2024/2025 List of Best Performing Arts High Schools to Consider

The proper harnessing of talent and creativity can yield awesome results. It is essential to implement good time management skills while trying to hone your talent. Performing arts high schools are the best option for you to make good use of your talent. On the other hand, it could be difficult finding the best performing arts high schools.

Many high school students regard getting enrolled in a performing arts high school as the peak of their careers. Also, some will prefer attending a normal high school getting trained in diverse courses such as dance, academics, theater, music, acting technique, music theory, etc.

What is the Meaning of Performing Arts? 

Performing Arts involves arts that demand the presence of an audience. For instance, drama, dance, and music require you to perform in front of spectators. You will need some level of training to become professional n this field.

When you are skillful, you are positioning yourself to earn high income performing in different places such as open stages, tents, opera houses, theaters, and many others. Before you can excel in this field, you need to apply for admission to one of the best performing arts high schools.

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Best Performing Arts High Schools

  1. Interlochen Arts Academy:

The Interlochen Arts Academy is in Michigan producing over 500 gifted artists from over 29 countries and 44 U.S. states. If you are passionate about performing arts, you can send an application to be among their students. They offer courses like music, visual arts, dance, theater, comparative arts, and creative writing.

They have a vats educational curriculum preparing students to excel in performing arts and in college too. You can spend 4 hours a day practicing your creative talents and gain accessibility to experience artist-educators. Some of its students have danced for popular companies acted on high profile movies, published poetries, etc. Also, they have notable artworks in television studios and galleries.

  1. Walnut Hill School for the Arts:

It is an independent performing arts high school offering a post-graduate program for students. The Massachusetts art school is for both male and female students. A popular site ranks it as the second-best performing arts high school in the United States. In 1893, the school came into existence on 36 acres of land offering an innovative academic curriculum.

The theater school offers top-notch training to its students in courses like visual arts, dance, creative writing, theater, etc. If you are a student at Walnut Hill School for the Arts, you can participate in art classes like media arts and film. Each of its programs is designed to improve your skill as a performing artist.

  1. Idyllwild Arts Academy:

It is one of the best performing arts high schools in America valued at number 1. According to a given statistics, it shows you will have the opportunity to a broad spectrum of artistic environment. Also, you can harness your creative potential by undergoing a performing arts course in this school. Both male and female students can gain positively from Idyllwild Arts Academy.

It was established in 1986 on 206 acres of land with boarding school facilities. The school operates in a dual curriculum covering both pre-professional arts and college preparation. They have an exceptional musical program for anyone passionate about music composition and performing arts.

  1. Besant Hill School:

In 1946, Besant Hill School was founded by many such as Annie Besant, Guido Ferrando, Louis Zalk, Robert Logan, J Krishnamurti, and Rosalind Rajagopal. It is on 520 acres of land in Ojai resort town. The school provides a well comprehensive preparatory curriculum for students wanting to explore their creative expression.

The school has more than 20 art electives, noncompetitive and competitive athletics. The student-to-teacher ratio is 4:1. On the other hand, their students have a travel and experiential level of an educational program. In its high school of arts, it has over 88% number of students, whole 38% of its students can seek financial assistance.

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  1. Alabama School of Fine Arts:

It is one of the best performing arts high schools offering a coeducational boarding service. Before you can get admitted into Alabama School of Fine Arts, you will need to be outstanding because they admit their students using different factors like interviews, application, auditions, test scores, etc.

If you are eager to attend any performing arts high school, then you can consider this school because of its cheaper rate. The school happens to be the only school offering specialty arts at affordable rates. You can spend three hours in a day focusing on your area of specialization to hone your skills. During your college preparatory education, you will have six major courses like music, visual arts, science, math, creative writing, and dance.

  1. The Master’s School:

They have a versed curriculum, especially for college preparatory students. It integrates both diverse and challenging studies in arts. They have outstanding fine arts programs that have groomed notable artists in dance, music, visual arts, etc. They use the harkeness teaching method to educate their students giving room to creativity.

In grades 7 to 12, it has over 400 students studying performing arts. In 1877, it was formed using the school’s community service program as its guiding principle. You can pay the tuition fee whether as a day student or boarder to pay the expected fee. It is advisable to visit the school website to know the payment plan.

  1. St. Johnsbury Academy:

It is an independent performing arts high school situated in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, United States. It is one of the classical performing arts schools combining the resources and opportunities of a large independent school with vast art lecturers. The school offers 200 courses including key courses like advanced placement, languages, fine and performing arts, etc.

International students both males and females can get accessibility to its boarding facilities especially students in between grades 9 to 12. The school can boast of exceptional students excelling in the music industry and other performing arts.

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Performing arts high schools are available for students searching to harness their creative talents. You can enroll in any of these performing arts high schools and become great in what you are doing.

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