2024/2025 Northeastern University Tuition & Acceptance Rate

The northeastern university acceptance rate is available for students wanting to get admission to the university. It was founded in 1989 with its major campus in Boston. They have courses for both undergraduates and graduate students. The good thing about the university is the satellite campuses located in numerous locations like California, Toronto, San Fransisco, Washington, Seattle, Vancouver, etc.

In 2019, Northeastern University opened its Humanities College in London, England. Presently, the school has over 19,000 undergraduates and 6,800 graduates. Northeastern focus on a communal education program which was initially called co-op incorporating skilled knowledge with classroom research comprising more than 3,100 partners around the globe.

Information on Northeastern University Transfer

The school considers transfer applications during the fall session. If you are seeking admission into the university, you can start applying in mid-January. Transfer applicants into Northeastern university must have completed 12 semester hours in any college or have done a minimum of one complete semester of full-time coursework. Some important things about their admission or transfer process:

  • Application fee – Any applicant has to pay $75 and it is non-refundable.
  • Transcript – You have to present official transcripts of the different schools you have enrolled in.
  • College Report Form – The college report form is necessary and it will be completed by your faculty dean, Registrar Office of both your present and previous school.
  • Academic Evaluation – Your academic advisor/employer/professor will handle this part for you.
  • Standard Testing – Standard testing is not mandatory for students because they are optional. Therefore, if you don submit it, the school won’t penalize you.

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Optional Documents for Northeastern University

  • Joint Service Transcript – JST
  • Mid-Term Report – If you have enrolled for any course, it is advisable to have your mid-term report.
  • Certifies Transcript – It is for applicants wanting to earn credits at an international higher education institution.
  • English Proficiency Test – The result is compulsory for any applicant to possess because it will prove to the school you have some level of proficiency in the English language.

What are the Admission Tips for Applicants?

  • If you want to study at Northeastern University, it is essential for you as an applicant to have a good GPA score because the school admits students with excellent academic performance with an average SAT score of 1390 to 1540.
  • Besides having good grades, the school emphasizes on students to completed four years in some significant courses such as history, science, English, and math.
  • The school is after passionate students ready to maximize any given opportunity that is offered to them. During your essay, you can add unique skills that make you stand out amongst others like extracurricular activities, hobbies, teacher recommendations, etc.

What is the Northeastern University Acceptance Rate?

In 2022, the university has an acceptance rate of 20.5%, and most of its applicants have SAT scores between 1410 to 1540 alongside an ACT score between 33 to 35. According to statistics, one-quarter of the successful candidates scored above the required score, while a quarter of the students have a low score.

The university has four different deadlines for students to send their applications. Also, the deadline depends on the interest, timeline, and goals of the applicant. The first deadline for applicants is November 1 (early decision), the second deadline is November 1 (early action), the third deadline is January 1 (early decision ii), and the fourth deadline is January 1 (regular decision).

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What are the Northeastern University Tuition Fees?

Let’s get to see the tuition fee and other expenses for the school

  • Endowed Colleges – $60,286
  • State Contract Colleges (NY State Resident) – $40,382
  • Endowed Colleges- $60,286
  • State Contract Colleges: (Non-NY State Resident) – $60,286
  • Student Activity Fee – $309
  • Health Fee – $420

Ranking of Northeastern University

Two decades ago, the university was ranked 162 in the globe. Presently, the school has improved in diverse areas like world-class amenities, impressive faculties, reduction in class sizes, etc. The school is ranking 43rd amongst other top private universities. Some of these places the school is ranking well are diversity, professors, academics, etc.

They have an urban campus with numerous opportunities for their students to have broad knowledge in their fields whether through internships or co-ops. The good thing about the school they support their students by offering them strong academic programs. If you are searching for schools with lots of innovations, then you can bank on this university.

Notable Alumni of Northeastern University

They have alumni in different fields of life from entertainment to politics. Wendy Williams is an alumnus of Northeastern University. She is one of the renowned top TV hosts and was popular due to getting talk show. Besides being a communication graduate, she is an author, actress, and fashion designer.

George D. Behrakis earned a pharmaceutical degree from Northeastern University. He is the founder of different companies such as Dooner laboratories, Muro Pharmaceuticals, Tylenol, etc. As a result of his kind heart, he has been involved in different philanthropic work like building Northeastern  College of Health Science, and the Behrakis Health Science Center.

Larry Meyer, the Chief Executive Officer of Uniqlo and is the brain behind supply chain magic for companies like H&M succeed, Zara, and Forever 21. Under his management, the company has expanded with different stores worldwide in places like Boston, Newbury Street, Faneuil Hall, etc.

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If you have an interest in getting to know courses you can use to apply as a transfer student to Northeastern University you can check the official website of the school by checking for the title “Transfer Equivalency Database”. Therefore, if you don’t see your course, it implies that Northeastern University doesn’t offer it.

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