20 Best Countries for Immigrants to Try Right Now

Have you tried to consider the best countries for immigrants that have different government benefits to satisfy the citizens and also expatriates? There are lots of them in the world, but it all depends on an individual’s motive for traveling and lots of other factors. Every day, people travel to different parts of the globe to fulfill their ambitions or dreams. This is one of the common needs of man which is to pursue their goals.

Several immigrants have made mistakes without considering the different best countries for immigrants, before migrating to another country. These mistakes have led some of them into deep regret in which they feel the hands of the clock could be turned back. There are lots of factors one has to consider before migrating to another country to settle for business, education, work, etc. Examples of these factors are quality education, good standard of living, high gross domestic products, etc.

Migrating to a new country can be a thrilling and adventurous route one could follow. Therefore, one has to be intentional and focus to achieve his or her dreams. Some countries don’t buy the idea of immigrants coming to their country, because they believe immigrants enjoy some of the benefits that would have been given to them. In this article, we are going to see the best countries for immigrants.

Best Countries for Immigrants

The following are the best countries for immigrants to live in:

1.    Canada:

This country is located in Northern America with a Gross Domestic Product of $1.7 trillion. This is the second largest after Russia being the first in the world. Canada is an industrialized nation that has helped to improve their standards of living for its citizens and other immigrants. They are known as one of the major exporters of food, energy, and mineral. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.

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2.    Switzerland:

This is a small Nation situated in Central Europe. The country is known for job opportunities available for different skilled workers who are talented in their fields. The Gross Domestic Product of this country is $705.5 billion derived from its manufacturing industries. It is also known for its manufacturing of different products from raw materials. Swiss have different cultural diversities due to the fact they speak different languages such as Italian, Romansh, French, and German. The capital of Switzerland is Bern.

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3.    Sweden:

This is one of the Scandinavian countries found in Europe. It shares boundaries with the Baltic Sea to the east, and Norway to the West. This country has the same business and political operations as other Nordic countries in Europe having a Gross Domestic Product of $551.0 billion from their trade markets, iron ore, timber, etc. If you as an immigrant searching for a country with a good transportation network, infrastructure, quality healthcare, etc, this is one of the best countries for immigrants, and the capital city is Stockholm.

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4.    Australia:

Australia is found in Oceania with small islands surrounding it, and it has been influenced by several cultures gotten from countries such as the United States of America, Celtic, and the United Kingdom. This country is a wealthy nation with a Gross Domestic Product of $1.4 trillion based on its market economy. They are known to partner with top organizations in the world such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, the Common Wealth of Nation, etc, and the capital city of Australia is Canberra.

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5.    Germany:

They have the largest economies in Europe, and they are the most famous country when it has to do with the European Union. It is found in Central Europe and shares boundaries with more than nine countries. The country runs open-market capitalism that offers its citizens some forms of social service benefits. The Gross Domestic Product of Germany is $4.0 trillion, and this has been gotten from various companies such as telecommunication, tourism, healthcare, etc, and the capital city is Berlin.

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6.    United States:

This country has been well recognized by other nations based on its dominant military power and economy. They are also known for their entertainment in different aspects such as music, television, movie, etc. The United States of America has a $20.5 trillion Gross Domestic Product. The country is a major exporter of food, chemical products, electrical machinery, military equipment, etc. It is located in Northern America, and the capital is Washington, D.C.

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7.    Norway:

The country is made up of mountainous terrain with most citizens living in the South. During the Viking period, the country developed a maritime culture. It was in the year 1905; the country got its independence from another Nordic country (Sweden). They have a vibrant economic sector, and this has made them have a Gross Domestic Product of $434.8 billion. Norway is also involved in the exploration of crude oil, and the capital city is Oslo.

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8.    Denmark:

Denmark emerged during the 10th century with other Islands such as Faroe Islands, Greenland, and the Atlantic Islands. The capital of this country is known for its foreign stock exchange, and this has boosted its economy to $352.1 billion. Their government is one of the governments in Europe that is stable and transparent. The country is involved in the production of iron, furniture, tourism, steel, pharmaceutical, and machinery. The capital of this country is Copenhagen.

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9.    Netherlands:

The country is located in the Western part of Europe, and there are major rivers that run from this country to other neighboring countries such as Meuse, Schelde, and Rhine. Recently, some politicians in this country don’t buy the idea of immigrants entering the country to settle for business, education, jobs, or other purposes. One thing that is common on its roads is the construction of bike paths for bicycle riders to find their way. The Gross Domestic Product of this country is $913.7 billion, and the capital is Amsterdam.

