2024/2025 List of Best Law Schools in Canada

When studying law in North America, we have the best law schools in Canada for future lawyers. If you consider studying law, you can study in Canada to enjoy a quality education. Canada has a strong recognition for offering outstanding legal education to students. For instance, you can be fortunate to attend a Canadian university with different resources on the law.

Best Law Schools in Canada

  1. University of British Columbia Peter A. Allard Law School (Vancouver, BC):

It is one of the best law schools in Canada and even throughout North America. They have different credentials like publishing several law journals like the Online Journal of Law and Theatre. J.D. Students are at the aim of affairs for the university. For instance, the Canadian Journal of Family Law comprises an innovative academic journal for any discipline.

The school research focuses on different pressing issues. They have a centre for Feminist Legal Studies for scholars wanting to come together for the sole purpose of teaching and research related to legal issues affecting women throughout Canada. It is easy for students to see why studying law at the University of British Columbia outshines other Canadian law schools.

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  1. McGill University Faculty of Law (Montreal, QC):

Many students see it as the best law school in Canada. Presently, it is among the most impressive Canadian law schools. On the other hand, the university offers about 11% of its applicants from within and outside. In 1952, the school published a law journal, and it is one of the most cited in the Canadian Supreme Court.

Every four years, the school publishes journals useful for Uniform Legal Citation. The essence of the guide is to ensure proper guidelines are carried out in different law schools in Canada. The Nahum Gelber Law library accommodates over 220,000 journals, books, and other legal materials.

  1. University of Toronto Faculty of Law (Toronto, ON):

The law faculty in this university is always amongst the top-ranking best law schools in Canada. On the other hand, it is one of the most selective in the country. Also, influential personalities have graduated from the university, such as Fourteen total Supreme Court Justice, Ex-Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin, Two Ontario Premiers, etc.

The faculty is designed in a way that will make students perform well in law school. For instance, Professor Mohammad Fadel is a reputable leader in Islamic law in Canada. As a result of his vast experiences, he has published different journals. Another vibrant lecturer is Professor Kent Roach, who centres on criminal law and obtains a Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Fellowship award.

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  1. York University Osgoode Hall Law School (Toronto, ON):

It is one of the notable law schools in Canada. As a result of their published work, they gained a massive reputation. Since 1958, the Osgoode journal has been a reference point for different countries offering law. Also, they have high esteem based on their unique approach to the practice of law and teaching.

Right from 2011, the university has integrated artistic works into their buildings because they see it as a medium to explore law complexities, sculptures, etc. The current initiatives in the school include the Aboriginal Art Project. Osgoode has commissioned different works.

  1. Queen’s University Faculty of Law (Kingston, ON):

In 1957, the university came into existence, and it is a primary subject at Queen’s University. The university professors are in the mission of shaping Canadian legal life through receiving citations in decisions throughout the country. The university emphasized practical experiences for law students.

Also, law students have the privilege to apply their learning in different Canadian institutions. You can gain accessibility working with experienced lawyers to acquire more experience. They have other law cases from Social Benefits Tribunal Hearings to Small Claims Court Disputes and more. The university offers free legal counseling and services to low-income earners in Southeastern Ontario.

  1. University of Alberta Faculty of Law (Edmonton, AB):

The unique law curriculum makes them stand out among other law schools in Canada. Many notable persons are alumni of the school, such as the Chief Justice of Alberta, the Honourable Madame Catherine Fraser, the Beverly McLachlin, etc. On the other hand,95% of its graduates search for positions under law.

Presently, they keep increasing their curriculum to attract more students using the Launchpad into Law Program. The school help first-year indigenous law students familiar with indigenous laws and Canadian common law. Students in the university can find a perfect way of engaging with Canadian law.

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  1. University of Montreal Faculty of Law (Montreal, QC):

The university uses two languages to teach its students – English and French. To address community needs, the Law Faculty in the school explores both legal traditions to embrace its bilingual and binaural context. The law journal of the faculty makes the school influential.

The Law faculty offer support to the community with different initiatives like the Centre de recherche en Droit public. The school provides students with practical experience in law. Also, they focus on the intersection between information techniques and law.

  1. Dalhousie University Schulich School of Law (Halifax, NS):

It is one of the oldest law schools in Canada and came out in 1883. In Atlantic Canada, it is the largest law school. They have an acceptance rate of 13%, and it is one of the most sought-after schools in Canada. It would be best if you had excellent grades to get admission into the school. Also, it will be helpful to acquire work experience to gain entrance into the school.

The university takes its time to recruit international students from underprivileged regions. Also, the law program offers scholarships towards legal concerns in the Aboriginal and African Canadian populations. The third-year students can get quality experience working as lawyers in the Dalhousie Legal Aid Service.

  1. University of Victoria Faculty of Law (Victoria, BC):

The school has a high ranking through specialized training. For over 25 years, the school has provided legal information for environmental groups in Victoria. The school functions with other groups such as the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, the Centre Works, and the West Coast Environment Law.

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Law schools in Canada offer education that will make you versatile in your career. It is compulsory to get the qualifications to put you on the right track to gain admission. You can choose any of the best law schools in Canada in this article.

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