2024/2025 List of Top Medical Universities in Russia

Are you finding medical universities in Russia to study and earn an MBBS degree? In Russia, we have 70 medical universities that you can select from under the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation. Presently, the country is one of the best destinations for students to study medicine and impact their communities.

Furthermore, the good thing about the country is they have an excellent educational curriculum and professors ready to transmit medical knowledge to students prepared to perform exploits. On the other hand, they have well-equipped medical laboratories. We can see the different benefits of studying in Medical universities in Russia.

Benefits of Studying in Medical Universities in Russia

  • Reasonable Tuition Fee:

If you are from third-world countries finding it difficult to pay your tuition fee, the Russian government has various scholarships for indigenous and international students. You can be lucky to be a beneficiary of their scholarship.

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  • High-Quality Education in the English Language:

Some of these medical universities use English as their teaching command in Russia. For instance, Anglophone students will find it easier to learn medicine in medical universities in Russia without language being a barrier.

  • Worldwide Recognized Degrees:

In the world, medical universities in Russia have recognized certificates/degrees you can take to anywhere globally. Many Russian graduates who studied medicine are contributing massively to their countries.

  • Modern Scientific Laboratories:

In any medical institution, laboratories are critical things that will influence the learning mode of students studying medicine. You don’t have to be skeptical about learning in the country because their laboratories have high standard facilities to enhance decent medical practicals.

  • Experienced Medical Lecturers:

Russian medical lecturers have vast knowledge when it involves medicine. As a result, both indigenes and international students are exposed to enormous experiences that will make them excel in their medical careers.

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Is it Possible for International Students to Study in Russia?

International students hoping to study medicine in this country can enjoy the best medical education. Also, they can get opportunities to learn Russian languages that will assist them working in any Russian hospitals, health centres, and other medical areas.

Before getting admission into Russian schools, it is mandatory to have the documents to be eligible for admission. Also, it is possible to get Russian scholarships as international students to get access to their studies and medical laboratories.

Best Medical Schools in Russia

  1. Russian National Medical Research University, Moscow:

In 1906, the University came out, and it is among the oldest universities in Russia. In 1959, they started admitting international students, and in 2013, they offered educational lectures using the English language. The Russian National Medical Research University is one of the best medical universities in Russia.

Furthermore, in 2010, they became a National Research University with extensive research facilities. International students can benefit from studying medicine here, such as affordable dormitories, high-quality education, recreational parks, etc. You can get to learn from veterans in the medical field.

  1. People’s Friendship University, Moscow:

In 1960, the University came into existence, and their work ethics centre promoted medical education, medical research, and social activities. The good thing about the People’s Friendship University is they offer equal education privileges to students irrespective of their nationality or political views.

Furthermore, there are many remarkable achievements in the medical school, such as graduating over 200,000 students, the first medical institution to take part on the UNESCO stage, modern centre for additive technologies, medical laboratory for carrying out extensive research regarding 5G internet.

  1. St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University, St. Petersburg:

In 1905, the St. Petersburg State Pediatric Medical University came out in Russia. It is the oldest and most prominent pediatric in the globe. The school has welcomed international students migrating from their residence to study medicine in Russia for over ten years. In 2018, they made English the official language for teaching.

Many students from the school are versatile and competitive with other medical students from another school. As a result, it shows the high-quality education they offer to students. Also, they focus on learning, actual practice, and offering first-hand medical experiences in the hospital.

  1. I.P.Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University, St. Petersburg:

In 1897, it was established and was initially called Medical Institute for Women. It is the first medical University in Russia offering medical education specifically for Women. In time past, founders have placed different names on the school.

Presently, its name is I.P. Pavlov Saint Petersburg State Medical University. Eligible international students can study in different faculties of their choices such as Sports Medicine, Medicine, Dentistry, etc.

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  1. Kazan State Medical University, Kazan:

It is one of the medical universities in Russia founded in 1804. Since it came out, many developments have gone on. The Kazan State Medical University admits international students from various parts of the world to study medicine in Russia. Presently, they have over 400 international graduates from 46 countries.

One thing to note about the medical University is that international students must study Russian languages. The essence of studying is to assist them during their internship and work with Russian patients in the future. Also, the World Health Organization recognizes the medical school, and their certificates are accepted globally.

  1. Northern State Medical University, Arkhangelsk:

In 1932, the Northern State Medical University came into existence. Initially, it was called the Arkhangelsk State Medical Institute. In 2000, it got its present name. In 2019, Forbes shortlisted the medical school among the top 100 Russian universities. In the Arctic region of Russia, the school is researching different courses such as education, science, and clinical sciences.

  1. Pacific State Medical University, Vladivostok:

It is among the best medical universities in Russia, founded in 1958. Presently, the medical school has ten faculties and 67 departments. The Pacific State Medical University collaborates with other countries to conduct medical research. International students searching for affordable medical schools can opt for this one.

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When thinking of medical universities in Russia, it is best to consider the medical institution and their requirements. If you are lucky to get into one, it is left for you to keep an open mind to excel in your medical course.

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