How to Obtain Denmark Permanent Residence Permit

Denmark is known as a Scandinavian country just like Norway and Sweden. It comprises of the Jutland Peninsula and numerous islands. However, if you’re looking for one of the easiest countries to become a permanent residency, you should defiantly apply for Denmark permanent residence permit.

There are lot of benefits you get living in Denmark and there are also lot of benefit you get as a permanent residency in Denmark. I’ll briefly highlight each of the benefits and then proceed to how you can obtain Denmark permanent residence permit.

Benefits of Living in Denmark

  1. Based on a research by OECD, Denmark already achieved a great work-life balance.
  2. In Denmark, they provide health insurance which also lets you get free access to most health services
  3. There are professional childcare services available in Denmark.
  4. Denmark is one of the safest place to live with low crime records
  5. There are lot of amenities you get to enjoy while living in Denmark
  6. In Denmark, there is low income inequality rate, that is, instead of the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, there is same amount earnings margin.
  7. Nature in Denmark is cool, so as everything in Denmark feels you’re close to the beach
  8. In Denmark, you get to visit there great libraries
  9. There is also a great sense of peace in Denmark, you work to live and not the other way round.

Benefits of Permanent Residency in Denmark

  1. Your children get to enjoy free education benefits in Denmark
  2. Free access to most healthcare services
  3. You get to travel in all Schengen Zone countries without travel or visa permits
  4. You can also get job opportunities from Schengen Zone countries without getting to apply for a work permit.
  5. You can also bring your family to enjoy same rights with you in Denmark without getting to have any government problems
  6. It also opens gateway for Denmark citizenship
  7. You can easily get your family qualified for getting the Denmark permanent residence permit.
  8. You are also eligible for getting grants in aid, and also you get to acquire personal properties in Denmark.

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Now you know some of the benefits of living in Denmark and also becoming a permanent residency in Denmark, let me quickly brief you through the process of obtaining Denmark permanent residence permit.

Paths to Denmark Permanent Residence

Before I guide you on the application process, let me quickly state the eligibilities on applying for Denmark permanent residence permit.


  1. You must’ve lived in Denmark for eight years on a temporary residence permit or four years in some cases.
  2. A person of Danish descent is also eligible
  3. You must not be a convicted felon that is, convicted on certain crimes.
  4. You’re not expected to have any overdue public debt
  5. You’re not required to receive any form of social benefits
  6. You’re expected to have current employment
  7. Accept residence declaration and self-support
  8. It’s required you pass the Danish language test

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How to Apply for Denmark Permanent Residence Permit

  1. Create SB-ID online.
  2. Pay the required fee
  3. Gather required documentation.
  4. If you’re a family reunified spouse, then you fill in the application for it.
  5. If your residence is based on study or work, then you also fill in application for that.
  6. Then make sure your biometrics is recorded and finalize.
  7. That’s all. After a period of time, Denmark government officials will grant your request on becoming a permanent residency.

Required Documentations

  1. Receipt of application fee
  2. Provide documentation of housing requirements
  3. Proof of Danish-language abilities
  4. Evidence of employment, tax returns and other employment contracts
  5. Proof of income
  6. Documentation on active citizenship is also required
  7. Passport styled photograph
  8. Passport may be required
  9. Birth certificate if applicable

You can begin process for Denmark permanent residence permit through there official immigration portal.

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If you’ve any question in regards to Denmark permanent residence permit, Denmark citizenship or any other related question, please do let us know via comment section. Also, don’t forget to check back on us as we will update this content if Denmark government has placed new policy on Denmark immigration or related.

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