2024 List of Common Amazon Interview Questions and Answers

Amazon has given job opportunities to millions of people from different parts of the globe. It is the largest eCommerce retailer you will get to find in the world. They have different items that will assist customers in getting what they are searching for in their homes. As a result of satisfying their customers’ needs, they employ vast numbers of people to help different aspects of their service such as management of database, delivering packages, etc. There are tips to help you answer Amazon interview questions.

Essential Tips for Amazon Interview

Before going to an Amazon interview, it pays to be familiar with these tips:

  • Be Familiar with the Company’s Values:

Every company has its values, which are the same as Amazon. The essence of knowing the company’s values will make it easier for you to provide the responses that will make the employer sees you as a potential staff who aligns with the company. It is advised to carry out your research well.

  • Update your Resume:

Your resume should tailor for the job vacancy you are applying for because it will make you the ideal employee for the job. It is preferable to get acquainted with the job description to have a  detailed idea of the post you are applying for.

  • Understand the Company Culture:

It is true that Amazon employs its staff based on skills. In the end, knowing the company’s culture could influence your employment. You can know more about the company culture and how you could be a perfect applicant ready to contribute to the company’s immense growth.

  • Flaunt your Creativity:

Showing the company how creating you are can set you apart from other employers. The company gives more preference to creative applicants. No matter the vacant position you want in Amazon, you should be ready to bring innovation that will increase sales for the company. It could be that you have problem-solving skills; you can include them on your resume.

  • Study Behavioural Questions

Many of the Amazon interview questions are behavioral questions. It implies the interviewer will ask you questions to hear instances you conquer obstacles. It will make lots of sense to prepare before the interview to have the right response to give the interviewer. You can use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) to answer this question.

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Amazon Interview Questions

  1. What do you know about Amazon?

When you hear this type of question, it is a perfect chance to show the recruiter that you have researched the company to gather information. You need to put this at the back of your mind, and the more information you know regarding Amazon, the more the hiring manager sees you fit for the job.

Sample Answer

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the company. They major in different industries such as eCommerce, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital streaming, etc. It is amongst the largest information technology industry companies in the United States of America.

  1. Why do you want to work with us?

The hiring manager knows there are diverse companies and what to know the outstanding things that set Amazon apart from other companies. It is a good time to convince the hiring manager that Amazon is a special company for you. You can talk positive things about the company and add how you can make the company grow if they employ you.

Sample Answer

Most of my items are purchased from Amazon and have lasted well for me. I will be happy to join Amazon to deliver amazing products to their large client-based. I am ready to create an impact that will better the company using my position.

  1. Have you been involved in any project from the beginning to the end?

The recruiter wants to know whether you have some sense of ownership. You can point to any project you were part of from the beginning to the end. You can add your experience and highlight the project in detail during this.

Sample Answer

I was once involved in a project whose objective was to find why there is a shift in consumers’ tastes. I formed a small team where we carried out research, and surveys and will come out with conclusions. The data we collected increased our level of production.

  1. What is the name of our CEO?

The answer to the question is clear enough, but some applicants don’t know the name of Amazon’s CEO. Some hiring managers will like to ask employees this question whether to know about the company. It is one thing to know the name and is another to pronounce it well.

Sample Answer

The Chief Executive Officer of Amazon is Jeff Bezos.

  1. Have you met any difficult customers?

Here, some employees have a problem handling difficult customers because there are scenarios you will have to be calm to cool a hot-tempered customer. If you are aware that customers are always right even when it is obvious they are wrong, then you handle this type of situation.

Sample Answer

Some customers had no idea how eCommerce operates, so I created a website. They paid 60% for the website for me to commence the work, but when it was time to complete the balance, they were nonchalant. Normally, one would have gotten angry, but I maintained my cool and addressed them on the number of things they have done on their website. As a result, they were convinced and paid me my balance.

  1. What will you do if you see your best friend stealing?

It is one of the Amazon interview questions to test your loyalty and integrity. It is a challenging question for many applicants. It is best to choose the company’s interest over your friend’s. Since it is a tactical question, you will have to handle it tactfully.

Sample Answer

I know it is expected of me to be loyal to the company when I become a staff. In a scenario like this, I will report the incident to the appropriate person, as a supervisor or manager, to take the situation from there.

  1. How can you help a coworker who is not safe at work?

In any organization, the safety of other colleagues lies on you too. You don’t have to care about your safety alone but other employees. You will show you can have the right initiative for unsafe people.

Sample Answer

I know safety duties are for everyone in the company. Therefore, I will inform the person to wear the recommended safety gear to reduce their chances of getting injuries. Also, I can suggest ideal ways for them to be safe.

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Amazon interview questions help interviewers to get the right candidates for the job. It would be best if you took your time to read through this article to have an idea of the likely questions they will ask you.

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