2024/2025 List of Affordable Universities in Canada

If you want countries with cheap tuition fees, Canada has affordable universities compared to other countries. You can choose excellent universities with good education to get the best from your minimum fee. The cost of studying in the country is quite affordable. They have proper planning for students to prepare adequately for their studies.

Presently, the country is home to over 64,000 international students studying one course or the other. Every year, the number of students coming into Canada keeps increasing because they offer world-class education. In terms of safety and security, it is one of the developed countries in the world with fewer crime activities. We will see affordable Universities in Canada.

Different Affordable Universities in Canada

  1. Newfoundland and Labrador’s University:

The school is called the Memorial University of Newfoundland, and it is one of the affordable universities in Canada for international students. In 1925, the school came into existence to pay tribute to the First World War veterans. To date, it happens to be among the largest schools in Atlantic Canada.

The school has seven faculties like Arts, Engineering, Nursing, Science, Business, Medicine, and Education. On the other hand, it has six schools in filers such as Music, Social Work, Graduate Studies, Pharmacy, Music, etc. As a result of its affordable tuition fee, they have many international students. 20% of students are from other parts of the continents.

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  1. University of Manitoba:

It is a public-based university with different Bannatyne and Fort Harry campuses. It was established in 1877, and it is regarded as the first University in the Western part of Canada. The school offers different programs such as Environment, Agriculture, Human Ecology, Business, Graduate Studies, Music, Kinesiology, Social Work, etc. The University of Manitoba has a population of nearly 28,800, and 18% of the population are international students.

  1. Concordia University:

Concordia is among the affordable universities in Canada. A public-based institution in the French-speaking region of the country (Montreal, Quebec). Learning from an Anglophone country won’t be complex because they use English as their medium for instruction.

It emerged from the combination of George Williams University and Loyola College. They have faculties like Engineering, Graduate Studies, Fine Arts, and many others. Since it is one of the best universities in Canada, the John Molson School of Business is popular in different Canadian provinces.

  1. McGill University:

In 1921, the school was established as a public research institution. The founder James McGill used his name for the school. Different campuses are in Montreal Island and Downtown Montreal. The school has over 300 programs spread in faculties like Education, Law, Management, Religious Studies, Music, Engineering, etc.

Without a doubt, the institution has a diverse student population. 30% of its population are international students from over 150 countries. Many international students see it as a decent destination for studying undergraduate or graduate programs. In the world ranking, it is among the top 50 universities globally.

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  1. Ryerson University:

It is in Downtown Toronto and another affordable institution in Canada. The public-based University was established in 1948. In 1993, it became a university offering education to students. It has one of the most prominent Business schools in Canada that goes by the Ted Rogers School of Management.

It specializes in fields like Communication & Design, Continuing Education, Community Service, Arts, etc. Ryerson University has fewer international students compared to other Canadian universities. The international students have 5% international out of the 34,500 students.

  1. University of New Brunswick:

The University is affordable, with different campuses in St. John and Fredericton. In 1785, the school came to being. It is the oldest English-language school in Canada and North America. It offers numerous bachelor’s degree and graduate programs in over 30 fields like Arts, Forestry, Law, Kinesiology, Nursing, Leadership Studies, Computer Science. Out of a total population of 8,570, only 13% are international students.

  1. University of Alberta:

The University of Alberta is another public-based university in Edmonton. It is one of the affordable universities in Canada. In 1908, the school opened its doors, and it was the effort of the then University President Henry Marshall Tory and Premier Alexander Cameron Rutherford. It has numerous faculties like Business, Educagy, Public Health, Rehabilitation Medicine, Graduate Studies, Agriculture, etc.

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  1. University of British Columbia:

In 1908, the University of British Columbia was created. It has other branches in other provinces like Kelowna and Vancouver. Many renowned celebrities and notable personalities have graduated from the school. International students can afford the tuition fee because it is cheap. International students can enroll in any faculty like Applied Science, Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Forestry, Education, Science, and many others. According to statistics, it is the highest Canadian University with the highest number of international students across the globe. International students are drawn to the University because it is one of the best institutions.

  1. University of Ottawa:

Another name for the school is U of O, the largest bilingual educational University globally. The affordable University is in Ontario. When it came out, it was called the College of Bytown. It has both undergraduate and graduate programs in courses like Medicine, Social Sciences, Management, Health Science, Engineering, Education, etc. It has over 7,000 international students emerging from over 150 countries.

  1. University of Toronto:

In 1827, the University of Toronto was the oldest institution in Ontario. Also, it has a good ranking in the world. The school has numerous faculties such as Management, Medicine, Social Sciences, Public Health, Information, Pharmacy, Kinesiology, Forestry, Architecture, Theology, Applied Science, Public Policy, Education, Architecture, Engineering, etc. The school has more than 74,000, and 22% are international students.

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Affordable universities in Canada are available for indigenous and international students with the right qualifications. You can choose any of the affordable universities in the article. Canadian universities have many social amenities to get the best from your study.

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