Top 20 Jobs for Immigrants in Canada without Work Permit

Recently, I came across lot of questions like, “Can I work in Canada without a work permit? What are the easiest ways to move to Canada? What are the top paying jobs in Canada with no work permit?” and lots more. However, work permit is not mandatory for all jobs. There are some jobs in Canada for immigrants that don’t require work permit.

In this article, I’ll highlight the top 20 jobs for immigrants that do not require a work permit. So, go through the list to know which job is best suitable for you as an immigrant of Canada.

Jobs in Canada that don’t need a work permit

  1. Athletes

As athletes, neither you nor your team members would require a work permit to migrate to Canada. In other words, both coaches and team members that participant in sporting events in Canada individually do not need a work permit or is exempted from the work permit requirements to migrate.

  1. Clergy

Clergy is the body of all people ordained for religious duty. So, as a clergy and you have a duty to perform, related to preaching doctrine, providing spiritual guidance or presiding religious event, then the work permit requirement is exempted for such individual. Anything outside the above mentioned, and then you will need to apply for a work permit.

  1. Military Personnel

As military personnel, you don’t need a work permit to gain entry into Canada. This is made possible as long as you’re on an assignment which you may need to visit Canada. However, this is designated under the “Visiting Force Act”.

  1. Civil Aviation inspector

As known, a civil aviation inspector is one who design, manufacture, repair and also inspect the general aviation or commercial aircraft flown in the National Airspace System is heavily regulated by the FAA. However, as a flight operation inspector or cabin safety inspector, you don’t need a work permit to gain entry into Canada, as long as you’re on special duty.

  1. Emergency service providers

You might be sent on an emergency duty to Canada, so, as long as you’re being called upon for an emergency rendering services, then you won’t require a work permit to gain entry into Canada. Such services include medical services, appraisers and provincially licensed insurance adjusters.

  1. Referee or similar officials

This is another type of job that doesn’t require a work permit to gain entry into Canada. This is so, as long as you’re to be present for he relate international amateur sport event which is also to be organized by a Canadian organization.

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  1. Public speakers

As a public speaker for specific events, you do not need a work permit to gain entry into Canada. However, this is only possible as long as those events don’t exceed 5days. But, there are some category of commercial speakers that may require work permit which include commercial speakers that is hired to provide training services by a Canadian business and guest athlete’s instructor.

  1. Convention organizers

If your job is related to organizing an event or conference like, cooperate meeting, consumer show, trade show and exhibitions, and then you don’t need a work permit to gain entry to Canada.

  1. Examiners and Evaluators

As an academic guide, professor or examiner, you may be in for guiding students on their works, research purposes or to evaluate Canada academy university programs, and then you do not need a work permit to gain entry into Canada.

  1. Farm work

There are categories of farm work that don’t require a work permit to gain entry into Canada. This includes farm work on volunteer basis and non-commercial farm works. However, as long as your primary purpose is to engage in these farm activities, then you do not need a work permit.

Other Jobs that don’t require work permit

  1. Health care student
  2. News reporter and media crew
  3. Performing artist
  4. On-campus work
  5. Foreign government officers
  6. Implied status
  7. Expert witnesses or investigators
  8. Off-campus work
  9. Business visitor
  10. Aviation accident or incident inspector.

The above jobs stated don’t require you have a work permit to immigrate to Canada. There are so many other jobs out there that also don’t require. If you wish to immigrate permanently to Canada, I advise you go through our article on essential guide to Canada immigration visa programs. If you’ve any question related to jobs for immigrants or any related point, feel free to make use of our comment section, I’ll be glad to respond swiftly.

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