Yearly List of Scholarships in Norway for International Students

There are numerous scholarships in Norway, and this country is a renowned one for any international student who wants to get a scholarship. Norway has a good standard of living, due to the huge profits they have been able to get from their mineral resources such as oil and gas. The higher education in this country has been integrated with the Bologna process, and this has made the system more compatible with other countries.

If you are privilege to study in one of these Norwegian universities, then you should be happy you are going to have a recognized certificate in your hands. In Norway, the Bachelor’s degree in three years, a Master’s degree is two years, and Ph.D. is also a three-year program. One of the advantages of schooling in Norway, the students will open to work for any Norwegian employers, and still have money to cater to their various needs. This is made possible by obtaining a Norwegian work permit.

Scholarships in Norway from Top Universities

The following are top universities in Norway:

  • University of Oslo
  • University of Bergen
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology
  • University of Troms
  •  Telegrams University
  • The University of Stavanger
  • The Arctic University of Norway

Application Process for Scholarship in Norway

There is a sequential process to follow for acquiring scholarship in Norway, and these are the steps:

1.    Academic Requirements:

In Norway, every institution has its basic requirements for various courses at any educational level such as bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. courses. You must have proficiency in either English or Norwegian language. Another thing is to have the academic qualification(s) of the institution you want to apply.

2.    Pick a Course:

Any international student will be allowed to go for only one course. For any course you go for, they have their guidelines on how to go about them. Some courses might require you to submit an academic transcript for them to be certain if you are deemed fit or not.

3.    Check Scholarship Qualification:

If it is possible, you need to go to the website of the school to apply as a self-financed student or scholarship student. The purpose of this is to emphasize what you are applying for.

4.    Choose Accommodation:

When you are filing the scholarship application for any institution in Norway, you must indicate either you are going to stay on-campus or off-campus. The accommodation space in the school is very limited. Therefore, if you want to live inside the school, you have to apply early.

5.    Arrange your Documents:

Here, the necessary documents must be uploaded to the website of the school before the deadline. There is a place in the portal of any institutions you want to enroll for scholarship in Norway.

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After all, these are being done; the next thing is to wait for feedback from the institution. It is advisable to check the portal of the numerous scholarships in Norway to get yourself fully ready.

Scholarships in Norway

1.    Norwegian Quota Scholarship Scheme:

This scholarship is for students from other developing countries in the world such as Central Asia, Southern, and Eastern Europe that are under the control of the Quota scheme. Every year, they do send scholarship invitations to Norwegian students and other foreign countries. You need to pass the language proficiency test and the academic qualifications to eligible for this scholarship scheme.

The Host and Eligible Country

This scholarship is being organized in Norway, and the countries eligible for this scholarship are Norwegian students and foreign students from developing countries.

Level/Field of Study

The Norwegian quota scholarship scheme cuts across bachelor’s, masters, and Ph.D. degrees. The scholarship is open to students of Bachelors/Masters.

The Benefit of the Scholarship

The foreign student obtains the same amount of money being given to Norwegian students enrolling in the same program. The amount given to the student is divided into two sections – 40% as a grant, and 60% as a loan. The duration of this financial support for academics will only last for four years. The student who decides to live in Norway after graduating will have to pay the loan.

The Deadline

It is always December 1 every year.

Other Interesting Contents

2.    International Summer School Scholarships:

This institution provides scholarships to candidates from specific countries with the privilege to earn a degree in Bachelors’s and Masters’s.

The Host and Eligible Country

It is for Norwegian students and other international students from other countries.

Level/Field of Study

It covers all educational levels from bachelor’s to Ph.D. level.

The Benefit of the Scholarship

The scholarship comes with some benefits such as reading materials, basic fee, and Oslo transportation card. It may also come with a travel grant to get a flight ticket.

3.    NORPART:

This scholarship is for funding long-term projects that require capital based. This occurs between Norwegian universities and other foreign developing countries managed by the Norwegian partnership program for global academic cooperation

The Host and Eligible Country

This scholarship is organized in Norway and it is also for Norwegian students and other foreign students.

Level/Field of Study

For student focusing on running a Master’s or Ph.D. degree

The Benefit of the Scholarship Benefit

The student will be granted a sum of NOK 90million.

4.    Wells Scholarships:

This scholarship is sponsored by Wells Mountain Foundation via empowerment through an education program. This scholarship is for foreigners from developing countries.

The Host and Eligible country

It is hosted in Norway and other foreign countries.

Level/Field of Study

This covers areas such as health sciences, law, education, information technology, business, etc.

The Scholarship Benefit/Number of awards

The scholarship grant offered to the student is between USD 300 to USD 3000 every year.

5.    University of Bergen:

This is one of the institutions in Norway that offer scholarships. Every year, 15,000 international students enroll in this school.

The Host and Eligible Country

It is being arranged in Norway and other foreign countries.

Level/Field of study

It is for educational levels.

Scholarship Benefit/Number of awards

The school offers free tuition education, but students will be asked to pay a small amount every semester.

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Scholarship in Norway is available for different levels of education. Therefore, it is ideal to prepare your documents are ahead of time to avoid aborting your plans of getting a scholarship in Norway.

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