An Overview of Best Paying Jobs in Apparel to Consider

Are you passionate about fashion and looking to make a lucrative career in the apparel industry? We have compiled a list of the best-paying jobs in apparel that will not only allow you to pursue your passion but also earn a handsome salary. From creative design roles to business management positions, there is something for everyone on this list. Therefore, put on your fashionable thinking cap, and let’s explore the top-paying jobs in the apparel industry!

What is Apparel Industry?

Apparel is clothing that is made to be worn on the body. It can be made out of different materials, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, and leather. Apparel can be classified by types, such as dress shirts, skirts, pants, blouses, and jackets. Apparel also comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

The apparel industry is a booming one, with many jobs available in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Retail positions can include sales associate, buyer, or manager; manufacturing jobs can include production assistant or machine operator. While wages vary depending on the position and location, most apparel workers earn at least livable wage rates.

History of Best Paying Jobs in Apparel

The apparel industry is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors in the U.S. economy. In 2016, the apparel industry generated a total of $273 billion in sales, which was up from $236 billion in 2015 and $214 billion in 2014. And this is just the beginning – according to The NPD Group, the apparel industry is expected to grow even further over the next few years.

There are many reasons why the apparel industry is so hot right now. First of all, there’s been a general trend towards more casual dressing over the past few years, which has led to an increase in sales of clothing items like T-shirts and athleisure clothes. Additionally, there’s been a boom in athleisure fashion – clothing that offers athletes performance-enhancing features like stretchiness and breathability – which has driven sales of sportswear products even higher.

There are a number of lucrative opportunities available for those who are interested in working in the apparel sector. For starters, wages are generally high across the board – on average, workers in the apparel industry earn about $28 an hour, which is considerably more than what you’ll earn in other industries. Since this is an extremely fast-paced industry with constant innovation and change, salaries continue to go up year after year – as recently as 2016, wages increased by 3 percent overall across all industries nationwide.

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Benefits of Securing Best Paying Jobs in Apparel

  • Higher Income:

The average salary for apparel workers is significantly higher than the national average, with some positions earning over $60,000 annually. This means that employees can easily cover basic living expenses and save money on their overall budget.

  • Increased Career Opportunities:

There is a high demand for high-quality apparel around the world, there is plenty of room for career growth in this field. Employees with the best-paying jobs in apparel often have the opportunity to move up within their company or work on new projects and campaigns.

  • Flexible Schedules:

Many best-paying jobs in apparel allow employees to work flexible hours so that they can accommodate family obligations or personal time goals. This allows workers to stay connected with their loved ones while still having a strong career foundation.

  • Excellent Benefits:

Many top clothing companies offer excellent benefits, including 401k plans, health insurance, and tuition reimbursement options. These programs can help employees save money on their taxes and enjoy quality healthcare coverage while keeping their feet wet in the industry of their choice.

Requirements for Getting Best Paying Jobs in Apparel

  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Proven ability to lead and manage teams
  • Advanced knowledge of garment manufacturing processes
  • Extensive experience with patternmaking software

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Steps to Become a Professional Apparel Maker

  • Get an Education in Apparel Design:

A degree in fashion design or construction will give you the necessary knowledge and skills to start your own business. However, even without a degree, you can still become a professional apparel maker if you have the right skills and experience.

  • Start your own Business:

If you don’t have an education or experience in apparel making, starting your own business is the best way to get started. You can find resources online to help you start your own business, such as Starting Your Own Apparel Business Online Course from The School of Fashion Design & Merchandising at New York University (NYU).

  • Work as a Freelance Designer or Seamstress:

If starting your own business isn’t an option or if you don’t have enough experience or education to work as a professional apparel maker, working as a freelance designer or seamstress is another option. Freelance designers and seamstresses typically work on a project-by-project basis, so there’s more opportunity for freelancing than working as an employee at a company that makes clothing.

Best Paying Jobs in Apparel

  1. Sales Representatives

Sales representatives earned an average salary of $32,000 as of 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In addition to a good paycheck, this position typically offers health insurance and other benefits. Entry-level positions generally require only a high school diploma or equivalent. Training is available in most cases.

  1. Merchandise Managers

Merchandise managers earned an average salary of $48,000 as of 2012, according to the BLS. This position requires expertise in merchandising and marketing strategies as well as strong customer service skills. Many employers also offer excellent benefits, including retirement plans and paid vacation time. As with most careers in apparel retailing, experience is often essential for success.

  1. Retail Store Manager

A retail store manager earned an average salary of $56,000 as of 2012, according to the BLS. This position requires exceptional leadership skills as well as knowledge of retail operations and fashion design trends. Often responsibility includes budgeting and forecasting while overseeing staff members responsible for selling products on behalf of the store owner/manager. A college degree may be required for entry-level positions; further education

  1. Garment Cutter

A garment cutter assembles garments from pieces cut from fabric by other workers in a factory. A typical garment cutter’s job includes cutting patterns and measuring fabric to ensure accuracy before sewing together the different parts of the garment. The average salary for a garment cutter is around $40,000 per year, but salaries can vary significantly based on experience and location.

  1. Apparel Designer

Salaries for apparel designers can vary quite a bit, but on average they make around $60,000 annually. This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the industry, and many designers have successful careers that span multiple decades. Requirements for this position include a degree in fashion design or a related field, along with experience working with fabric and sewing machines.

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Apparel is one of the fastest growing industries and with good reason. With so many different styles and brands to choose from, there’s a job for everyone. Whether you have experience in designing or you are just looking for a new challenge, there are plenty of high-paying jobs available in apparel.

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