Oxford MPP (Master of Public Policy) Application Process

Oxford MPP is an intensive course that is taught using a distinctive approach that offers you the opportunity to learn about public policy. They have educated lecturers willing to impart knowledge to students and the good thing is they are professionals transmitting their skills to help you solve complex public policy challenges. During the induction period, the Oxford MPP offers students an introduction to policy-making to derive the greatest benefits MPP experience. The Oxford MPP curriculum is delivered through seminars, case studies, workshops, seminars, etc.

Requirements to Study at Oxford MPP

Before you can study here, you will need to fit into some eligible criteria such as:

  • Degree-level qualifications
  • GRE General Test scores
  • Commitment to public service
  • Official academic transcripts
  • English language proficiency in either IELTS or TOEFL
  • Evidence of leadership and impact
  • CV/résumé
  • References/letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement
  • Personal essay Max. 1500 words, and another one of Max. 400 words.

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Application Process into Oxford MPP

Step 1: Read the application guide thoroughly to know how to prepare for the application

Step 2: Ensure you meet the requirements before considering yourself eligible for admission

Step 3: Check the admission deadline on the website to submit your application on time.

Step 4:  Check whether you are eligible for the application fee waiver.


The school offers over 1,000 full or partial scholarships for graduate students in the university. If you meet the scholarship requirements and submit your application before December or January deadline, you will get funds to study in any course of your choice. Most of the scholarships are offered to students based on their potential or academic merit. You can visit their website for additional information to know how to apply for Oxford MPP.

Oxford MPP Taught Courses

Taught graduates at Oxford MPP can select their area of concentration leading to master’s degree qualification. The good thing about Oxford MPP, is they have shorter courses compared to other schools. As a result, they have intensive and fast-paced courses. Some of their courses prepare you for a research degree, while others offer you professional skills. These taught programs are created to inspire you to have transferable skills.

Offering a full-time course in the school could last between 9 to 12 months, but some will require you to take two years to obtain a degree. The school has both core and optional courses for students. During your course of study, you can get academic support from your supervisors. If you are interested to study a taught graduate course, you can check their website.

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Types of Taught courses at Oxford MPP

The school has different taught courses:

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil):

The course is better than the Master of Studies and if you are doing a full-time course in the school, it will take you two years. During the first year, some of the courses could be similar to the MSt, and you will be expected to pass a qualifying test before progressing to the advanced courses.

  • Master of Studies (MSt)

If you are studying a full-time course, you will take three terms for the course, then after you will write an examination. The exact courses you will write depends on your course of study, but you will sit for both core and elective courses. They involve the submission of dissertation and research methods usually around 10,000 to 15,000 words. The study for Master of Studies is supported by lectures and seminars.

  • Master of Science (MSc) by coursework:

The degree involves Social Sciences or Science subjects and requires you to take a one-year full-time course. The exact courses vary according to your course. Also, you will offer both core and optional modules back up by lectures and seminars. The course assessment involves a combination of dissertations between 10,000 to 15,000 words. The school offers other master’s degree courses such as Master of Fine Art (MFA), Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL), Master of Business Administration (MBA), etc.

  • Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate:

Diplomas and certificates are available for graduate students at Oxford MPP. They include Postgraduate Certificate in Education and which is teacher training to equip graduates with the right knowledge to grow well.

Oxford MPP Research Courses

There are over 120 research courses at Oxford MPP including their doctoral programs. The research degree provides privileges for students to carry out different research in their courses. You can have a working relationship with your supervisor or lecturers.

Types of research courses at Oxford

  • Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil):

The doctoral degree in thai school is called DPhil and it takes between three to four years for you to complete. You will work with an academic supervisor who will supervise your studies. Also, you will pay attention to specific research projects to write your thesis. After completing the DPhil, you can pursue an academic career to advance your skills.

  • Doctoral training programs (CDTs, DTPs, and DEng):

The doctoral degree at Oxford MPP will take up to four years and you will acquire research on both Doctoral Training and experience in structured training. The program centers on Doctoral Training and Doctoral Training Partnerships.

  • Master of Science (MSc) by Research:

It is given to students based on a submitted thesis and is available for some subject areas like DPhil. When the examiner is satisfied with your thesis and oral examination they will give you your degree. Before this period, you will be a Probationer Research Student and you must apply for MSc status.

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Oxford MPP has both taught and research courses. It is left for you to select a course that will suit your field. Before applying for admission, endeavor to check the requirements before submitting your application.

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