Updated List of Cheap Universities in UK for 2024/2025

There are many cheap universities in UK either for undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Before anyone might consider migrating to the UK, the tuition fee is the principal thing that should come in place. There is no point arguing because universities in UK are so expensive, and it is one of the reasons international students are in search of scholarships.

According to research, the primary reason why studying in the UK is expensive is based on living expenses such as house rent, feeding, transportation, and many others. For instance, Students from India would find it challenging to reside in London. On the other side of things, there are reasons why people want to study in the UK.

Reasons Why Students Study in the UK

These are the following reasons:

  1. High Standard of Education:

In the United Kingdom, they have institutions with a good reputation in the university world ranking system. Out of the first ten universities in the world, four of the universities are from the UK. Also, there are lecturers with vast years of experience to offer both indigenous and international students an excellent education.

  1. They Welcome International Students:

In some Western countries, discrimination is common to the point someone not mentally strong might look focus academically. Most UK citizens are cheerful, and for this reason, international students can have a good time mingling with them and others coming from other parts of the globe.

  1. Availability of Different Programs:

In the United Kingdom, there is a wide range of courses for students to choose from at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. No matter the course or degree you want to pursue, you are sure to enroll in Medicine, Physiology, Law, Engineering, Theater Arts, Music, and many others.

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  1. Shorter Courses/Degrees:

Are you the type looking for short-term courses or degrees to complete within few months? There are many of these institutions in the UK that comes at affordable rates. In the United Kingdom, some courses will require at least two years for an undergraduate course, and postgraduate programs could be for a year.

  1. Cultural Diversity:

It is one of the inevitable things living in the UK due to the high saturation of international students from other countries. The possibility of students interacting with one another will happen, and from here, they get to learn about various cultures.

  1. High Level of Employability:

Schooling in the United Kingdom increases the chances of one getting employed by reputable organizations. Based on the fact their academic standard of education is high compared to other countries and makes it easier for students to become potential employees earning higher salaries.

  1. Working While Studying:

International students undergoing a degree program in one of the cheap universities in the UK, either undergraduate or postgraduate, can secure a part-time job working 20 hours a week. During the holidays, they can work full-time, and it is one reason for international students relocating to the UK for their tertiary education.

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Cheap Universities in the UK

Here, the numerous cheap universities in UK:

  1. University of Chester:

It is one of the cheap universities in UK founded in 1839, and according to history, it is the first teacher training college that came into existence in the United Kingdom. Presently, the institution is a world-class university, and they have different campuses in Warrington, Shrewsbury, and Chester.

International students can enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Social Science, etc. The population of international st are not much compared to other cheap universities in UK. The tuition fee for undergraduate courses is £12,750 per year, while a postgraduate degree is £12,950 per year.

  1. University of Stirling:

The institution was founded in Scotland in 1967 on a large acre of land in the Central Belt. Due to various developments, the school has become one of the most beautiful universities in the UK. Also, they have an affordable fee and lots of partnerships with foreign organizations.

Different courses are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students such as Health Sciences, Natural Science, Social Science, etc. The school has over 9,500 students, and 24% of the population are international students. The tuition fee for undergraduates is £13,100 per year, while postgraduate programs are £16,950 per year.

  1. University of Greenwich:

The University of Greenwich is among the list of cheap universities. Initially, when it came into existence, it was called Woolwich Polythenic, then changed to Thames Polythenic. In 1993 the named University of Greenwich was adopted as the official name of the university. There are numerous campuses across different locations in Medway, Avery Hill, and Greenwich.

Both indigenous and international students are privilege to enroll in courses like Education, Health, Business, Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, etc. The entire population of the school is approximately 14,200 students, and of which, 38% of the population are international students. The tuition fee for undergraduate degrees is £14,000, while graduate programs are £14,000 per year.

  1. University of Westminster:

The University of Westminster is among the cheap universities in UK and was founded in 1833. The first name given to the institution was Royal Polythenic Institution, and in 1992, it attained university status. Presently, they have spread their tentacles to other regions such as Harrow, Central London, Marylebone, etc.

Based on the university administration, it is divided into three schools. These schools are responsible for coordinating other departments, such as Westminster Business School, College of Design, and the College of Liberal Arts. 49% of the entire population, which is from 16,200, are international students. The tuition fee for undergraduates is £14,400, while the graduate course is £13,000.

  1. University of Huddersfield:

It is a public university majorly recognized for extensive research. The University of Huddersfield is located in West Yorkshire, England. In 1992, it was opened officially and traced back to the Huddersfield Science and Mechanics Institute, founded in 1825. Different departments are ava in the institution such as Applied Science, Computing Engineering, Media Studies, etc.

The total population of students in the school is 15,000, and 26% are international students. The tuition fee for undergraduates is from £15,009, while postgraduate programs are from €16,000.

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When it comes to tertiary education, there are many cheap universities in UK for both indigenous and international students to enroll for their dream course. Therefore, international students can take advantage of the affordable tuition fee in the UK to enroll in either undergraduate or postgraduate programs.

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