Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Denmark

Moving to Denmark has been the thought of some people who are in love with this Scandinavian country where they have nice bakeries, bustling industries, high-quality universities, and many others. There are more about buying an air ticket for anyone who is making arrangements to migrate to this country. One should be conversant with all the required procedures that are involved in finding themselves in Denmark, and this is the essence of this article.

Denmark is one of the Nordic countries that are located in the Northern part of Europe. This country shares boundaries with other countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Germany. It will surprise you to know the total population of this country has been estimated to be approximately 5.8 million people. The country can boast of good Gross Domestic Product that has contributed to their standard of living, and their official language is Danish.

Denmark has been ranked as one of the countries with good economies, and also have the highest social mobility in the world. The country is a member of the European Economic Community which has made them have a close affiliation with other Scandinavian countries. Denmark has its official currency they use in business transactions, and it is known as Krone. In this article, we are going to see things that will help us in moving to Denmark.

Basic Facts about Denmark

Here’s a quick shot about this country:

  • Capital: Copenhagen
  • Official language: Danish
  • Currency: Krone
  • Metropolitan Cities: Odense, Aarhus, Aalborg, and Copenhagen.
  • Total Population: 5.73 Million

Important Documents on Moving to Denmark

The following documents will be considered essential to have for an immigrant migrating to Denmark:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificates
  • Passport photographs
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical reports
  • Proof of financial account
  • Letter of employment contract (for job migration).

Tips on Moving to Denmark

The following are the basic tips to help any immigrant in moving to Denmark, and here they are:

1.    Work and Residence Permits:

There is no way an immigrant will work in Denmark without having a work permit. This is an important document that makes immigrant liable to work in Denmark for any employer. In Denmark, employers will want to see work permits before they even think of employing you. On the other hand, the residence permit allows expatriates to live peacefully in Denmark.

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2.    Language:

In Denmark, most of the citizens still speak English. This implies if you are from a country where they speak the English language, you will be able to communicate with citizens in this country. There are diverse opportunities for immigrants who can speak Danish. Some expatriates have been able to integrate well with the citizens of this country.

3.    Weather and Climate:

Denmark has its weather you have to be accustomed to. One thing immigrants should have at the back of their mind is there is no odd weather in Denmark. For immigrants who have been complaining about the weather condition in this country is based on the fact they don’t travel with various clothes to suit the different weather. There are times the weather will be extremely cold and sometimes cold.

4.    Accommodation:

This can be a daunting task for immigrants who are moving to Denmark. One of the ways to sort this out is by going online to check the type and price of apartments available for lease. In Denmark, there are different portals where they advertise houses for people to rent. You can research these online platforms to see the one within your budget. Another option to consider is making use of real estate agents to get a safe and secure apartment.

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5.    Educational System:

If you are considering moving to Denmark with your kids, it is essential to know how their educational system operates. In Denmark, education is a must for kids who are within 7 to 16 years old. Therefore, there are two options available for your kids to enroll in which are public and private schools. One of the important things parents should have is Civil Registry Number, and this permits parents to enroll their kids in any school of their choice.

6.    Job Opportunity:

If you are moving to Denmark to reside there permanently, having a job will be of necessity. The purpose of the job is to have money to pay different bills that will be accumulated during your stay in Denmark such as house rent, transportations, feeding, and other utility bills. The job opportunities in Denmark are dynamic, especially if you don’t know the right path to follow. It is advisable to know the right qualifications, skills, and experience(s) needed to be ahead of other job seekers or employees.

7.    Healthcare Services:

There are different healthcare available at different levels in this country such as local, national, and regional. The state government is responsible for the management of healthcare services. They ensure the right functioning, and supervision of different health centers such as hospitals, clinics, maternity homes, etc. Since the government helps to finance the basic facilities, citizens enjoy good healthcare at a subsidized fee. Immigrants should get a yellow health insurance card to enjoy these services.

Contraband Items in Moving to Denmark

There are some items immigrants will not be allowed to take with them while they are migrating to Denmark. These contraband items can be divided into prohibited and restricted items.

1.    Prohibited items:

These items are forbidden, and there is no way they are liable for any tax in any country. Any immigrant being found with these items should be ready to face the law of that country. For instance, in some countries in the Middle East, citizens and even immigrants should not have narcotics or drugs in their possession, except they are ready to go six feet. Examples of these prohibited items are:

  • Pornographic materials
  • illegal drugs
  • Explosives and ammunition
  • Unlabeled medicine, etc.

2.    Restricted Items:

This is another type of contraband items, but they can still be carried into Denmark. If these items are being imported into Denmark through any of the ship vessels in this country, then a tax will be placed on them to make sure it is eligible to enter into this country. Some of these restricted items are:

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol and liquid beverages
  • Firearms
  • Dry and Canned foods, etc.

Other Important Contents


Moving to Denmark is not as difficult as one would see it if the individual knows the right path to follow. The only way it becomes confusing is when the immigrant has no clue to follow the right procedures for migrating to this country.

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