5 Best Universities with Masters of Data Science in Australia

Data of science is becoming the next big thing in the world. As the days go by, there are Masters of data science in Australia. New changes are being implemented in storing data in the world. It is a new field that is still in its early stages, and it will make more sense if you can tap into it. Many companies are looking for a data scientist to take care of their data-based system. If you have an undergraduate degree in data science, getting a master’s of data science in Australia will step up your game in this field.

People who are in this field are hot cake in the world because of the importance of data mining in the world. Having a postgraduate degree in this field helps to increase marketability amongst other contemporaries out there. The Australian education system has made it easier for students interested in pursuing their educational goal in masters of data science. We need to understand the meaning of data science to become more enlightened.

What’s Data Science?

It is an aspect of science that uses different algorithms, tools, and other machine learning principles to find hidden patterns from average data. Some people feel the work of a data scientist is the same as statisticians. The truth is they are not similar in any way.

Data scientists don’t only spend time predicting; they can explain in detail based on the data’s historical records. A data scientist uses different angles to analyze data compared to statisticians.

One of the critical things of data science is making several predictions using causal analytics, machine learning, and prescriptive analytics. Different skills are used in data science, such as statistics, mathematics, programming skills, machine learning algorithms, etc.

The integration of these other skills generates tremendous insights used by business users to produce business value. Masters of data science in Australia is not complete without us getting to know the various institutions in Australia that one can obtain a Master’s degree.

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Universities to Obtain Masters of Data Science in Australia

  1. The University of Melbourne:

It is one of the masters of data science in Australia. It has been ranked number one for both Computer Science and Statistics. It has been regarded as a top choice for international students looking to get a master’s degree in Australia. Before you can be considered for admission into this institution, there are vital things that you must ensure you have in place to study there, such as TOEFL/IELTS and a Bachelor’s degree of at least 65%.

Getting your certificate for this master’s program will take two years, and you should be able to pay the tuition fee of AUD40,960. In addition to this, paying the tuition fee offers you more opportunities to enjoy other school benefits. Apart from studying data science, students learn other vital skills like scientific communication, capstone data science project, etc.

  1. The University of Sydney:

According to a Harvard business review, data science has been seen as the ‘sexiest job of the 21st Century’. Every year, the number of students going in for a master’s of data science in Australia keeps increasing. The good thing is graduates from the course are opened to various sectors to showcase their expertise such as business, medical, communication, and many other industries.

The University of Sydney has its criteria for any student who wants to enroll for their master’s degree because you need to have either TOEFL or IELTS and a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 65% to be sure of your admission in this school.

Within a year of studying data science in this school, you will become a master’s degree holder in data science. The school program cut across other programs such as data visualization, data mining, and machine learning.

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  1. RMIT University:

RMIT University is one of the masters of data science in Australia. Students can enroll to increase their educational experience with a minimum of 24 months to obtain their master’s degree. If you are being tied with other functions like work, you can choose the flexible options to study for your master’s degree in data science.

It won’t cost you much to be in this institution; you are good to go with the sum of $28,000 every year. As a master’s degree student at RMIT University, you will have more exposure to data science through practical classes, research work, lectures, and even seminars. If you are buoyant enough, you can enroll in this school with the right criteria.

  1. Monash University:

It is one of the masters of data science in Australia for students to get admitted for their master’s degrees. Data science is still getting more recognition globally, and if you are fortunate to have a master’s degree in data science, you will be valued in the labor market. Besides being called a data scientist, you can be given other names like data architect, data engineer, data miner, web analyst, etc.

It takes 12 months to be done with a master’s degree program in this institution. You must ensure you have either TOEFL or IELTS and a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum score of 60%. When you can meet these requirements for this course, you will open to more experience in other fields such as data science, objectives, data analysis, data pre-processing, and other electives data science-related courses.

Important Reads

  1. La Trobe University:

Since discovering the importance of data science in businesses, students of masters of data science in Australia are becoming relevant in various companies. Having an IELTS is an essential criterion for admission into La Trobe University for your master’s degree.

It is a two-year program, and students are expected to pay the sum of AUD 35,400 every year. There are different courses related to data science in this school, such as Analytical science, Computer science, Bioinformatics, etc.

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