Fully Funded Scholarships in Zimbabwe for 2023/2024

Are you aware African students can obtain various scholarships in Zimbabwe? Besides African students, there are international qualified to obtain this grant in pushing their education forward. These grants make it easier for students to have access to study overseas at any level of education such as undergraduate, postgraduate, and research programs.

Presently, the number of Zimbabwean students in search of scholarships to fund their education is increasing. The best way to see numerous scholarships in Zimbabwe is by checking online because some of these are either government, school, or organization sponsored. These scholarships could be partially or fully funded.

Scholarships in Zimbabwe 

These are the following scholarships in Zimbabwe:

  1. Capernaum Trust Scholarships:

Harare High School is in partnership with one of the telecommunication giants of Africa called Econet Wireless. It is primarily for students with outstanding results but lack finance to support their education. The school came into existence in 1958, and ever since they have offered lots of scholarship programs to Zimbabwean students.

The school has a serene environment to enable students function well in their studies. Any beneficiary will have a reduction in their tuition fee, and the mode of application is online (internet). Applicants must have the necessary qualifications to fit in the scholarship scheme and are strictly for Zimbabwean students.

For students to get this Capernaum Trust Scholarships they must be students of Harare High School. The supporting documents for the scholarship are academic transcripts from their previous school, a copy of national ID card, outstanding academic performance, high level of proficiency in English language both written and spoken.

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  1. BEAM Scholarships:

It is another scholarship offered by Harare High School, Zimbabwe to support talented students financially throughout their education. Indigenous students yearning for a high-school degree program can apply for BEAM scholarships in Zimbabwe. The school offers quality education, and assists students excel academically.

The scholarship can be applied online, and candidates must have the right criteria to have the scholarship. Therefore, students having low academic qualifications will not gain access to this scholarship. Underprivileged students can take advantage of BEAM scholarships for a free tuition fee. Any student applying for the scholarship must have their documents.

For those having some level of language proficiency in English language tests like SAT, TOEFL, or ACT, the school offers students tuition fees to fund their education. In the past, beneficiaries can enjoy a high standard of education throughout their studies. It is one major reason there is much competition amongst students.

  1. Google Developer Africa Scholarship:

It is one of the recognized scholarships in Zimbabwe, and Google Developer Africa is assisting Zimbabwean students in becoming resourceful personalities in society. Every talented student has an opportunity of becoming professional developers, software developers, information technology administrators, creative professionals, and many others.

It is an online educational platform founded in 2004 to provide students with videos to input the right technology skills in them. These skills open opportunities for them to gain high income. The program helps students to create progress in their lives through the knowledge of technology.

The organization of the Google Developer Africa Scholarship is Pluralsight, Andela, and Google. There is no specific award for this scholarship and is taken in Zimbabwe. The major courses for the scholarship program are Android, Google Cloud, and Mobile Web. Applicants must have the requirements for the scholarship to enjoy numerous supports from IT experts.

Zimbabwean students having an interest in this scholarship must finish the onboarding survey with the emails they use for registration. Academic transcripts, national ID card, previous degree certificates, and English language proficiency are requirements to make Zimbabwean students eligible for their scholarships.

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  1. Canaan Group international awards:

The key role of the Canaan Group International awards is to encourage Zimbabwe students in their academic pursuits. If you want to enroll in an undergraduate degree program in Zimbabwe, you can apply for this scholarship. The major aim of the program is to offer exposure, creativity, and innovation to African students.

It is one of the scholarships in Zimbabwe that transform students’ lives. The award is between 25% to 75%, and the access mode for the scholarship is online. The various faculties for the scholarship are faculty of medical studies, faculty of arts and humanities, and faculty of engineering.

Aspiring applicants should have the following documents such as birth certificate, level certificate, university certificate, identity card, etc. Having previous degrees for the scholarship in Zimbabwe exceptional academic performance is essential too. Also, being proficient in English language help to ease the process of getting admitted for the scholarship.

  1. Research Council of Zimbabwe Human Capital Development Scholarships:

It is a scholarship for master’s degree students wanting to have more knowledge in their given field. Therefore, if you want to gain extra research in Covid-19, the scholarship offers that privilege. It was founded in 1986 by the Research Council of Zimbabwe. The goal is to direct, supervise, and promote useful research.

Also, it offers a platform for students to discuss and interact on various topics such as academics, government, industries, etc. Many students have benefitted from the scholarship scheme. It is mainly for Zimbabwe citizens to further their Master’s program. Different courses are accepted for the scholarship such as Health Sciences, M.Phil in Engineering, Natural and Applied Sciences.

Students must fill in their details on the application form. The supporting documents for the scholarship are academic transcripts, national ID card, undergraduate degree certificates, reference letters, birth certificates, passports, and many others.

The school insists students should have a good Honors degree like first class or second class upper division. Also, language proficiency is important too for the scholarship, and the beneficiary comes with benefits of ZWL30,000 for two years.

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Scholarships in Zimbabwe come with different criteria depending on the institution involves in them. The criteria for a particular school are quite different from others. It makes more sense to have an idea about the documents to submit for scholarships in Zimbabwe. It is never too late to try your luck, and guess what? you might be part of the lucky ones.

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