2024/2025 UC Davis Transfer Acceptance Rate & Requirements

UC Davis transfer acceptance rate should be the thing to consider seeking admission into the school. If you are not familiar with this acceptance rate, it will not ease your admission process. As a prospective transfer student getting the acceptance rate will give you ultimate success. The more requirements you have, the more your chances of getting admission into UC Davis will increase. In this article, you will see detailed information to enroll here.

The school was established in 1905, and it is a top-ranked school involved in many research. They accept students willing to transfer from their studies to community college as well as others around the state of California. UC Davis accepts a different number of applicants from the United States and other countries whose students have outstanding academic records. During the Fall Season, the University of California, Davis accepted a total number of 110,189 both transfer and freshmen.

GPA Requirement of UCD Davis Transfer Acceptance Rate

It is compulsory to earn a minimum of 2.40 GPA when trying to get a transfer into UC Davis. Also, California non-residents should have at least a 2.80 GPA. When you have this GPA, then you could be selected for admission. Many programs at UC Davis require higher GPA scores. As a result, you will need to strive hard to attain the best possible GPA to compete with other students. At this juncture, we will see both Undergraduate and Graduate admission requirements for UC Davis

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Undergraduate Admission Requirements for UC Davis

UC Davis has over 100 undergraduate courses for students such as Animal Biology, Applied Chemistry, American Studies, and Agricultural and Environmental Education. You can use the application portal to apply for admission, and the application fee is $70.

Academic requirements are a high school diploma or equivalent certificate, A-G course requirements, standardized test scores, and the minimum GPA  is 3.96 to 4.25 for you to be among the selected candidates.

Graduate Admission Requirements at UC Davis

Different graduate and professional degrees are available at the University of California Davis cutting across various faculties. The total number of graduate programs is 101, while registration takes place on the UC Davis graduate application portal. The application fee could be $140 and above depending on the program.

Also, you can obtain a minimum of 3.0GPA on a 4.0 scale from the school. Furthermore, there are other requirements like graduate record examination, letters of recommendation, English language testing scores, achievements tests, etc.

Student Visa Requirements

Before you can get your visa to migrate from your country of residence to this university, you must get your passport, certificate, and financial resources to cater for your living expenses. The type of United States visa available to international students is either a J-1 exchange visitor visa or an F-1 student visa.

When you have sufficient funds, the school is likely to offer you a visa. The essence of their financial statement is proof you can cater for your expenses while studying at UC Davis. If the school doesn’t see this, they won’t grant you a student visa for your studies. This is one of the crucial things for international students before the UC Davis transfer acceptance rate.

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What are the English Language Requirements for International Students?

International students should possess either IELTS or TOEFL examination scores to apply for admission. If you will be earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from any US accredited college you should have an English proficiency test score.

  • TOEFLiBT: 80
  • TOEFL PBT: 550
  • TOEFL CBT: 213
  • IELTS 5: 7.0

What is UC Davis Transfer Acceptance Rate?

UC Davis has an acceptance rate of 39.1% for freshers and a 57.4% acceptance rate for transfer students. It implies the school is difficult for you to get admission to because of the competition. Last year, the school obtained 95,205 applications. The fact remains regardless of the college you want to apply to, you need to get crucial information about each of the institutions you have in mind.

Besides knowing the grades, standardized test scores, and extracurricular activities, it is mandatory to know whether the school will fit your career. UC Davis across students with a 55.38% transfer acceptance rate. Also, you should possess a GPA score of at least 4.03 with a standardized test score.

Transfer Application Requirements

For all majors, the University of California Davis recommends that transfer students should get an overall transfer GPA of 2.8 or higher to stand a chance of admission to our campus.

  • Official Transcripts: Official academic transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities will be required. A high school transcript may be required for freshers.
  • SAT Scores: Freshers will need standardized test scores.
  • Essay: Your statement can be an important part of your application. Your statement complements and helps clarify information provided elsewhere in your application.
  • Application Fee: The application fee is $70 for each UC campus to which you apply. You must include the fees with your application or it will not be processed. Interview: An interview is not required for general admissions consideration.

UC Davis Admission Deadlines

  • Freshmen applicant: November 30
  • Transfer applicant: September 30
  • Scholarship application: November 30
  • FAFSA submission: March 2
  • SIR and SLR submission: May 1
  • Final, official transcripts submission deadline: July 1
  • Test scores submission deadline (SAT, ACT): July 15

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Getting admission into the University of California Davis involves lots of competition. Therefore, you will need to be ready mentally and academically to outshine other applicants. If you are familiar with this application, it will guide you to achieve your admission.

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