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Every year, there are housekeeping jobs in Canada for different people to enroll. Some residents in Canada might be in search of a housekeeper, storekeeper, maid, or laundry person. Each housekeeping job comes with requirements in which the person applying for the purpose should have for the vacant positions. No matter the kinds of housekeeping jobs in Canada, the applicant must be able to have what it takes when applying to consider themselves as potential employees for this post.

The thing you must always do is to go through the criteria and skills associated with the vacant post, from there you can tell either you are deemed fit for the job or not. It is advisable to register with different job listing sites, for any information on housekeeping jobs to be disseminated to you. Some job sites are helping to connect the large network of qualified housekeepers for different job openings associating with what they do. People might want to take this housekeeping jobs in Canada as the weekend, part-time, or full time. There are different roles and responsibilities of being a housekeeper.

Roles and Responsibilities of House Keeper in Canada

It depends on the individual or employer who employed the housekeeper. We can tell what the roles for these housekeepers house are, but one we are certain about is there are general responsibilities that are being attached to the housekeeper. The following are the things expected from someone who is a housekeeper:

  • Removing of dust from furniture
  • Cleaning and sanitizing sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.
  • Washing the kitchen areas
  • Changing the bed cover and washing it
  • Cleaning and dusting Windows
  • Vacuuming the rugs and foot mats
  • Mopping the floors and polishing it
  • Washing dirty clothes and ironing them
  • Availability of clean linens, and toiletries inside the bathroom
  • Polishing glass surfaces and mirrors
  • Emptying trash bins and disposable waste

Therefore, all these roles depend on who the housekeeper who be working with. Some housekeepers can be lucky enough to work with a top government agency, healthcare centers, restaurants, shopping malls, media companies, and lots of others. These roles might be different from each other depending on the employer.

Skills & Qualification of House Keeping Jobs in Canada

  • High school diploma
  • Work experience in cleaning and sanitizing
  • Open-minded to learn new ways of cleaning
  • Knowledge of using housekeeping tools
  • Ability to adapt to new methods of housekeeping
  • Willing to take criticisms
  • Organizational skill
  • Good customer relation skill
  • High energy levels
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Attention to details
  • At least should be 21 years old

Average Salary of House Keeping Jobs by Region

Alberta – $35,441

British Columbia – $32,409

Newfoundland – $31,844

Ontario – $31,200

Quebec – $30,440

Nova Scotia -$30,362

Saskatchewan – $29,250

Northwest Territories – $29,250

Nunavut – $29,250

Yukon – $29,250

Prince Edward Island – $24,502

New Brunswick – 23,400

Manitoba – $18,96

The average salary of house jobs in Canada is $31,958 per annum or $16.39 per hour. There is always a starting salary in this housekeeping in which the salary is $22,035 per annum, and if you have the experience they might start you with $46,079.

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Period of Employment on House Keeping Jobs in Canada

The period of employment for this kind of job varies from each other. There are vacant positions that might a job keeper to stay for a longer period. Therefore, the employer might decide to tell you the time frame you are expected to be with or work with them. This is the reason as a housekeeper; you must be at your best at all times. The following are the period of employment for a housekeeper, and here they are:

  • Permanent
  • Contract
  • Seasonal
  • Casual
  1. Permanent

This kind of housekeeping jobs allows the employed person to work for as long as he or she wants to work with the employer. This could be a period of ten or fifteen years. The housekeeper can decide to live the work on his or her terms. It also comes with some advantages such as more experience, salary increase, and credibility, and many others.

  1. Contract:

Here, the housekeeper works under the employer-based on agreed terms and conditions between both parties. This contract could last to some months or year, the two parties can part their ways. Some cases may demand a contract housekeeper. For instance, the employer’s wife or children are not around to help him with the house chores; he might employ a contrast housekeeper.

  1. Seasonal:

These are housekeeping jobs in Canada that do come in a particular period. This can be during the summer, spring, winter, or autumn. It might even be when rainfall is heavy, and the employer might need a housekeeper to help him clean his or her environment, trimming the garden, cleaning the windows, washing cars, and other housekeeping activities.

  1. Casual:

This is one of the types of housekeeping jobs in Canada. Where there is no letter of employment between both parties – the employer and the housekeeper. The employer calls the housekeeper anytime he or she wants to come to help out in one chore or the other. It could be once, twice, weekends, or quarterly housekeeping jobs. There is no agreement binding both parties together for the housekeeping jobs.

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Certification of House Keeping Jobs in Canada

There are various ways one can become a certified housekeeper, and these are:

  1. Work Experience:

Having at least one year of experience as a housekeeper in any vacant post. This implies working in different firms, businesses, hotel housekeepers, schools, event centers, and others. This experience helps in boosting CV for future purposes.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree:

Obtaining a Bachelor’s degree is a good way to step up your housekeeping ambition. You can also obtain certification courses on housekeeping to increase your market value.

  1. Professional Examination:

Writing a professional exam makes you become part of the professional body responsible for housekeepers. This brings you with another set of housekeepers, and from there, your network keeps on increasing.

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Housekeeping jobs in Canada are jobs you can make a living from it if you know the right path to follow. The best thing as a job keeper is to position yourself properly in the market for the right employer to employ you.

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