2024/2025 List of Best Medical Schools in Washington DC

The number of medical schools in Washington DC is not much compared to the ones available in other parts of the United States of America. Since Washington DC happens to be the official capital of the U.S., it has different art galleries, museums, cultures, and many others.

In terms of education, the state has 18 institutions for high school graduates to enroll for their higher education studies, and there are only three medical colleges in Washington DC. These medical schools have produced several graduates. According to statistics, over 170 international embassies and other international organizations have their head office in this state.

These medical schools in Washington DC offer different medical degrees such as Doctor of Medicine (MD), MS, Ph.D., and MPH. It implies when a medical student is through with his or her undergraduate studies, they can forge ahead to enroll for different postgraduate degrees in these same schools.

The good thing about these medical schools is the fact they are located in the center of the state where they have enough hospitals, clinics, medical research institutions, etc., for students wanting to do their medical internships. Therefore, when students are ready for their internship programs, they can gain easy access to any of these health centers to gather experiences in real-life situations.

Washington DC was regarded as the District of Columbia located at the Eastern bank of the Potomac River. The River forms a Southern and Southwestern boundary with Virginia. Also, on its other side, it shares a land border with Maryland, and it was named Washington, D.C. to pay tribute to the late George Washington who happens to be the first President of the country.

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What is a Medical Degree?

It is one of the highest degrees anyone can get in the medical field, but many people refer to it as Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). The degree is being gotten from a medical school and there are times students can get themselves enroll in a medical school for their four years of study and later study their graduate courses.

When a medical student is done with their undergraduate medical school, they enroll for a medical internship before starting their physician career. On the other hand, physicians, center on a specific type of medical covering different foundational skills that will help them perform better in the medical field such as Physiology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Immunology, etc.

Top Medical Schools in Washington, D.C.

The following are the list of medical schools in Washington, D.C. and they are:

  1. Georgetown University School of Medicine:

It is one of the best medical schools in Washington DC ranking fifty-third in the United States. The school has a main campus with an old educational building or structure that was built around the mid 19th century. Medical students from the institution have an opportunity of doing their internships in any of the hospitals in this region such as Washington Hospital Centre and Georgetown University Hospital.

Furthermore, the school has been effective in finding or researching a vaccine that could treat cervical cancer (HPV). Presently, they have a broad variety of programs for students such as dermatology, pathology, pharmacology, cell biology, orthopedic surgery, neurology, medicine, cell biology, and many others.

The medical school has 8 basic science, 24 departments, 1 cancer center, and 16 clinics. The faculty comprises 1,600 members with research facilities to carry out medical discoveries. If you are a student trying to pursue a medical degree, you can consider enrolling in this medical school in Washington DC.

Some of these renowned students who emerged from the institution are Solomon Synder (Neuroscientist), Anthonio Novello (Surgeon General of U.S), Mark R. sybil (United States Global AIDS Coordinator), John J. Ring (Ex-President of American Medical Association), and many others.

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  1. George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences:

The ranking of this medical institution is 59 and one of the best medical schools in Washington DC for medical students. It is an ideal medical school for anyone trying to pursue a degree in medicine. Presently, the total number of students in the school is over 700. Besides the medical course, they have educational courses in diverse programs such as Physical therapy, Physician assistant, and Doctor of Medicine.

There is a Medical program that has been set aside for international students to enroll to get further experiences. Some of these minor programs available for students to enroll in are nurse practitioner, clinical laboratory sciences, physician assistant, and administration training. They have other collaborations with different educational institutions. There is one spectacular thing about the medical school and it is the fact they have lots of Nobel Prize winners.

They have more than 650 permanent members including both top-level researchers and Nobel Prize winners such as James Carrol, Walter Reed, Fredrick Russel, and notable alumni like Jeffrey Lieberman, Neal D. Barnard, Julius Axelrod, and many others.

  1. Howard University College of Medicine:

The medical college was established based on the goal of conquering the aftermath of the Civil War that happened in America. They have a close association with the Howard University College of Medicine and Howard University. These colleges helped the nation to recover from the civil war and natural disaster (earthquake) that occurred in 2010. They have a Doctor of Medicine program which happens to be a 4-year program, and also postgraduate degrees in some courses like physiology, biochemistry, human genetics, microbiology, etc.

It is certain students can gain immense knowledge in the medical field in the institution and other medical institutes like Inova Fairfax Hospital, Washington Hospital Centre, and St. Elizabeth Hospital. They have a conducive environment that facilitates easy learning amongst students in various courses. This environment makes it easier for students to have a successful experience in class. It has over four thousand alumni working at both federal and private companies.

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Medical schools in Washington DC are only three available for those who can meet the requirements to get admission into the university. The good thing about studying in any of the medical schools is the opportunity it offers students to gain vast experiences in their medical career they can apply to the real world.

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