2024/2025 University of London Acceptance Rate & Fees

Are you aware the University of London has an educational standard that can be compared to other Ivy League Schools? The school has made a huge impact in offering a high level of education to students from different parts of the globe. You need to meet the University of London acceptance rate to gain admission into the school because out of 42,540 applicants, only 5,490 students were accepted.

No matter the subject option you want to get in the school, the school has different courses available for you. In 1826, the institution was established, and it’s one of the most prominent colleges in the United Kingdom. Also, the school has some collaborations with top institutions like Francis Crick Institute, Russel Group, Alan Turing Institute, etc. The University of London has formed a strong partnership with the Institute of Neurology.

Some Facts About University of London

  • The school has two different methods of application – online and offline mode.
  • The English language is the mode of instruction in the school.
  • The application deadline for Autumn falls in March, while for Summer and Spring, the deadline falls in September.
  • The online application fee for graduate courses is £80
  • The school will offer you a provisional admission letter for a completed registration.
  • International students are required to make their immigration documents available.

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What are the Admission Requirements at the University of London?

These requirements are important for applicants to possess before they can get admission into the school. If you don’t have the entrance qualifications that will show proof that you have the academic potential to succeed in a particular academic field. The university admission officers will grant successful applicants admission. These documents are crucial for students to possess:

  • GPA of 3.3 of 4.0
  • A level, AS, and GCSE qualifications
  • Academic transcript
  • Language test – TOEFL/IELTS
  • Recommendation letters
  • Statement of purpose

Courses Offered at University of London

The school has diverse online courses delivered via one of the world’s largest online platforms (Coursera). Also, they have a Recognized Teaching Centre spread across different continents either full-time or part-time for students residing outside London. The program comes in numerous categories such as Foundational, Undergraduate, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate, Short Courses, and Doctorate.

The University of London has a good reputation for teaching excellence in different courses like Law, Engineering, Astrophysics, History, etc. The institution has 11 faculties as Faculty of Medical Science, Faculty of Built Environment, Faculty of Brain Sciences, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences, Faculty of Historical & Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Faculty of Mathematical & Physical Sciences, etc.

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The University of London Campus and Accommodations

Each of the University of London campuses has world-class facilities, libraries, and auditoriums. The school libraries have over two million books, articles, 35,000 journals, archives, special collections, etc. The school has three different courses – Bloomsbury, Archway, and Hampstead. These campuses are unique in their ways.

  • Bloomsbury Campus:

It is located in Central London and it happens to be the main campus of the University of London. Prominent colleges of the university are found on Bloomsbury Campus such as The School of Pharmacy, the Royal Veterinary College, the School of Hygiene, etc.

  • Archway Campus:

This is the second campus of the University of London. The Archway Campus has colleges such as Informatics Centre, Health services research, Multi-profession education, and many others. It implies if you will be offering any of those courses, you will be coming to Archway Campus.

  • Hampstead Campus:

It is one of the medical school’s research centers and primary teaching. The University of London has two international campuses for students studying from overseas: The University of London Adelaide Campus in Australia and the University of London Qatar Campus.

University of London Acceptance Rate & Tuition Fees

University of London acceptance rate of 7%. According to the latest report from the school, 42,540 applied for admission with an offer rate of 63%, but it was 5,490 students got the admission. As a result, it shows the applicant ratio of the school is 7%. The University of London SAT admission requirements is 1490 with a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS or 100 in TOEFL.

The university has a tuition fee students will have to pay depending on their programs and level of education. For instance, the annual tuition fee for undergraduate domestic students for the 2021/2022 session is £9,250. Also, International students’ tuition fees rely on their course. On the other hand, Engineering students will pay £31,200, while Law students will pay £23,300.

Notable Alumni at the University of London

The school has different alumni excelling in numerous fields. In 2021, a notable alumnus of the school Prof. Sir Roger Penrose won a Noble Prize in Physics for his work. Besides him, we have other renowned alumni such as

  • Francis Crick (co-discoverer of the structure of DNA)
  • Charles K. Kao (“Godfather of Broadband”)
  • Jomo Kenyatta (“Father of the Nation” of Kenya)
  • Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of the telephone)
  • Kwame Nkrumah (founder of Ghana and the Father of African Nationalism)
  • Mahatma Gandhi (leader of the Indian independence movement)
  • William Stanley Jevons (early pioneer of modern Economics)

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The University of London is the biggest tertiary institution in London. Many evolutions have occurred in the school making it to be among top universities like Havard and Oxford University. Although the tuition fee is high, they have scholarship programs for students to acquire funds to finance their education throughout their year of study.

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