Brockton Hospital School of Nursing Acceptance Rate in 2024

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing is a private institution that happens to be an integral part of Signature Healthcare. In 1997, the school was launched to offer Nursing education and it remains the only Nursing institution in Massachusetts. The school has trained over 2000 nurses and is located 20 miles south of Boston in Brockton, Massachusetts.

Benefits of Studying at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

  • Trained lecturers with vast years of experience
  • Nurses get the chance of acquiring clinical experience at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing
  • Nursing students get the opportunity to work with patients
  • Nursing students can pass their national RN license examination with ease

Eligibility Requirements

The school offers financial aid to students studying in this BHSN, but you must meet the requirements to be eligible for it:

  • You must be enrolled in Brockton Hospital School of Nursing
  • Be a full-time BHSN students
  • Attain academic progress approved by the school
  • No owing of any debt either grant or student loan
  • Show financial need as proof from the results of a valid free application for Federal Student Assistance.
  • Provide requested documents to verify financial assistance, etc

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Application Process at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

Before you can apply for admission into Brockton Hospital School of Nursing, you will need to complete an application that the admission officers will have to review. If your application is incomplete, the school won’t accept it. Therefore, you have to be aware any paper application won’t be received from you. If you want to be considered for admission, then you will need to have the following criteria:

  • Required personal essay:

You will write on any topic that has influenced your decision to find admission into Brockton Hospital School of Nursing.

  • Official Academic Transcripts:

You must graduate from high school that is recognized and have the U.S Federal Department of Education approval. If you will be applying through high school, then you must have a good GPA score of at least 3.0 overall Grade Point Average.

  • High School Equivalency Certificate:

It is crucial to have this document as proof to be accepted into the BHSN. An official copy will make more sense to present to the school.

  • Resident Alien Registration Card:

It is another document to possess because if you are a permanent resident you must attach it to your application.

  • Required of LPN applicants:

Any LPN applicant must be in a good position with the Massachusetts Board of Registration for Nursing or the State Board of Nursing they have obtained a license from.

  • Official Results of ATI Exam:

There is no cutoff score for this exam but if you are outstanding academically in your course, you will have preference. Any exam results older than two years are unacceptable.

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Admissions Process into Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

The school is a reputable school offering diploma certificates to Nurses. One of the major goals of the school is to strive for diversity making their students perform well after their graduation. If you can get admission into the school, you will be qualified for the Joint Admission Pathway into Fisher College Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at the Fisher College. The pathway works like this:

  • You can enroll in selected General Education courses in Fisher College aiming at an RN-BSN degree while you get admission to Brockton Hospital School of Nursing.
  • When you get your license you can enroll in the RN to BSN program and continue taking nursing courses to finish the program.
  • The RN to BSN courses are carried out online and the program could be within 20 months.
  • The school admits qualified students from different backgrounds and ages interested in a nursing career. If you want to have an academic background to succeed in nursing, you can consider the school.

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing Curriculum

The school has gotten approval from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and accreditation from Education in Nursing to change its educational curriculum. As a result of the thorough review carried out, the faculty and administrators changed the curriculum for students, graduates, and community partners. They have a student Success Seminar to help students fit into Post-Secondary education.

The school has added a sociology course for their students to train them on different cultural competence and transition into Contemporary Nursing Practice to equip themselves in the Nursing field. Brockton Hospital School of Nursing has had a long partnership with Fisher College to carry out different nursing programs. After you graduate from the school, you will earn a Diploma in Nursing from the school. Also, you can enroll in the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses.

Brockton Hospital School of Nursing Acceptance Rate

The Nursing school has an acceptance rate for any student wanting to study at BHSN. It is a small nursing school with over 106 undergraduate students and their admission is fairly competitive similar to the Signature Hospital. The Brockton Hospital School of Nursing’s acceptance rate is 36%, and the major course they offer is Nursing.

Tuition & Financial Aid at Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

The average tuition fee in the nursing school is $54,075 and the typical cost of buying books is $3,100 and the total cost of attendance is $83,287. The short financial assistance is to help you afford some fees you will pay whole studying Nursing. On the other hand, students having low funds can apply for different scholarships through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before the deadline.

  • Tuition & Fees – $54,075
  • Books & Supplies – $3,100
  • Room & Board – $22,661
  • Other Living Expenses – $3,451
  • Total Cost of Attendance (COA) -$83,287

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The Brockton Hospital School of Nursing is a good school to enroll in if you want to study nursing. They have financial aid for students with financial needs. You need to have the requirements to gain admission into the school.

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