Who Else Needs High-Paying Plumbing Jobs in Canada?

Do you know the number of plumbing jobs in Canada has increased geometrically? The reason for this increase is the high level of growth in the construction industry. This profession requires one to be a problem solver since it involves installing and also equipment repairs both at the same time. In different territories in Canada, plumbers are in high demand to solve plumbing issues or others. In terms of salary, they could earn between $39,000 to $65,072 in a year.

It is a natural phenomenon that the province that requires lots of plumbers pay the highest salary. One way to make this happen is to apply for a permanent residency in Canada, which will make the plumber earn more like an average Canadian citizen. Every year different foreigners keep on migrating from their country of residence into Canada. High-skilled workers are given the privilege to obtained permanent residency using various immigration programs.

The good thing about Canada you will have a job as long as you have experience in your profession, but it is a daunting task that demands some effort from you. Getting in touch with potential buyers can be through LinkedIn, job placement adverts, colleagues, social media sites, the company’s website, and many others. If you want to find plumbing jobs in Canada, it is better to search within the province you are living, because it will be much easier for you.

In Canada, the metropolitan areas like Manitoba, British Columbia, Ontario, and New Brunswick have lots of plumbing jobs. These provinces’ plumbers are high in demand, and they pay very well. For instance, the average salary given to plumbers working in these provinces is $66,300, $61,932, $66,300, and $45,884. There are ways to become a professional plumber to get these plumbing jobs in Canada.

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Steps to Obtain Plumbing Jobs in Canada

Suppose you are passionate about becoming a plumber to help people in fixing their leaking pipes. In that case, the plumbing profession requires one to undergo some pieces of training to ensure they fix pipes correctly, and here are the following steps:

  1. Acquire Plumbing Education:

Some people get it wrong since they felt it is a vocational education and it won’t require some form of education. Becoming a plumber has to do with lots of calculations because you need to have the correct dimensions that will fit a particular place. Someone who has no idea about mathematics will make lots of errors when it has to do with calculations.

  1. Take on Apprenticeship:

It is the next thing to do after your education, and the reason for this is becoming experienced in this field or profession. You can either visit a local firm to gather more experience; still, you can send out your application to various companies, and this will increase your opportunities to be hired by a reputable company.

  1. Acquire Knowledge:

It is one thing to be hired by a company, and it is another thing to have an open mind to be ready to learn. During learning, there will be lots of practice to open your eyes in the plumbing field. Being qualified as a plumber will open your ideas to different plumbing problems for you to be familiar with them.

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  1. Obtaining Plumbing Certification:

To get this certification, you need to take an exam and ensure you have an average score of 70 percent. This certification ensures you have obtained the knowledge to perform different plumbing jobs independently with less minimal supervision.

  1. Passing the Plumbing Examination:

It is the last step to becoming a professional plumber, and there is a body responsible for this exam, the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship. Anyone who can pass the exam with a high score will have the privilege to work in any territory or province in Canada. With these steps, you will become a licensed plumber in Canada.

In addition to this, different tools are expected for any plumber to have while they are migrating to Canada. These tools are necessary for plumbers to carry along when traveling, and this skill (plumbing) is at the B level. Here are some of these tools or documents:

  • Completion of high school
  • One year of working experience
  • Trade certification in Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, etc.

Different Ways for Plumbers to Apply for Canadian Visa

Four different ways use in applying for a Canadian visa by plumbers, and here they are:

  • Express Entry System
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot
  1. Express Entry System:

It is one of the fastest ways of migrating to Canada as a plumber. The express entry system centers on using economic immigration programs such as Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class Program.

There is an entry draw for this program, and it allows users to pick for the Canadian visa as long as you create an Express Entry profile using the right information. If you want to stand a better chance for the job, try as much to include everything about yourself, such as career profile, educational qualifications, work experience, etc.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program:

The program is for foreign individuals with skills who can become a full-time worker in Canada. Your profession has to be in demand in Canada before gaining a Canadian visa through this program. Every territory in Canada has its Provincial Nominee Program with specific requirements that come with it, and with this, you can obtain plumbing jobs in Canada.

  1. Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot:

It is one way of migrating to Canada as a plumber, and you need to be an experienced plumber to enjoy this opportunity. This program gives plumber an avenue to become a full-time foreign worker in Canada.

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  1. Atlantic Immigration Pilot:

Plumbers are under skill level B in Canada. For instance, if you are employed in an Atlantic province like New Brunswick, you can apply for a Canadian visa through the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. It will make you stand a chance of migrating to Canada as a plumber. Therefore, if you are ready for plumbing jobs in Canada, you need to know the right means of immigration to use to get there.

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