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This article details the full list of high paying Dubai jobs for Indians and also a channel directing you to apply for these job opportunities.

As known, there are high paying job offers in Dubai readily available for Indians. However, it’s said that you can even travel to Dubai with a travel or tourist visa for a job search and once you’ve discovered an employment opportunity, gotten employed, you can easily transfer your visa status. This is to notify you how easy-going it is to obtain a job opportunity in Dubai and also settle there, unlike most countries.

Before I begin with the job listing, let me briefly explain a few steps you need to follow while searching for Dubai jobs for Indians, and then I’ll provide you with the listing and channel in-between.

How to obtain Jobs in Dubai from India

  1. Finding the right visa

Before you begin your search on Dubai jobs for Indians, make sure you’ve inquired about the right visa to deploy. I already published an article recently on how to obtain a Dubai residence visa online. I advise you to go through the content so you know the right visa to obtain while seeking for a job opportunity in Dubai as an Indian.

  1. Health and Labour card

In this case, while your work visa is being processed, it’s required you submit your medical certificate revealing that you’re in a good state. Also, make sure your blood test is included, showing that you’ve ruled out diseases like HIV, Hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. The medical records should be submitted to the department of health and medical service alongside your passport copies, photo, and job offer letter and visa application.

You’re also required to submit your medical record, passport photo, employment contract, entry visa, employer’s labor license to the Ministry of Labour to obtain your labor card.

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  1. Identify your labor market

It’s expected you identify your labor market. Know the category of job that best suits you and also learn how to tailor your Curriculum Vitae to different job offers. Below is a full list of high paying Dubai jobs for Indian.

Full list of High Paying Dubai Jobs for Indian

  • Technical Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Industrial Jobs
  • Teaching Jobs
  • Security Jobs
  • Medical Jobs
  • Construction Jobs
  • Driving Jobs
  • Computer Jobs
  • Business Staff Jobs
  • Hotel Jobs
  • House Staff Jobs
  • Acting Jobs
  • Modelling Jobs
  • International Jobs
  • Admin Jobs
  • Clerical Jobs
  • Management Jobs
  • Bank Jobs
  • Sales Jobs
  • Telephone Jobs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Labour Jobs
  • Accounting Jobs
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Law Jobs
  • Education Jobs
  • Media Jobs
  • IT Jobs
  • Transportation Jobs
  • Marketing Jobs
  • Executive Jobs
  • Finance Jobs
  • Secretary Jobs
  • NGO Jobs
  • UN Jobs
  • Human Resource Jobs
  • Call Centre Jobs
  • Consultant Jobs
  • Manufacturing Jobs
  • Programming Jobs
  • School Jobs
  • Research Jobs
  • Legal Jobs
  • Airline Jobs
  • Design Jobs
  • Internship Jobs
  • Service Jobs
  • Customer Jobs
  • Design Jobs
  • Online Jobs
  • Student Jobs
  • Fashion Jobs
  • Telecom Jobs
  • Restaurant Jobs
  • Press Jobs
  • TV Jobs
  • Multinational Jobs
  1. Apply online

This is another important phase. You can apply for any Dubai jobs for Indian from one of the top Job listing Indian platform. Follow the application form below to begin your application and get a job listing.

Reference to Job Listing

  • Link 1 – http://gestyy.com/e0EoGx
  • Link 2 – http://gestyy.com/e0EoV3

Once you’ve seen a job offer that interests you and then tries to tailor your CV to fit the offer. I advise you to work on your CV and present it in a very unique way, try avoiding buzzwords. You should know that the Dubai jobs market is extremely competitive, so try your best to tailor your CV while applying.

After you must’ve applied, then have a little patience and also try not to apply for jobs you’re not qualified for because it would be a waste of time. However, the best period for a job search in Dubai is between January to March and also during the hottest summer of the months. During their festive period, there’s a low rate of recruitment.

If you’ve any questions related to a job listing for Indians, Dubai jobs for Indians, or related, feel free to let me know via comment section.

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