Top 7 Colleges Accepting Low GPA on Master’s Program

Are you looking for colleges accepting low GPA on Master’s program to pursue your dream course? There are so many of these programs found in the U.S. There is no need to raise alarm or panic due to your low GPA scores because you can see some schools that are looking for students to admit. The article will enlighten you to know these institutions. International students who are not informed about these colleges become frustrated thinking all hope is lost. The real truth is life is not hard as some people may see it.

There are colleges accepting low GPA scores in the Master’s program. Some of these schools don’t use the GPA score as a yardstick in admitting students. For instance, if you have great skill, working experience, proficiency in the English language, etc., they will pick you based on the things that make you unique in your way. There are websites you can check to see colleges accepting low GPAs on Master’s program for any college in the United States of America, and this is one of the benefits of the internet. You need to know it is not every college that requires high cutoff marks for its admission.

Different Colleges Accepting Low GPA on Master’s Program

These colleges accepting low GPA on Master’s Program have their GPA requirements for any student, and they vary from one course to the other. It is important to ask the GPA score before applying, and here they are:

1.    Southern New Hampshire University:

This is a renowned private university that was established in the year 1932. It has a total number of 3,000 on-campus students and for the online students who are doing distance learning, they are above 80,000 students. There are different modes of learning in this college such as hybrid, online, and on-campus. If you will be doing your master’s degree in this school, there are different courses such as finance, information technology, education, humanities, and many others.

Furthermore, the school MBA program comes with different concentrations for students to benefit from. In terms of their GPA requirements, every course has its GPA score. Postgraduate students have to apply for admission in this school using a GPA of 2.75 for full acceptance. In addition to this, a GPA of 2.0 can be used for provisional acceptance. A student who has been admitted using the provisional means must get a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.0 in their first two semesters results to keep them in their postgraduate program.

2.    Purdue Global University:

The institution was founded in 2017, and it came into being when the school bought Kaplan University and changed it to Purdue University Global. The institution centers on providing adult education using the internet alongside other online master’s programs. The college runs a master’s degree in different courses such as Nursing, Criminal, Psychology, etc.

The GPA requirement for admission is 2.5. Though students who have a GPA score of 2.5 may be accepted conditionally. There are other admission requirements like the use of English proficiency and transcripts to gain admission. During the process, the student should be ready for an interview to see either he or she is deemed fit for admission.

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3.    Colorado Technical University:

This is one of the low GPA master’s programs in the United States of America for students with low GPA scores. The Colorado Technical University has its campuses in regions like Aurora, and Colorado Springs, and even online programs are available for postgraduate students. The Higher Learning Commission has given accreditation to this institution

The admitted students can use various modes of learning to acquire their Master’s degree in courses like Nursing, business, finance, computer sciences, and many others. Any student whose aim is to get admitted into this university needs to have at least a GPA of 2.0 with other requirements needed by the school to be eligible for admission.

4.    Strayer University:

The Strayer University has been in existence for over 125 years offering quality education to different master’s students. Different international students have been able to save up to 25% using the Strayer Graduation Fund. This is one of the benefits of studying at this university. They have programs such as HR, information system, public administration, Cybersecurity, etc. The GPA requirement for the school is a minimum score of 2.5.

5.    Our Lady of the Lake University:

This is one of the colleges accepting low GPA in the Master’s program. It was created in 1895 with over 1,300 students. The school is located in San Antonio with other annexes in Houston, the Rio Grande Valley. Online campus studies are available for those who don’t want on-campus learning. They have different courses for the master’s program, and when you are done with the master’s program, you can pursue your doctoral degree.

The GPA score for any student who wants a master’s degree in this university is a minimum score of 2.5. Another way is through obtaining a GPA score of 3 points in the last 60 credits of undergraduate studies. On the other hand, other faculties such as education, special education program demand a low GPA score of 2.75.

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6.    Full Sail University:

They offer master’s programs that have to do with courses such as arts, media, technology, entertainment, etc. They have good solid production studios and laboratories to produce exciting content, and you can run a master’s program online. Inside their production studio, they can handle journalism, game design, film production, etc.

Students who are applying for admission into this school need to have a GPA score of about 2.5 from their undergraduate course to be eligible for admission. If your GPA score is low, there is a need to submit a resume, letter of intent, university transcript to the admission officers of the school, and you might be considered for provisional admission.

7.    Benedictine University:

It was established in 1887 as part of the colleges accepting low GPA in Master’s program. It has a reputation for Catholic education in tertiary institutions. The school has been committed to offering world-class teaching in a transformative way. The GPA requirements are different from each other depending on the program. The student has to bring his undergraduate transcript, letter of reference, one-page goal statement to gain admission in the school.

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Colleges accepting low GPA on Master’s program are much in the U.S, and this provides you with the option to pick anyone. Different universities have GPA scores and it varies depending on the choice of study of the student. Therefore, you need to get your transcript and other relevant documents should the need comes up.

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