2024 Best Universities to Study Project Management in Canada

If you are interested in becoming a project manager, you need project management in Canada. You will need a proper understanding of the various techniques in this field. For instance, if you do a 12-month internship, you will have valuable experience working in a project management firm. Some students are done with their program with different certifications to be eligible in the industry.

What are the Reasons for Studying Project Management?

These are the reasons to study project management in Canada:

  • You have a high chance to work three years after receiving your Canadian work permit.
  • According to the report, there will be 15.7 million project management jobs for graduates.
  • Canada has vast professors ready to impact their skills and knowledge to students.
  • Different multinational companies highly seek their graduates, and they perform project management operations such as risk management, marketing, human resource management, marketing, etc.

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Different Responsibilities of Project Manager

Besides planning and overseeing several projects, they have various responsibilities they perform:

  • Planning and designating of different project resources
  • Writing of reports and planning documents
  • Preparing of several budgets
  • Using of management tools such as project scheduling software

Is Project Management in Demand in Canada?

The demand for project management in Canada is increasing compared to other occupations. If you are a skilled project manager in Canada, many top organizations will want to employ you to coordinate special projects for them. In 2019, there will be a massive search for project management in Canada with high job openings. Vancouver Island had over 3,080 job openings, while Lower Mainland had 9,770.

The Anderson Economic Group researched and estimated 50 million project management jobs globally. Some industries are still employing project managers such as Insurance, Automobile, Health Care, Information Technology, and Telecommunication. Let’s get to see the different salary structures:

  • Project Coordinator $46,000
  • Production Superintendent $93,000
  • Project Administrator $45,000
  • Project Manager $75,000
  • Project Management Construction $83,000
  • Project Manager Marketing $63,000
  • Program Project Manager $74,000

What is the Cost of Studying Project Management in Canada?

If you are studying in Canada for your project management, it will take you one or two years in any Canadian university. When you get the required training from the course, it will help you implement execution, planning, initiation, and controlling a complex environment.

The tuition fee you will pay offering project management in Canada depends on the university to which you will be admitted for the program. Generally, the tuition fee range between CAD 8,500 to CAD 44,000. If you are an international student, you can try applying for scholarships to get funds for your education. Also, you have the accessibility to enjoy lucrative job opportunities.

It is vital to have an undergraduate degree (bachelor’s degree) from a reputable university. Also, it is crucial to possess a language test proficiency like IELTS with a good GPA score. The best way to be outstanding is to write an excellent personal essay that will match the college requirements.

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Best Universities to Study Project Management in Canada

  1. George Brown University:

It is one of the renowned universities offering education on project management. The knowledge can help you manage different projects provide innovation, project control, risk management, and many others. Also, you will have experience using project management tools to carry out different functions related to project management or other project managerial positions.

  1. St Lawrence College

If you want a managerial position in a project management position, you can enroll in St. Lawrence college. As a student, you will get practical, creative, and advanced experience to help you effectively as a project manager and yield maximum success. They use an interactive approach in educating their students to become better project managers.

  1. Saskatchewan Polytechnic

When your school is in this Polytechnic, you will have a one-year program to get a strong foundation in diverse project management skills. Also, you will get to know the fundamentals in different areas such as project scheduling, directing, budgeting, project planning, contract management, procurement, and many others.

  1. Sheridan College:

At Sheridan College, you will learn different things in project management like monitoring, executing, and managing projects. The program offers a deep foundation in project management for government and non-profit organizations. Many of these activities are centered on Small Medium Enterprises, and they are non-technical towards their objectives.

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Different Universities to Earn Master’s Degree in Project Management in Canada

  1. Masters in Project Management from UBC

Getting enrolled to study for your project management at the University of British Columbia make you specialize in the field. They offer other programs such as MEng Civil Engineering in Project and Construction Management. They have different requirements for admission, such as:

  • Good resume
  • Application form
  • Statement of purpose or personal essay
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language
  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with a minimum score of 65%
  • Different letters of recommendation – one for the MEng program and three for the MASc program.
  1. Masters in Project Management at University of Calgary:

The university offers students a Master’s degree in Science Civil Engineering n Project Management, BA in Project Management, and Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering in Project Management. These are the criteria for admitting their students to study in the school:

Four-year undergraduate degree in either engineering or science with a CGPA of 3.0/4.0

  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Research proposal
  • At least 2-year work experience
  • A minimum GMAT score of 550
  1. Masters in Project Management at Northeastern University:

They offer a flexible master’s degree in project management. It takes up to 15 to 24 months to complete the course. These are the admission requirements for Project Management at Northeastern University:

  • Statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Two reference letters
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language
  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputable university in any course
  • Complete online admission application form

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Project management in Canada is a good course you can study and get a good income. If you can get enrolled in a university with experienced lecturers, you will excel in the field. The best time is to take action to bring your dream to reality, rather than procrastinating it.

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