7 Best Medical Schools in Netherlands for 2024/2025

Are you aware lots of students are leaving their country of residence to enroll in one of the medical schools in Netherlands? Presently, the country has become a favorite destination for those wanting to study Medicine. In the Netherlands, most of the classes are taught in English.

Since it is one of the safest countries globally, many students are considering the country as their destination for studying Medicine. Although there is a numerous list of courses offered in Netherlands universities, medical schools in Netherlands have technological equipment to aid medical research.

The average year anyone has to spend in becoming a physician in the Netherlands is six years. For the first three years, the student will bag a bachelor’s degree, while the other three years are for a Master’s degree in Medicine.

Over 50 various medical specializations are categorized into three groups: life sciences, physiological sciences, medical physics, and clinical engineering. Before one will intend to migrate to the Netherlands, they might have considered the benefits attached to it.

Benefits of Enrolling in Medical Schools in Netherlands

  1. Multicultural Environment:

Netherlands has an impressive landscape that can attract international students to explore more and go sightseeing – beaches, boat riding, crossroads, and many other places. In 2014/2015, according to findings, a total number of students from 157 different countries came to Canada to study Medicine.

  1. Affordable Study Cost:

An international student from a low-income family can learn in one of the medical schools in Netherlands. The Netherlands Government has subsidized the high tuition fee students have to pay in studying Medicine.

Besides, students will get high value for the money they are paying. The least price for studying in any Netherlands university is €1900 for European Union students, while €6,000 for non-European students.

  1. Effective Teaching Methods:

In the Netherlands, the teaching methods are of high quality to produce effective teaching methods that will yield good results. Most of the teachings center on teamwork, which fosters maximum interaction between foreign and indigenous students.

  1. Affordable Cost of Living:

A student studying in one of the medical schools in Netherlands will find it easier to cope with daily expenses because of the inexpensive fee. A great way of finding extra funds to survive in the Netherlands is by applying for part-time jobs. For instance, an European Union student has the right to work for more than 32 hours/month.

  1. English is one of the Major Languages:

The country happens to be one of the countries in the world having study programs in English. As a result of this, it has lured students from various parts of the world to migrate to medical schools in Netherlands. Besides, international students who want to obtain either bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, or Ph.D. can achieve it quickly.

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Medical Schools in the Netherlands

The following are the top medical schools in Netherlands, and here they are:

  1. University of Amsterdam:

It is located in the capital city of the Netherlands and was established in 1632. It is part of the oldest medical schools in Netherlands. The alumni of this institution are doing well in medical research in the Netherlands. The population of students is over 30,000, cutting across 100 countries.

Based on the learning system, medical education is organized in small groups making it easier to transfer the proper knowledge to medical students. The medical curriculum is divided into three years of clinical education and three years of theoretical teaching. After obtaining both clinical and theoretical education, students can go for their master’s.

  1. Erasmus University Rotterdam:

It is one of the renowned medical schools in Netherlands founded in 1913. The Erasmus University Rotterdam is among the top 100 universities for international students to study Medicine. If you aspire to acquire a medical degree, you can consider this institution because they have one of the best medical facilities for medical research in Europe. Besides, they collaborate with Sophia children’s Hospital and Cancer Institute.

  1. Vrije University Amsterdam:

It came into existence in 1880 and currently one of the best medical schools in the world. International students have a better advantage of studying at Vrije University Amsterdam because most of their study programs are in English except for preparatory classes in Dutch.

Their education is focused on offering critical thinking and research opportunities for both international and indigenous students. In terms of medical research, it is centre on areas such as cardiovascular disease, neuroscience, public health, etc. Every year, over 45,000 students are admitted into the school.

  1. University of Groningen:

The University of Groningen has existed for over 400 years since it was established in 1614. The school’s medical faculty was founded that same year, and the Groningen University Hospital was later launched in 1797.

The University of Groningen has more versatility in the aspect of medical research. Most of their alumni are vast when it has to do with carrying out numerous medical researches leading to discoveries. It is one of the top medical schools in Netherlands to study Medicine.

  1. Maastricht University:

The Maastricht University is one of the youngest medical universities in Netherlands founded in 1976. They have their approach to medical education since they are working on new ways to enhance their educational curriculum by implementing recent developments to yield good results. However, they happen to be the first university combining regional hospitals and academics.

  1. Leiden University:

When counting the best medical schools in Netherlands, Leiden University is part of it. It was established in 1575 with seven faculties in the institution. They use innovative technology to approach medical education, and it makes learning effective amongst students. Most of its medical centers pay rapt attention to academic care for patients.

  1. Utrecht University:

It is a public university with a total number of 35,009 students and seven different faculties. The Utrecht University was established in 1636, and they have lecturers who have won Nobel prize awards. The Utrecht medical center and the faculty of Medicine of Utrecht University are working together to offer high-quality education to students.

As a result of their excellent learning medical facilities, students can gain more experience in the medical field. Every year, new modern technologies serve as a medium for transferring knowledge to students. One of the things that have given the school recognition is due to world-class research centers.

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Medical schools in Netherlands have top-notch equipment and facilities that will make learning conducive for indigenous and international students. The student must be open-minded when choosing a medical school in the Netherlands to ensure they get the best out of it.

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