2024/2025 Duke Transfer Acceptance Rate & Requirements

Duke University is a private and non-profit research institution established in 1838. Initially, it was called Trinity College and is situated in Durham North Carolina. In 2017, Forbes placed the university among the top universities to produce the most Forbes 400 billionaires. Also, the university ranks 7th on the Forbes magazine list. The school is divided into 10 different schools for night Undergraduate and Postgraduate students such as the School of Engineering, School of Medicine, School of Law, School of Nursing, etc.

Is Duke University a Standard University to Enroll in?

The university is one of the top schools you will find in Durham rubbing shoulders with top schools in the United States. Many students have their course preferences based on their areas of interest. When you study at Duke University, you will gain access to certificates that are well recognized in diverse parts of the world.

Besides getting the certificate, you will have an experience that will help you solve real-life issues. If you want to be the best in your field, you need to apply for admission to this university. You stand a better chance of gaining admission here if you have the right criteria that will make you eligible for your course

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Duke University Rankings 2022

The university is reputable and with several historical records for excellence for more than a century. Over the years, the institution has been on the list of prominent universities around the globe. One major reason the school has been ranking top amongst other schools is that they are performing well by offering high standard education to their students.

Presently, the school ranks 9th in the 2022 edition of the Best Colleges in National Universities. Also, the university ranks 13th in Best Undergraduate Teaching and 13th in Best Value Schools. Duke University is the 5th in the Best Colleges in America and in terms of ranking, it ranks 1st in North Carolina for the lowest rate of acceptance.

What are the Transfer Application Requirements?

These are the documents to possess for the Duke transfer acceptance rate:

  • Minimum GPA:

Successful transfer applicants need to possess a minimum GPA score of 3.8 in their academic program.

  • Official Academic Transcripts:

Both high school and transcripts from your previously attended institutions are wanted for Duke University admission officers to consider your transfer application.

  • SAT Scores:

Standardized testing is another document for transfer applicants

  • Recommendation Letters:

You will need two recommendation letters from university professors to make you outshine other candidates.

  • Essay:

A short answer and essay will be needed for admission consideration.

  • Application Fee:

Before your application has to be processed, you will pay a non-refundable fee of $75.

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What is the GPA Level of Duke University Acceptance?

It is difficult to get admission into this university, but it can easily be with a high CGPA score of 4.08. Also, for your SAT score, you will need 1475 to distinguish yourself from others. Having a GPA score of 4.08 will give you an upper hand in your transfer application.

Furthermore, you might need straight As in your courses to compete with other applicants. On the other hand, you must have AP or IB lessons to prove you can excel in any academic challenge.

What is the SAT Score for Duke University?

The average SAT score for Duke University is 1475 and it is the sum of the reading part and math of the SAT on a 1600 scale. It is important to crosscheck the average test score regularly. Students can use the trend to understand whether the university is becoming more or less competitive.

Before you can compete with other students, your SAT score has to be closed to the average score. For instance, if you are closer to 1480, you will find it difficult to get admission into the university. The best advice is to achieve a score of 1570.

What is the ACT Score for Duke University?

The average ACT score for students to study at Duke University is 81. When you get an ACT score closer to the average score, then you can see yourself as a competitive applicant. When your score is close to 93, it will become a problem for you to get admission. Your score must be 69 if you want the school admission officers to give you more preference compared to others.

What is Duke Transfer Acceptance Rate?

The Duke transfer acceptance rate is 6.56% and it implies how difficult it is to get transfer to the university. Out of 81 accepted transfer students, it will be only 31 students will be registered. It implies that the return was 38.27%. Duel University accepts 7 students out of every 100 transfer applicants.

Duke University offers admission to between 3% to 7% of transfer students. The school has a transfer facility and the minimum transfer rate is C for all their transfer students. If you want to get transfer to Duke University, you must have these requirements:

  • Successful transfer applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.8
  • Official academic transcripts from previous colleges attended
  • Submission of standardized test scores
  • Two recommendation letters
  • Personal essay
  • An application fee of $75

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Duke a prestigious University?
  2. The school describes itself as still new compared to other research institutions in the country. It is one of the most competitive universities to get into.
  3. What is the required GPA to get admission into Duke University?
  4. If you possess a GPA of 4.08 and straight As in all your courses, you can compete with other candidates.
  5. Does Duke prefer SAT or ACT?
  6. Applicants must submit either SAT or ACT. If you will be submitting SAT, then you need a maximum of two SAT subject tests. Also, for applicants sending multiple test scores, the school will like to use the highest score for the student admission.

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