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10.  Finland:

This is one of the Scandinavian countries, and it is one of the best countries for immigrants. Finland shares boundaries with the Baltic Sea, Sweden, Norway, the Gulf of Bothnia, and Russia. It will interest you to know the country has two official languages such as Swedish and Finnish. The Gross Domestic Product is $274.0 billion, and most of their money comes from international trade. They are members of some of the popular organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, the World Bank, etc, and the capital city is Helsinki.

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11.  Luxembourg:

This is a landlocked country found in Western Europe. It shares boundaries with the following countries – France to the South, Belgium to the West, and Germany to the East. In 1815, this country entered a Union with the Netherlands. The country happens to be the wealthiest nation that’s a part of the European Union with a Gross Domestic Product of $69.5 billion. Their major business partners are France, Belgium, and Germany. The capital city of this country is Luxembourg City.

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12.  New Zealand:

This country is found in the Oceania region, and it is an Island country located in the Pacific Ocean of Australia in the Southeast. The majority of the populations in this country are known as the Kiwis, and they are of European descent. They deal with the exportation of sheep, vegetables, beef, fruits, poultry, etc, and their Gross Domestic Product is $205.0 billion. In the year 1980, the country was declared as a Nuclear-free zone. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington.

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13. Austria:

This is one of the best countries for immigrants to dwell, and it has a rich cultural heritage. Austria is situated in Central Europe. They are known for classical music with classical composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Johann Strauss, and Franz Schubert. They have one of the highest standards of living globally with a Gross Domestic Product of $455.7 billion. Their main business partner is Germany, and they take part in different services such as tourism, agriculture, and industrialization. The capital of Austria is Vienna.

14. France:

This country has a massive increase in the world today based on the different countries they have colonized. France has been classified by the World Bank as a high-income nation, and tourism is one of its major sources of income. There are other businesses they are known for which are energy, agriculture, and defense. There is no way you will mention exporters of weapons without including them. They have a Gross Domestic Product of $2.8 trillion, and their capital is Paris.

15. Ireland:

This is an island nation found in the Atlantic Ocean. They are known for their wealthy cultural heritage, and also called Emerald Isle. They got their independence in 1921 and declared themselves as a republic in 1949. They are a bilingual country in the sense they speak two different languages – Irish and English. The export of this country has been dominated by foreigners, and they have a Gross Domestic Product of $382.5 billion. The capital of this country is Dublin.

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16. United Arab Emirates:

This country comprises seven emirates located on the Southeast of the Arabian Peninsula. They share boundaries between Saudi Arabia and Oman. Before oil was discovered in this country, their major activity was fishing. It is one of the best countries for immigrants who want the freedom of religion. The two metropolitan cities in this country are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The former happens to be the state capital of this country, and they have a Gross Domestic Product of $414.2 billion.

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17. Singapore:

This is one of the commercial countries in Southeast Asia, and this country is being known for its strict rules and regulations that govern the way people behave in the country. It will surprise you to know there is a penalty being attached for chewing gum in this country. They are well recognized for their industries such as pharmaceutical and electronics. They are multilingual countries speaking four different languages – Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, and English. Their Gross Domestic Product is $364.2 billion, and the capital is Singapore.

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18. United Kingdom:

This country is highly developed with several international scientific, cultural, and political influences. The country gets a large sum of their money from aerospace, automobile, banking, and tourism. They can boast of notable people who have contributed to the world such as William Shakespeare, Stephen Hawking, and Tim Berners -Lee. This country has good institutions that have attracted international students from every part of the world such as Cambridge, Imperial College London, and Oxford. Their Gross Domestic Product is $2.8 trillion, and their capital is London.

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19. Italy:

This is a South-central European nation that extends into the Mediterranean Sea. If you are in search of world-class cuisines and serene places they have it. They also share boundaries with two countries known as San Marino and the Vatican City. Their major businesses are exportation of apparel, machinery, wine, chemical, transport equipment, etc. The Gross Domestic Product of Italy is $2.1 trillion, and its capital is Rome.

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20. Spain:

This is one of the best countries for immigrants in which several independent kingdoms integrated to create this country. Spain is known for its tourism, construction, housing, and other economical businesses. In Spain, there are different languages, and a good example is Barcelona where they do speak Catalonia. Their Gross Domestic Product is $1.4 trillion, and the capital is Madrid.

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