Moving to Finland: Everything You Need to Know

You might have been considering moving to Finland either for Vacation, business or relocation purposes whatever the reason might be Finland has a lot to offer, if you have been thinking about migrating to Finland there’s something about this awesome country, surely there exist something exciting for everyone regardless of your status or purpose of migration.

Moving to Finland requires that you’re updated on Finland’s basic things; the country is recognized for its breathtaking landscapes. The Capital City Helsinki has a favorable Weather Condition except during the Winter season. Finland is one of the Safest Countries to reside in and a great place to raise a family if you’re considering migrating with your Family.

Immigrants moving to Finland must understand the country’s basic facts, Finland’s official languages are Finnish, Swedish, and Sami, the country’s currency is Euro (€), driving is usually on the right side, and the Capital city is Helsinki.

Moving to Finland is determined by different factors such as moving either for work, business, or visit. Who you’re moving with should also be considered either with Family/relatives or as an individual? Then finally, the country you’re moving or migrating from also matters. Usually, it is either you’re from a European Country or a non-EU citizen. This article will provide the necessary information required for your travel to Finland.

Working in Finland

As an immigrant from a Non-EU Country with intentions of working in Finland, you need to own a residence permit or apply for one before moving to Finland. A residence permit is issued to you after you have gained employment as a worker in Finland.

Working in Finland requires a residence permit either for an employed person or another residence permit with an entitlement for work. You should be aware that there are different permits for the work assigned to you. It implies that the kind of residence permit you have determined what work you do. These permits are:

Residence Permit for Employed Persons:

This residence permit is not for all Jobs; it allows you to work based on no other residence permit; they include cooks, helpers, cleaners, drivers, and many others.

 Residence Permit for Specific Jobs: 

This Permit gives an individual able to work for a specific Job. There is no need for a residence permit for employed persons, but a residence permit for a specific job is needed. The jobs are for Specialist positions, Leadership positions, Jobs in the field of Science, Arts, etc.

Seasonal Worker’s Permit:

The Seasonal Worker’s Permit allows you to work in Finland for Seasonal work; such jobs can take as long as nine months or less than three months; these jobs include Farming, Forestry Festive work. Working in Finland requires that you get this Permit, especially if you’re from a country that requires a visa; you must apply for this seasonal work Visa from a Finnish embassy.

 Working Based on Another Residence Permit:

There are cases whereby an immigrant has other means of acquiring a residence permit, especially from Family or Relatives. There will be no need to obtain a specific residence permit for work in such a case; what is required is to check your residence permit card, which will decide if you can work in Finland.

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Application for Residence Permit

You must apply for the first residence permit before moving to Finland. The processing for residence permits is:

  • Application for Permit can be done online through the Enter Finland service.
  • A visit to a close Finnish diplomatic mission to show your identity
  • Original copies of the application should be present during this visit; the application will not be accepted if you do not visit them three months after submitting the online application.
  • Ensure to constantly check online for updates or clarification on your Enter Finland account.
  • If an online application is unavailable, a paper form is another option for the application. The necessary documents are submitted at a nearby Finnish diplomatic mission, and this application is available on the Finnish immigration service website.
  • Processing the Application form for a residence permit attracts a stipulated amount for you to pay to enable you to apply.

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Moving to Finland for EU Citizens

A Citizen of any EU Country does not require a residence permit to stay in Finland for work, study, business, or short visit. You must register your right of residence through Finland’s Service if you stay or stay for three months.

Staying in Finland requires that you have a means of livelihood(job), business or company, close family/relatives, or study. It is necessary to get a Tax card which is given to your employer when you’re working. A valid identity card or passport and contract of employment are essential to get a personal identity code.

Cost of Living in Finland

The Cost of Living in Finland depends on your location, although the prices of Food and luxury life is on the high side, if you have a habit of drinking alcohol, you should know that alcohol is expensive in Finland in case you decide on working with a budget.

  1. Job:

The job market in Finland has a high demand for workers with different opportunities in numerous sectors. The work environment is good, and a high wage is paid to citizens and foreigners.

  1. Language:

You must have a good knowledge of Finnish, ensure you enroll in an available language class to help you gain knowledge of this language before moving to Finland. Knowing this language increases your chances of gaining employment and attracts you to different benefits.

  1. Education:

Finland has one of the best standards of Education in the Universe; the educational system is funded by Government and free for citizens and foreigners’ students who move to Finland for study.

  1. Healthcare:

The health care system is attributed to the standard of living in Finland; there is quality state-funded service available to permanent residents. It is compulsory that when immigrating to Finland from a Non-EU country, you ensure you have travel and health insurance to cover up emergencies during your length of stay.

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Moving to Finland takes a lot from you, especially when migrating with Family; although Finland is a safe place to stay if you’re a foreigner, it wouldn’t be very easy for you, do ensure you’re updated on the currency rates before moving. Learn the Finnish language to give you more advantage or benefit for getting a job or seeking help, ensure all necessary documentations are done, and you’re ready to migrate and stay in Finland.

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