7 Cheapest Medical Schools in the World for International Students

Human lives are important because human beings need to stay healthy to carry out their normal activities. When it has to do with the cheapest medical schools in the world for foreign students, there are lots of them available to students. They have been massive growth for foreign students who wants to get professional medical degrees, and human beings have been faced with various health challenges.

Being a medical doctor doesn’t come easy at any point in time due to lots of medical researches and discoveries that are carried out. This profession is regarded as a call to serve humanity, and for this reason, students should be willing to face the task squarely at any point in time. This course is highly competitive in any university in the world.

Medicine comprises different fields such as dentistry, paediatrics, dermatology, nursing, medical lab scientist, and many others. The cheapest medical schools are being determined by having various structures to enable students to have the ideal knowledge in their numerous medical professions. The invention of technology has helped to solve complex diagnostic issues. This course is one of the profitable courses in numerous institutions.

In some institutions, they have encouraged telemedicine, whereby, patients can get in touch with medical doctors to get diagnoses right from the comfort of their homes using some technology equipment. In times past, several international students had withdrawn from studying medicine because of high tuition fees. The era of paying high school fees to study medicine has been eradicated due to the cheapest medical schools in the world.

Due to earning a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine and Surgery, it is important for students to understand the finances that are involved for international students and including indigenous students. The various benefits that come with the choice of getting a medical degree, and it also calls for financial spending to acquire it.

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In some institutions, there are lots of interviews carried out before students are being offered admission to any of the cheapest medical schools. From the various interviews, it was discovered lots of students study another course due to the high tuition fees involved in studying medicine. These cheapest medical schools allow students to become professionals in numerous medical fields. Let’s get to see these cheapest medical schools.

Cheapest Medical Schools

The following are the various cheapest medical schools, and here they are:

1.     Ternopil State Medical School:

This is a medical university situated in Ternopil, Ukraine, and it had been enrolled by international students across the world. It was founded in the year 1957 and was known as Ternopil Medical Institute. The good thing about the school, it has been ranked as one of the cheapest medical schools in the world. Right from the year, it was being established, there has been a continuous evolution in different areas such as equipment, researches, professionals, and many others.

Apart from being one of the cheapest medical schools, the institution can also boast of high-skilled professionals that have gotten a global reputation. According to statistics, there are over 5,500 students enrolling in this school. In addition to this, there are 1,500 international students coming from different countries who are in the medical field. International students in this school have the opportunity to enroll in diverse medical courses in other faculties such as medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and others.

2.     Kazan State Medical School:

The medical institution is located in Kazan, Russia. It has been classified as part of the cheapest medical schools in this country. International students have seen the school has a multifunctional medical institution based on the fact it can meet different social and personal needs in obtaining quality education regarding medical fields such as clinical sciences, biomedical sciences, medical sciences, and many others.

From a recent ranking, the institution has been placed number three among the medical institutions in Russia. The school has been built in a way to cover numerous areas in the medical world with different faculties such as nursing, pharmacy, general medicine, preventive medicine, pediatrics, dentistry, and many others.

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3.     Asian Medical Institute:

This is another medical school located in Kyrgyzstan with lots of international students from various parts of the world. Based on their outstanding performance, the school has been recognized by a medical body in India and the World Health Organization as being part of the best medical schools available in the world.

Furthermore, it has obtained recognition from the Ministry of Health in Kyrgyzstan to train other medical professionals coming from foreign countries. International students in the Asian medical school have a chance to get a degree that will be highly recognized in the world. The different faculties available in the school are dentistry, medical, preparatory, etc.

4.     Anhui Medical University:

This is one of the cheapest medical schools found in China. It is one of the oldest institutions found in Anhui province. Right from the inception of the medical school, its major aim has been to promote interdisciplinary amongst students using clinical and scientific activities. This has been an essential step in combining medical strength and medical research together.

Anhui medical university saw the need for the expansion of the institution and the establishment of other affiliated hospitals for medical students’ practice and other young scientists. The school has well-equipped laboratories to enable both indigenous and international students to gain world-class lectures. For anyone who is enrolling in medicine, it is a six-year course, and foreign students are taught in the English language.

5.     Akaki Tsereteli State University:

This medical university has a rich history and has won numerous outstanding medical reputations for high class educating and equipping generations of Georgian citizens. Right from when the school was established, a total number of approximately 170 thousand medical students have graduated from Akaki Tsereteli State University.

Based on their outstanding performances made by their students, it has been ranked as the 2nd best medical school in Georgia, and by the World health organization as a first-class institution. They offer different programs to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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  1. Saint Theresa Medical University:

The medical institution is situated in Armenia, and it is a private university that has been accredited officially, and also gains recognition from the ministry of education and science in this country. It is a co-educational higher education that offers numerous medical programs that can lead to obtaining higher educational degrees in medical fields.

The school is being known to offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students from different parts of the world. However, besides medicine and surgery international students can also study courses in other faculties such as engineering, physical sciences, arts, and humanities.

Other Interesting Contents

7.     Bangladesh Medical College:

This is the oldest and one of the cheapest medical schools in Bangladesh. It can be found in Dhaka, and the duration of studying medicine and surgery is five years. After graduating from this medical school, it is mandatory for students to do a one-year internship. The institution has also produced world-class medical experts in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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