Updates on Fully Funded Scholarship in Finland 2024/2025

Are you looking for a scholarship in Finland? There are undergraduate and graduate scholarships for international students. In Finland, there are more than 400 bachelors and graduate degrees in which English is the official language for lectures. Therefore, Anglophone students can consider migrating to the country to further their education.

The University of Applied Science is responsible for most of the courses taught in English for those offering undergraduate studies. The reverse is the case because, in many Universities, most of the graduate programs are taught in English, and there is a proper method for anyone to follow applying for scholarships in Finland.

Procedures Applying for Scholarship in Finland

Any student trying to apply for the scholarship can log online by clicking on Studyinfo.fi. The website contains critical information to guide applicants in helping students have a safer entry with their applications. Different application periods are depending on the program.

For instance, for a bachelor’s degree, the registration commences during January, while for postgraduate degrees, the registration is between November/early December and mid/late January. Besides the actual registration date, some scenarios might have extra applications for students.

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Requirements for Applying for Scholarship in Finland

It is mandatory for any student leaving his or her country of residence to gain a scholarship in Finland to have a school leaving certificate, and the applicant will be eligible to study in one of the Universities in Finland.

Those aiming for postgraduate courses must present their undergraduate bachelor’s degrees. It could be something equivalent to a Finnish undergraduate degree. In some instances, students will write an entrance examination or interview to test their educational capability.

Furthermore, language tests to check students’ language proficiency, such as TOEFL and IELTS, are the two most common language tests. It is advisable to know the language test the institution always takes because it will help you prepare well.

Cost of Studying in Finland

International students who are neither European Union nor European Economic Area citizens pay tuition fees for either undergraduate or postgraduate courses. When it has to do with the doctorate, international students don’t pay tuition fees.

Therefore, if you could pay your tuition fee, you can apply for university scholarships. It is preferable to check the criteria of the university to weigh your different options. Each student will make an annual payment as their student union fee, and it is between the sum of €80 to €100.

Cost of Living in Finland

The cost is one factor every student has to consider before applying for a scholarship in Finland. Different things might cost much in Finland, such as accommodation, travel, food, insurance, and many others.

For accommodation, it depends on students’ choice of area. For instance, an international student wanting to reside in the capital of Finland will pay more money than those living in rural areas. Also, the same thing goes for food, insurance, and travel—the higher choice of taste, the higher expenses.

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Different Scholarships in Finland

These are the various institutions to apply for scholarship in Finland, and here they are:

  1. University of Tampere Scholarships:

The scholarship is for international students, and the students pay tuition fees for their Master’s program in which English language is the official language for lectures. From here, the most talented students will benefit from other scholarships. The scholarship comes up every January of each year, and there are no specifications for the number of awardees.

The University of Tempere scholarships could cover either 50% or 100% of the tuition fees, and they offer €7,000 annual scholarships to cover the living expenditure of students residing in Finland. Beneficiaries of the scholarship will enjoy it for two years.

  1. University of Oulu Master’s Scholarships:

Any student applying for a Master’s program in any institution can get a scholarship to enroll in a two-year program. Every year, the student must finish the 55ECTS for each academic year to keep the scholarship going. If they can’t meet the criteria, they will pay their tuition fee to complete their Master’s program.

The time for applying for this scholarship is usually every January, and the number of students for the scholarship is between 10 to 40. There is a tuition fee to cover the tuition fee for students, but students will source money to finance their living costs, such as transportation, meals, and accommodation. The duration of the scholarship is usually one year.

  1. UNU-WIDER Visiting Ph.D. Fellowship:

It is strictly for international researchers and also for doctoral students to use the school facilities in thesis research and also gain more experience with other researchers. Any student offering a Ph.D. in the institution can stay for three good consecutive months at the UNU-WIDER before embarking to their resident institution.

In Helsinki, there will be many research papers and seminar topics in their studies. The scholarship is highly competitive, and this makes only a few students accepted. The award comes with a travel grant to help students cover their travel costs, and every month €1,600 is given to students as a monthly stipend to cover their living expenses, and the duration of the program is three months.

  1. Finland Government Scholarships:

The scholarship is for young researchers in different academic fields offering undergraduate courses. Therefore, master’s and post-doctorate students can’t apply for this one. It is neither for research nor study placement; it is for funding students. There is no specific number for the scholarship, but a monthly stipend of €1,500 is an allowance for students.

It is one of the scholarships in Finland that doesn’t come with a travel bonus for students. As a result of this, students are to make plans to sponsor their stay in Finland. For a study or research period, it could be between 3 to 9 months.

  1. CIMO Doctoral Fellowship:

A doctoral student aiming to study at Finnish University can apply for the scholarship. It is opened for applicants from different countries such as Chile, Brazil, Russia, North America, India, China, and the duration of the award can last up from 3 to 12 months.

There is no deadline attached to this scholarship, but applicants must submit their applications five months ahead of the intended scholarship period to be on a safer side. The scholarship comes with €1,500 to cover the living expenses for each, but students will source funds for their accommodation.

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There are numerous scholarships in Finland for any student if they can apply early. Besides applying early, it is wise to read instructions on the site to have an idea of the proper documents to submit to be eligible for the scholarship.

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