2024 Admission into Osmania Medical College: Courses & Fees

The Osmania Medical College is one of the oldest and most prestigious medical colleges in India. It offers undergraduate degree examinations in medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and rehabilitation. In addition to these undergraduate courses, the college also offers postgraduate courses in internal medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, and public health.

History of Osmania Medical College

Osmania Medical College is one of the oldest medical colleges in India. It was established in 1846 and has grown to become one of the most prestigious medical institutions in the country. The college has a rich history and has seen many famous doctors and researchers come through its doors.

The college was founded by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who was one of the most important figures in Indian history. Ambedkar was a champion for social justice, and Osmania Medical College is a testament to his legacy. The college is home to many prestigious research centers, which are dedicated to advancing medical knowledge.

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Benefits of Studying at Osmania Medical College

Osmania Medical College is one of the most reputed medical colleges in India. The college offers excellent education and facilities to its students. Some of the benefits of studying at Osmania Medical College are:

  • Excellent Education and Facilities:

The college offers excellent education and facilities to its students. Students can avail of state-of-the-art facilities such as libraries, laboratories, sports complexes, and hostels.

  • Wide Range of Courses:

The college offers a wide range of courses such as general medicine, family medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, dental surgery, optometry, and pharmacology.

  • Good Placement Prospects:

The college has a good placement record and many of its alumni have attained prominent positions in various sectors such as government, private industry, and academia.

  • Wide Range of Opportunities:

Osmania Medical College provides a wide range of opportunities for its students to gain experience in the medical field. The college offers clinical activity placements in various hospitals across India, which provide valuable experience for future doctors.

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Criteria for Admission into Osmania Medical College

Admission into the OMC is highly competitive and requires applicants to meet stringent academic and clinical criteria. The admission process is based on a merit-based system and applicants are required to submit a scorecard of their academic achievements and medical experience. The following are the key requirements for admission into the OMC:

  1. A minimum qualifying score in the Medical Council of India (MCI) Combined Mainland Examination (CMEE) or an equivalent examination, as per government regulations.
  2. A minimum overall average of 75% in Class XII with at least 45% in Mathematics and 55% in Physics from a recognized board/university with at least five years of an uninterrupted academic career.
  3. A minimum performance index (PI) in the Top 10 percentile of all candidates who have applied for the same category of seats available during the previous year.
  4. An excellent academic record, including a good minimum percentage of marks obtained in both Board and Upper Secondary School leaving examinations as per prescribed norms for different streams

Application Process into Osmania Medical College

The application process at Osmania Medical College is quite rigorous. Applicants must first submit an application form and then take the Joint Entrance Test (JET). The JET is a difficult examination that tests applicants’ general knowledge and reasoning skills.

After passing the JET, applicants must then submit additional paperwork, including transcripts from all previous colleges and universities attended, letters of recommendation, and a writing sample. Finally, applicants must take the medical entrance exam (MEE), which is a tough test that measures applicants’ overall medical knowledge.

If all of this paperwork is completed correctly, applicants may be accepted into Osmania Medical College. However, there is always the chance that something will come up and the applicant will not be able to attend Osmania Medical College. Therefore, it is important to carefully consider all of the options before making a decision.

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Courses Offered at Osmania Medical College

The Osmania Medical College offers a variety of courses that can help you prepare for a healthcare career The college offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, so you can find the right program for you.

  • Undergraduate courses

The undergraduate courses offered at the Osmania Medical College include medical sciences, pharmacy, and nursing. These programs provide you with the essential knowledge and skills to become a healthcare professional.

  • Postgraduate courses

If you want to pursue a career in healthcare, postgraduate courses are a great option. The Osmania Medical College offers several postgraduate programs including medical education, psychiatry, and clinical health sciences. These programs provide you with the training and experience needed to become a successful healthcare professional

Average Tuition Fee for Osmania Medical College

Osmania Medical College is one of the well-known medical colleges in India. It offers various courses such as Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS). Recently, Osmania Medical College has increased its tuition fee by Rs 10,000.

The new tuition fee for the year 2018-19 is Rs. 120,000 for a standard course and Rs. 16,000 for a special course. The previous tuition fee was Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 14,000 respectively. So, Osmania Medical College has increased its tuition fee by Rs 20,000 which is quite significant.

Notable Alumni at Osmania Medical College

Osmania Medical College is one of the oldest and premier medical colleges in India. It has produced many eminent alumni, some of whom are:

  • Ramanujam Krishnan Nair
  • P Sreekumar
  • P Suresh Kumar
  • Gopalakrishnan
  • K Prabhakaran Nair
  • M V Mohanan
  • J Sridharan
  • A Sundararajan
  • Dr . Raja Selvarajan
  • Dr . Keshavaprasad

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the courses offered at Osmania Medical College?

A: Osmania Medical College offers various courses such as MBBS, BDS, MD/MS, DNB, etc.

Q: How many seats are available at Osmania Medical College?

A: There are around 2,000 seats at Osmania Medical College.

Q: How much money do I need to get admitted into Osmania Medical College?

A: The tuition fee for the MBBS course at Osmania Medical College is Rs 2 crore per annum.

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