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The Canadian government has an agency that is responsible for the CIC processing time. The full meaning of this CIC is Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Most people are having issues when it comes to CIC processing time. Any individual who wants to obtain either a work visa or work permit must have to be aware of the processing time. When it has to do with Canada immigration, there is a body that handles that known as Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The application has to follow up some certain procedures for either a work visa or permit.

Numerous people are applying to migrate to Canada for different purposes such as education, investment, business, work, etc. Most of the immigrants don’t know the processing time for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Therefore, they might be forced to do something illegal due to a lack of patience on their path. The new name for CIC is Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), but most people prefer to call it CIC.

IRCC helps in ensuring that immigrants or refugees to Canada are well protected from any immigration officers. The name CIC was changed to IRCC as a result of the emergence of a new government in Canada in the year 2015. Later in the following year, 2016, it became more pronounced by Canadian citizens. This agency helps in giving out travel documents to new immigrants. Despite the new name, the name CIC is still what most immigrants are going to see on different WebPages instead of IRCC.

CIC Processing Time Application Procedures

When it has to do with the CIC processing time of immigration documents or applications, there are outlined steps that must be followed to achieve desirable results. There is an average time for this CIC processing time for anyone who is applying. There are things the applicant or candidate must put at the back of their mind that the CIC processing time should not include the time the applicant might have taken to indicate his or her interest, submit the application, preparation of documents, etc.


There are things which affect the processing time application procedures, and here they are:

  • Applicant country of residence
  • Kind of application
  • Completeness

1.    Country of Residence:

This is one of the factors that influence CIC processing time for any candidate that is applying. An immigrant who is from England that is applying for CIC will be given rapt attention compared to an individual who is from Botswana. People are applying different things such as work permits, residence visas, and other applications relating to immigration. Currently, these applications are being transferred around different visa offices.

This has made application seems easy for anyone who is applying for any travel documents from any country. The applicant needs to be aware that their application doesn’t need to be processed by an office nearer to them. This application will be taken to the right office that’s responsible for attending to the application. This method has proven to work efficiently in time past for numerous immigrants.

2.    Kind of Application:

This is among the factors that can affect the CIC processing time for an immigrant application. Different kinds of work visas or permits have their various processing time. There is no way one would compare the processing time for obtaining a temporary residence permit to a permanent residence permit application.

Some immigrants get themselves into unnecessary confusion after they have applied for a travel application in Canada. When there is a delay in response from the CIC or IRCC, it could be there are many persons who have applied for that same application. Therefore, they need to take proper attention to avoid unnecessary mistakes.

3.    Completeness:

Some documents should be included during an immigration application. A candidate who is applying should have an eye for details to know the following things needed during their application. On the part of some immigrants, they are lazy to ask the immigration officers the various documents that should be attached to their application.

The omission of one document can affect CIC processing time application procedures. For instance, an applicant could be lamenting their application is taken a long time to be processed. If the necessary documents are not attached to the application, it will act as an impediment for anyone who is filing an immigration application.

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CIC Processes for Refugees

Citizenship and Immigration Canada also have protection for refugees or asylum in Canada. The aim of this is to safeguard them from any form of immigration persecution. Some of these persecutions refugees do face are unusual treatment, torture, and other ill-related treatments. For anyone who wants to process CIC for refugees must be eligible before his or her application can be granted.


Some refugees become afraid of persecution to go back to their country for one reason or the other such as nationality, religion, political opinion, race, etc. These are the reasons refugees need protection to stay safe in Canada. After the refugee has applied, it is left for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada to approve or reject the application. This depends on the number of refugees who are applying for this same thing.

CIC Status Checker

This has been made to reduce stress on the part of the applicant by sending mails to Citizenship, and Immigration Canada. Applicants can know their CIC status by checking online right from the comfort of their homes. As soon as the processing of the application commences, it is the right time for the individual to check his or her status. This agency had made it possible for individuals to be aware the application process is going on by sending an email to the applicant. Another way an applicant can use to check his or her CIC status is by using processing time as a guide.

How to Avoid CIC Processing Time Delays?

To avoid CIC processing time delay, the following things should be done:

  • All the necessary information should be included in the application.
  • If there are any changes to the following such as name, contact address, phone number, etc. They should be indicated in the application.
  • The photocopies of the documents should be clear enough for the immigration officers to see and read them.
  • The relevant documents should be translated into French or English language which is the two official languages in Canada.
  • All the information on the documents should be precise and correct.
  • Payment of the right application fee should be done using the proper payment.
  • Crosschecking of the application for correction of mistakes.

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How often CIC Processing Time is updated?

Most immigration procedures are updated every week, every CIC processing time shows the time frame it took for the application to be processed. Even a permanent residence application has its processing time for a new application. The processing time for this kind of application is updated monthly. Examples of these applications that are updated monthly are economic immigration, humanitarian immigration, sponsorship immigration, etc.

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