Canada Visa Types – Everything You Need to Know

Canada is a Northern American country close to the United States with lots of opportunities for indigenes and non-indigenes. Lots of people are preparing to migrate to Canada, but it is necessary to know the various Canada visa type. The process of obtaining a Canadian Visa is quite challenging because it involves lots of paperwork.

One of the ways to ease Canada visa type is to meet the demands of the Canadian immigration officers by having the required documents. If you want to relocate to Canada, their different travel documents to allow foreigners to travel to Canada. Different factors contribute to the migration of anyone, and they are nationality, duration, and reason for staying in Canada.

What does Canada Visa mean?

A Canada visa happens to be an official stamp on a passport that allows an individual to gain easy access to Canada without restrictions. It is regarded as permission for people to travel to into country legally either staying there temporarily or permanently. Before you can get a Canada visa, the Canadian Consulate or Embassy has seen that you are eligible and have met the required criteria.

When you get to the Canadian border, the Canadian immigration officers must evaluate either you are deemed fit to enter into the country or not. If you could give an honest response to the Canadian Border Service Officer, you will get permission to enter Canada. On the other hand, if they perceive any foul play, they can deny you of getting any Canada visa type.

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Who are the People Seeking for Canada Visa Type?

There are many persons without an Electronic Travel Authorization or Visa Exemption agreement with the Canadian government, and they will need visas to migrate into the country. Also, individuals from various parts of the globe are after Canadian Visa for different reasons such as visit, tourism, work, study, etc.

If you fall into this category of people or applicants, then, you must find a way to obtain a Canadian Visa by applying for it. Every Canada visa type has its method of application, but in some cases, there are some general steps to follow that will guide you from the time of application to getting the Canadian Visa.

Different Canada Visa Type

It is best to know the Canada visa type before you apply for it. We will see three different categories of Canadian visas, and they are:

  • Temporary Canada Visas
  • Permanent Canada Visas
  • Express Entry Visa

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  1. Temporary Canada Visa:

With this Canada visa type, you can reside in the country for a particular period and the Canadian Consulate is the major determinant for this type of visa. Most times, the temporary Canada Visa is usually for 6 months. After its expiration, you can return to your country of residence. The visa could be either a single entry or multiple entry visa, and each of them has the roles they play. Let’s see the different Canadian temporary visas:

  1. Canada Tourist Visa:

The visa allows an individual to enter the country with the sole aim of tourism. Therefore, if you have a Canada Tourist Visa, then, you can explore different places in Canada.

  1. Canada Super Visa:

It is for parents or grandparents residing in Canada as permanent residents to have the permission to visit either their children or grandchildren and stay with them.

III. Diplomatic and Official Visa:

It is for officials and diplomats from another foreign country wanting to enter Canada based on official purposes or duties.

  1. Courtesy Visa:

If you are not qualified for an official or diplomat visa, you can get a courtesy Visa but it is given to individuals with high positions or ranks in their various countries.

  1. Canada Business Visa:

This Canada visa type is for individuals who want to travel to Canada for business transactions as either as a person or in a group.

  1. Canada Facilitation Visa:

The Canada facilitation visa is for Canadian citizens with dual nationalities residing in Canada without a Canadian passport but having another country’s passport.

VII. Canada Student Visa:

If you gain admission in Canada, you will be given a Canada student visa which is regarded as a study permit.

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  1. Permanent Canada Visas:

It is a Canadian visa type for one to live in Canada permanently, it has another name known as immigrant visas and they are various types:

  1. Immigrant Investor Program:

It is a Canadian Visa for investors or ventures capitalist with lots of wealth to invest in the Canadian economy system with at least CAD$400,000 mad be ready to wait to get back their investment in the next 5 years without having interest on their money.

  1. Startup Visa Program:

If you are willing to contribute to the economic growth of Canada, you must have at least a net worth of CAD$300,000 and also manage one-third of Canadian business and create job opportunities for indigenes within 3 years of residing in the country.

III. Self-Employed Persons Visa:

The visa is for skillful individuals with skills in either farming, athletics, business, culture, entrepreneurship, etc. Here, you have to showcase how you will use finance to find your skill.

  1. Quebec-Selected Skilled Worker Program:

Some occupations are wanted in some provinces in Quebec provinces, but you must have some level of proficiency in the French language. If you can meet the language requirement, and also have the right skill you will be admitted to Canada permanently.

  1. Express Entry Visas:

It is a Canadian visa type designed by the Canadian government to allow foreigners with skills to apply for immigration into Canada. Here they are:

  1. Federal Skilled Trades Program:

The visa is for people who are qualified tradespeople in different occupations such as aircraft mechanics, carpenters, electricians, welders, plumbers, etc.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program:

If your profession is required in Canada, you will be given this federal Skilled worker program visa, but you must cross-check the different occupations needed in Canada at the point of applying.

III. Provincial Nomination Programs:

The visa is for semi or low-skilled workers who have something to contribute to the economic growth of Canada using their work. Each worker is placed in different Canadian provinces whey their work is wanted.

  1. Canadian Experience Class:

The visa is for individuals with a temporary student visa or temporary work visa and longing to have a permanent resident status. You must have Canadian education or work in Canada.

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It is ideal to know the various Canada visa type before applying for anyone because there are certain documents you have to submit or attach to your visa application. If you are considering relocating to Canada, it is never too late to start preparing for your visa.

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