What No One Tells You about Moving to Japan

Moving to Japan requires proper planning to avoid any mistake. Japan is one of the world most literate and technically advanced nation, it is an island country in East Asia located in the north-west Pacific Ocean. The capital of Japan is Tokyo which is also the largest city in the country. The national language is Japanese and their currency is Japanese yen (¥). Japan is the eleventh largest country in the world with a total population of approximately 127 million.

It will surprise you to know that moving to Japan is not as difficult as you may think, you just have to be ready and have the appropriate documents before you even think of boarding your plane to the Island country. Japan is one of the countries where the visa process is quite straightforward compared to other countries like Australia, Britain, Canada, etc. This can be done by visiting any nearby Japanese embassy to get detailed information on the things you need.

Essential Documents for Moving to Japan

The following are the various documents to have:

  • Passport
  • Flight ticket
  • Immunization records
  • Birth certificate
  • Letter of job employment letter (for job purpose)
  • Visa documents
  • Graduate certificate or transcript (for admission purpose)
  • Marriage license
  • Statement of account

It is essential to have these documents to gain permission into Japan. If you are moving to Japan for job purpose, you need to have documents related to job purposes. In some foreign companies, they will tell their employees the basic things they need to have, and this is the same thing that applies to school admission too. In other countries, there might be some additional requirements, you have to make sure you check the embassy of the country.

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Important Things to Consider Moving to Japan

These are the things you ought to know:

1.     Cost of living in Japan:

Every country has their cost of living in terms of feeding, accommodation, transportation, healthcare, and many others. It is important to know the region you are going to stay to make maximum preparation for your expenses. For instance, someone who is going to reside in highbrow areas in Japan should be ready to spend more on accommodation.

2.     Improving your Business (finance):

Some people have businesses in their country of residence and want to embark on another country. It will be wise to take their business to this country. If the business happens to be one that could be done from any part of the world, it is necessary to open an account. If you have plans of moving existing money to Japan from your account in your resident country, then you should keep your eye on the exchange rate your bank is offering.

3.     Getting a Job:

This may be difficult as a lot of Japanese employers would love to hire their fellow Japanese citizens. It’s an added advantage if you can speak the Japanese language because English speaking jobs are quite rare. On the other hand, you can be lucky to obtain a job, then getting the letter of employment becomes easy. Different platforms can be used in securing a job in Japan such as LinkedIn, INDEED, Facebook adverts, Magazines, etc.

4.     Accommodation:

It is important to know how to speak Japanese because getting an apartment would not pose a big problem. There is a high tendency of interacting with the landlord in Japanese while looking for an apartment. In a situation you are not fluent with the language, you can go through a real estate agent as they get a feel for neighbourhoods, rent prices and what to expect from the apartment.

5.     Language:

This can be a great barrier to anyone who doesn’t have basic communicating skills in Japan, because it is going to affect business transactions, contracts, education, etc. One should enrol in a language class to learn basic things like exchanging of pleasantries, business transactions, etc.

Reasons for Moving to Japan

There are a lot of reasons to consider moving out of their country of residence such as family, wedding, education, business, events, adventure, etc. Whatever your reasons are for moving to any country make sure you are moving to a country that you would be happy staying which is quite difficult because all countries have their pros and cons. Some of the world’s favourite pop culture comes out of Japan where the art scene is vibrant and there are a lot of young people.

Pros of Moving to Japan

  1. Great Educational System:

The educational system in this country is great. Japan is famous for providing an excellent and world-class education to all student regardless of whether you attend free public school or private school.

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  1. The Shopping system:

Japan’s convenience stores are world-famous for being well and convenient. You can buy just about anything and everything there. Most of their products are original because their economy system helps in regulating fake products.

  1. Good Quality Health insurance:

Japan has universal public health care, this means that anyone and everyone who stays there is automatically covered. You don’t have to bother about worrying yourself looking hospitals or clinics to treat yourself.

Cons of Moving to Japan

  1. High Cost of Living:

Renting an apartment might be difficult for foreigners due to the language barrier. Even when you have to employ a translator to stand as a middle man between you and a business dealer, you have to pay him heavily for his or her services.

  1. Discrimination:

There are still some discriminations that is going on in some parts of Japan. In some bars, non-Japanese are not allowed to enter inside. This is a basic issue that has caused chaos between some foreigners and Japanese indigenes.

  1. Natural Disasters:

The country has been known to have several records of natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, etc. Therefore, you need to be mentally ready should there be any disaster that might happen.

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Moving to Japan demands one to be ready mentally and physically for the challenges ahead. It is expected to get the necessary documents before moving to Japan to avoid any form of embarrassment from the Japanese immigration officers.

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