on the renovation. Before they will have to renovate the building, they need to get the landlord’s permission for renovation.

  1. Securing the Property:

Securing the Property for a landlord is among other property management duties. A property manager will secure the property by searching for security guards or using security tech gadgets or both. Also, they might want to include policies and procedures that will alert tenants should there be an emergency. An experienced property manager is aware that the more secure the property is, the more tenants are likely to stay inside the property.

  1. Overall Building Supervision:

Honestly, there is more than we can think of regarding property management duties. For laymen, they might see it as running daily errands and services for the landlord, but deep down they get involved in the entire show. They can carry out property analysis, property management, and property planning. As a result, they use their various management skillsets and knowledge to fulfill these different tasks.

  1. Financial Management:

If a landlord has a residential property manager, they will begin the financial management by analyzing and establishing rental rates, depreciation, taxes, and calculating costs for tenants. The major aim is to achieve realistic profit goals and a financial budget. Besides property planning, it is the work of the property manager to accomplish financial objectives by collecting pay invoices, rents, and corrective action to get the financial budget back on its right track.

  1. Updating and Enforcing Landlord-Tenant Laws:

It is ideal for property managers to have the right skills and knowledge to interpret landlord-tenant laws in different aspects such as lease termination, handling security deposits, screening of tenants, and many others. Also, they enforce these laws and policies that are inside the lease contracts and confront potential violators.

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We are certain these different responsibilities of property management duties give you a better insight into what you need to know about the role. If you have been thinking the role involves running only daily errands for the landlord, you should have other ideas relating to the property management duties.

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