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Electrical mechanic

Quadra Wood Products Ltd. is a family-owned and operated business that employs more than 50 people and produces 38 million board feet of lumber per year. In 1979, Quadra began as a wholesale Western red cedar company with re-manufacturing capabilities. The company from Abbotsford, British Columbia, became well-known for its unwavering commitment to quality and exceptional customer service.

To better serve regional consumers, they built their mill in the 1980s, complete with car and truck loading facilities and a distribution yard. In 1989, they moved to their current location and rebuilt a mill with a resaw, chop saws, and rip saws. Over the next decade, they expanded their production capacity and product lines. By the year 2000, they had added significant new lines to practically every product.

Quadra Wood Products Ltd is hiring an Electrical mechanic to carry out the activities and responsibilities listed in the job description. Candidates who meet this job requirement are encouraged to apply as this is a full-time role with flexible hours of work. Interviews would be conducted and candidates who perform well will be awarded the job to start their employment process immediately. LMIA has approved this job position.

Full job description

The candidate chosen is responsible for:

  • Performing on-site servicing and immediate repair
  • Testing and observing electrical conditions of equipment
  • Winding and assembling various types of coil
  • Testing and observing mechanical conditions of equipment
  • Performing static and dynamic balancing of armatures
  • Troubleshooting and repairing equipment
  • Testing transformers and switch gear to ensure proper performance
  • Repair and replace faulty components in the electric switch gear
  • Repair and replace faulty wiring
  • Performing machining to recondition or modify shafts, commutators, and other parts
  • Recondition shafts, bearings, and commutators

Ideal job requirement

The candidate chosen is required to:

  • Have equipment and machinery experience
  • Must have a good interpersonal and judgemental skill
  • Must be a good team player
  • Must be dependable and reliable
  • Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Should be organized
  • Have a positive mindset and must be energetic
  • Should be able to perform tasks quickly
  • Should have good time management skills
  • Must be easy to connect with
  • Should be friendly and bondable
  • Must demonstrate good leadership abilities

Experience required

  • The candidate chosen is required to have a minimum of High school certificate
  • 3-5years experience in related field

Contract type

  • Full-time job


  • Fluency in English


  • Abbotsford, BC

Working conditions

The candidate chosen would work in conditions where:

  • Repetitive tasks are done regularly
  • Must meet up with tight deadlines
  • Must be punctual to work
  • Standing position for long hours is done

Working environment

The candidate chosen would work in an environment where:

  • Strict adherence to healthy standards is followed
  • Working in a fast-paced busy environment
  • Should be ready to work overtime when necessary
  • Must pay good attention to details

Security and safety

  • The chosen candidate would provide a Criminal record
  • The chosen candidate would provide an Adult abuse registry
  • The chosen candidate would provide a Child abuse registry


  • The chosen candidate would earn $40-$42 per hour while working for 40hrs per week

How to Apply

Firstly, make sure you’ve gone through our previous content on steps to apply for jobs in Canada. After that, you can then send an application to the below email address.


Good luck!

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